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The Altering Life

Two months ago Edward left. Years later Belle meets him again, him forever seventeen and her forever eighteen. T for now.


2. Chapter 2

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Fifty years later…

Belle’s POV

“Belle, can we pleeeease go now?” Nicky pleaded, while bouncing up and down.

“Ok ok, I’m coming.” I laughed as at my best friend’s childish act; it was as if a five year old who was going to school for the first time had taken over Nicky’s body.

“YAY!!” Nicky yelled as she jumped into the shotgun of my blue Audi. I grabbed my keys, and then ran into the car. Nicky put on the radio, singing along to Low (feat T-pain). I just shook my head at her, suddenly remembering the first time we had met.

In the forest…

After I began to walk, I realized I was running. No, sprinting would have been a better word. So I tried to slow down to a walking pace, but it felt REALLY slow, like I was moving in slow motion.

Weird, I thought. Since when did I own super speed? But that didn’t matter.

Out of the blue I felt two arms squeezed around me.

HiI’mNickyshortforNicolemytalentisseeningthefutureandthepastofanyonebutithastorelatetomeandIsawyouandmebecomingbestfriends.” She let out a tinkling bell laugh, some how it sounded familiar.

Uh, what?” who was this stranger?

Opps, sorry I forgot, I guess I’m just really excited! Let’s sit down and I’ll explain everything to you.” She said, at a normal pace. When she let go I was able to see her for first time. She was fairly tall, about 1.70m, has long silky black hair that stopped at her tiny waist, pale skin, and golden eyes. She looked like an Asian, but breathe-takingly beautiful. She was the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen.

My name is Nicky Li. Nicky is short for Nicole. I was changed in the 1910. Physically I’m seventeen. I’m half Asian. We’re vampires.” She said, as if it’s completely normal to tell someone that she is older than their grandparents.

But something inside me had stopped my scoffing at Nicky’s words, and told me it’s true.

Okay, go on.” I urged her.

She then proceeded to explain to me about all the rules and the special ‘vegetarian’ diet. When she discovered I didn’t feel this ‘thirst ’that she described, she almost went into shock.

I thought it my visions were starting to have leaks when I saw this part!” she said, still shocked,

In the first few weeks I discovered that I don’t need to hunt very often, only about one every fortnight. Nicky hunts once every week.

We got along very well. Her energy is just contagious; if she becomes excited, you can guarantee that I will be too within five minutes. I knew – that guts feeling- that I had a friend like Nicky in my human life, who I just can’t remember, but I was sure that he or she was very important to me.

We decided that we’ll stick together. Us vampire girls, a personal joke. Again, I had a feeling I used to joke about this often in my human life as well.

Nicky have a lot of money. “Family inheritance.” She told me.

She tried to give me half of her bank account, but I put my foot down. I don’t know why but I HATE shopping and Nicky just keeps to trying to give me gifts, ranging from jewellery to clothes. Unwillingly, I can accept that, but giving me a few billion is just too much for me to handle. So I began to work, night shifts and day shifts to earn my own money.

My powers were quickly developed. I can change my appearance at will and see the memories of anyone, but I have to grab the person’s hand firmly. And there is one downside; my powers can’t work together at the same time.

Alaska High came into sight. It was a tough option when it comes to moving and pretending our physical appearance. Usually, because Nicky likes to be the older one, she pretends that she physically a year older, so she can legally ‘take care’ of me and we can live on our own. We didn’t want to wear uniform, which is a must at private schools, so public schools were the only option.

I parked my car to the furthest spot I could find in the car park. Before I walked outside, I decided to peek at my reflection once more.

Honey blonde, blue eyes and Angelina Jolie lips had worked out nicely. I smiled in satisfaction.

There were a few people there already, and immediately the gawking began. I rolled my eyes; can’t vampires go some where, any where, without being treated like he or she belongs to an alien planet? Nicky and I kept our heads down as we walked at human speed to the administration.

After the usual – we walk in, put on a fake smile, say hi, grab our schedules, signs some paper, and walk out – the bell rang, we head to our separate classes. Because she’s ‘a year’ older, we have different classes.

The lessons weren’t really that bad, but I had to resist the urge to correct the teacher a couple of times; how can these people call themselves teachers?

No boys had tried to ask me out yet, but that’s probably because every time someone winked at me, I rolled my eyes in disgust. Most boys took the hint.

Finally, lunch time came. I walked into the cafeteria, and saw Nicky, sitting in the corner with a plate of human foods.

“How was class?” I smiled at her.

“The usual.” She pretended to fall asleep.

“Absolutely fantastic.” Nicky went blank for a few seconds. Then she was back, her voice sharp with sudden urgency

“Bells, a coven of five in approaching us. Soon, in two minutes. What do you think we should do?”

“Do they mean any harm?” I asked.

She hesitated. “No.”

“Then let’s meet this coven. Even if they do mean harm, our powers might tempt them to ask us to join.” I answered calmly.

We continued to pick at the human foods in silence. I could feel Nicky’s tension.

“Relax,” I told her.

She gave me a small smile.

Soon, they have arrived.

They all had golden eyes. Although it was what we expected – how can they go to human schools if they eat humans? – We still felt relieved. There was a tall, muscular man who had his arms around a stunning blonde, the blonde version of Nicky. A blonde man held hands with a small, pixielike woman. Then last came a bronze haired guy. He was beautiful, even for a vampire, but that was not grabbed my attention. I don’t think I’ve ever saw anyone who looked as sad as him.

And then he froze. His face looked alive; it was as if he had finally woken up on the inside. “She’s in here!” he said to the pixie at vampire speed, excitement clear in his voice.

They all began to look around, for ‘she’. And then they saw us.

Barely keeping with human speed, they walked over to us. Light was faded from the bronze haired man’s eyes as they approached closer. He looked at me; for the first time I saw how hollow he seemed, as if someone had taken his soul away from him.

Nicky and I stood up.

“My name is Emmett, this is my mate Rosalie, that’s Jasper and his mate Alice. And that’s Edward. There’s two more in our coven, Carlisle’s our leader, and his mate Esme.” said the muscle man. So that’s the hollow-like guy’s name. Edward.

“Pleasure. I’m Nicky, and this is Belle.” Nicky raised a hand towards me. I nodded at them.

“We would like to get to know you guys better. And this really isn’t the place to talk. Why don’t we go back to our house? There’s only one period left anyways.” Emmett suggested.

Nicky looked at me for my opinion. I knew I shouldn’t trust a coven I barely know, but I felt that I should, it was as if I’m meeting old friends again. I nodded at Nicky.

We walked out of the cafeteria and into the car park. Nicky and I walked into my car, and then we followed the coven to their home.