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A New Dawn

Bree was never killed by the Voltori. She joined the Cullens and Bella, too was turned. It is one hundred years later and takes place in Forks.


4. Chapter 4

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If you asked me I couldn’t tell you what movie we watched. I couldn’t tell you whether Nathan had popcorn or candy to eat. All I could tell you was that while we sat next to one another in the old cinema theater there was electricity that flowed between us.

I could tell you that in the middle of the movie that I wasn’t watching Nathan grabbed my hands and pulled me close. This was the first time that I had touched him and I vaguely noticed that he didn’t flinch away instinctively from the coldness of my hands.

I could tell you that right before the credits started Nathan kissed me. It was my first kiss as a vampire, maybe my first kiss ever. We were still kissing when the bright lights were turned on and all my siblings turned to look at me. Our kiss ended who knows how much longer later in an embrace.

That was when I knew it. I couldn’t live without Nathan. I would go insane. It was there that I knew that tonight was the night that I would change him. Call me impulsive all you want, but I knew that he was my soul mate.

While we walked to the car, I could see Edward shaking his head. He didn’t like how impulsive I was, but I refused to wait a year and a half like he before I could be with Nathan forever.

Nathan and I sat in the back, my head on his chest and I contemplated how I would fake his death. Finally, after loads of thought, I decided that I would sneak into his bedroom late at night and carry him to my family. I would also have to get some morphine from Carlisle; it made all the difference with Bella’s change.

I didn’t want Nathan to hurt, but I had to do this to him. In the other car, Edward just kept shaking his head. I noticed that his lips were also moving and I realized that he was telling our siblings what I had decided. Jasper, whom was driving that car, nearly drove off the road from shock, but quickly recovered.

I heard an annoying ringtone that I recognized as Rosalie’s. She picked up her phone and quickly answered it. I looked to the other car and saw that Bella, Alice, and Edward were all holding phones. Great. Now my whole family knew except for Emmett who was still cluelessly driving.

I looked back to Rosalie and she looked like she could kill. She sharply handed the phone to Emmett and then turned back to glare at me. Nathan’s arm pulled me even tighter against him. I didn’t resist.

We made it to Nathan’s house and the two of us got out. He was still holding my hand as we walked to the front door and looked at each other. Without saying anything, he pulled me close to him and the two of us kissed. I have a feeling that we would have kissed longer then we did if Emmett didn’t beep his horn, making me jump away.

I waved goodbye then hastily ran down the steps. I had to get back to Carlisle to get that morphine. I couldn’t wait