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A New Dawn

Bree was never killed by the Voltori. She joined the Cullens and Bella, too was turned. It is one hundred years later and takes place in Forks.


3. Chapter 3

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It didn’t take very much to convince my “siblings” to go with to the movie with Nathan and me. They were almost constantly trying to convince people that we were normal and going to a movie was the ideal human activity, even though movies were boring and predictable to us. We had seen so many movies over the years that they all started to blend together and even the most opposite movies resembled each other. I had asked them whether they wanted to as we walked to cars and Jasper and Edward were the only two that didn’t want to go. However, their wives were able to convince them very quickly. I wonder what they said to them.

We were now driving to Nathan’s house and I knew that if I could barf I would.

I was back in the backseat of the Volvo, watching Emmett and Rose make jokes about something that went on during one of their classes. Another disadvantage to being me: I was the only one in my year. I looked the youngest, since I was fifteen years old when Victoria changed me and Carlisle has always thought that it would be best if we didn’t have four people in one year. I tended to agree, and that’s how I ended up by myself.

“Bree,” Emmett’s low growling voice suddenly rang from the front seat, interrupting my thoughts. I looked up and saw him grinning at me through the rearview mirror. I smiled back tentatively, not sure what this was all about. “Why did you accept that kid’s date? You could have said no. Don’t tell me that you have a Mike Newton Crush on him!” He burst out laughing. I was expecting this. Emmett put everything into two categories: funny and hysterical. Apparently this was hysterical. I glowered at him and then turned to look at the other car that was driving beside us at a reasonable pace. Bella caught my attention.

It was clear that Bella was now regretting her choice to go to the movie with me. She was twisting uneasily in her seat, playing with her hair and tugging on Edward’s sleeve like she wanted to leave, which I realized suddenly was probably true. Bella had always been a klutz, even now in her vampire life she preferred not to be doing activities that could include her tripping. Oh well, I thought as I turned away from her.

We pulled into a driveway of an attractive looking house and I realized with a twist of my stomach that this was Nathan’s house. I opened my car door and hesitantly stepped out. I could see both car-fulls of my siblings watching my moves carefully. I frowned at Jasper who was apparently trying to clam me down. He continued doing it though, probably at Edward’s encouragement at my thoughts.

I walked to the door and quickly pressed the doorbell so that I couldn’t chicken out of it. I could hear footsteps behind the door and my breathing stopped. Nathan was at the door opening it slowly. It was now fully open. He stepped out. I resumed my breathing, trying to look normal.

“Hey,” I breathed. He smiled at me and I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the backseat of Emmett’s Volvo. I hadn’t noticed it outside, but I now saw him gawking at the other Volvo. “What?” I asked him, while letting go of his hand.

“How did your adoptive parents afford enough cars for all of you? I’m an only child and I have to take the bus to school. Of course,” he grinned at me suddenly. “I’m only fourteen-hardly old enough for a license. How old are you?”

“Slow down on the questions.” I laughed. “First, let me introduce to you to Emmett and Rosalie. Second, my adoptive parents are rich. Plus, we will take you to school from now on.” Rose, Emmett, and Edward all grimaced at that. Stupid mind reader. Soon the rest of them were grimacing. “And I’m also fourteen.”

“Really? You seem older.” He noticed.

“You caught me. I’m really one hundred fifteen.” This got both cars laughing instantly.

He started talking and I sat, enjoying myself the rest of the way to the theater.