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The Altering Life

Two months ago Edward left. Years later Belle meets him again, him forever seventeen and her forever eighteen. T for now.


1. Chapter 1

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Bella’s POV

My heart pondered loudly; where is he? The cloudy fog around me had gotten worse.

EDWARD!!” I screamed. No one answered. I was getting scared. Then rain started to pour. Great, just my luck isn’t it?

Suddenly, I saw something red. It was very bright, visible even in the fog. A tall figure, maybe a person was approaching me. As the figure got closer, it beared its fangs as she smiled in satisfaction.

Hello Bella.” Victoria said as she crouched, prepared to attack.

“ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” I woke up, screaming. I buriedmy head into my pillow, trying to muffle the sound.

“EDWARD!!” I screamed for him. His name burned my throat somehow. I needed his marble arm around me, to comfort me and tell me he’s here. Suddenly I froze; in my frantic dream and my desperate need for him, I forgot that he was gone. Left.

Silent tears ran over my cheeks like the pouring ran outside. Wrapping my arms around my torso, I lie back, and let the tears drenched my pillow.

So much had changed. Charlie’s too scared to talk to me, afraid of the littlest things that would make me flinch. My so-called friends found it was too difficult to lend me some support, not that I cared. All I want was to fade into the background. I let out a bitter laugh; interesting how two months ago all I had wished for was a future with them, but mostly him.

I checked my clock, it was two a.m. After putting on a pair of jeans, my hoodie and my tennis shoes, I walked outside, ignoring the rain. It had toned down to a shower now. Not that I would care if it didn’t; I needed a chance to clear my head.

The wind was blowing harshly at my face, like it was blaming me for not being good enough for him. I sighed. Those days I tried to avoid using the names.

All these false pretences of being normal were a show, a show to fool Charlie. It didn’t matter that when I wake up every morning, I have to grit my teeth to get up, wondering how I was going to make through another day. As long as Charlie believed me, I can stay in Forks.

Charlie’s doesn’t understand why I want to stay in Forks. He tried to talk me into going back to live with Renee, but I always rejected him. The truth was, even I didn’t even understand why I want to stay.

The tears had stopped now. Looking around made me realize that I was in a forest. I shivered as that day’s memory started to push into my brain. Immediately I began to repress it. Think of the homework we had to do, algebra. I told myself. It worked. I breathed a sigh of relief.

I had the feeling that someone was following me. I spun around a few times, trying the caught the person off guard. But there was no one but my self’s footprint.

Some times later, the sun was rising. I sighed again. Thinking of what to make for Charlie’s breakfast, slowly I began to make my way back to the house. I froze in my track when I saw my nightmare.

“Going somewhere Bella?” Victoria said with a smirk on her cat-like face.

“I don’t think so.” She snared as she jumped on me, knocking me into the muddy ground, hard.

I couldn’t bring myself to talk. Scared wasn’t how I felt, terrified would have being the better word. I closed my eyes, ready for my deaths. I was sure that Victoria would kill me, hopefully the quick way. I smiled when I saw the angel’s face mentally, again.

Damn it Bella, start screaming!” That beautiful velvety voice demanded.

Why should I?’ I argued back. ‘Seeing’ and ‘hearing’ his voice made up my decision. I should have done this in the first week.

Victoria slapped me hard across the face. My fear of Victoria was suddenly gone; in fact, I wanted to thank her for making up my decision.

“Why aren’t you screaming?” She spat at me.

“Just kill me, please, and if you do and when you did, I might even plead to God to let you come to heaven.” I smiled at her.

She looked confused, and then a look on her face told me everything clicked.

“Well, I’m so sorry to disappoint you, but you are not going to get out of this this easily.” She smirked, giving me a brief glimpse of her teeth as she bit into my wrists. She then smiled in contentment. “Goodbye Bella, we’ll see each other again.”

I didn’t even have time for disappointment as my time in hell for three days had begun.

There is no easy way to describe the hell I went through.

Imagine fire burning you, and then acid and salt were sprayed on the open wounds. The fire is burning you, you could feel it, touch it, but you can’t see it or do anything about it. It only gets worse... and worse... and worse... until you screamed out, pleading for death. The experience I went through when James bit me felt like nothing compared to that.

My joy and relief could not be put into words when the pain decreased as I fall into unconsciousness. Happily, I closed my eyes as I slept for the last time.

Waking up….

Where is the pain? Where did the fire go? I thought to myself.

Where am I? No, better question, who am I? Is it Belle, Belle Swine? No, it’s Belle Swan.

Ok, now where am I? Looking around, I realized that I was in a forest. And by the looks of it, I’m in the centre of the forest. Great, isolated, this is just what I need to get help.

I sat up, noticing for the first time what I was wearing. Baggy jeans, tennis shoes and a lose hoddie was covering my body, and mud was covering them. I needed new and clean clothes.

I stood up, and then began to walk in a direction, which was really heavily scented with thousands of different scents.