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The Altering Life

Two months ago Edward left. Years later Belle meets him again, him forever seventeen and her forever eighteen. T for now.


3. Chapter 3

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Belle’s POV

“This is the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen.” Nicky declared, her eyes wide in awe. I nodded to show my approval. The Cullen’s white three-story Victorian house was not just beautiful; somehow, it made me feel… home. Safe. As if I was finally home, after a long and troublesome trip.

I parked my car in the long driveway, and then walked inside with the rest of the Cullens. A slender, caramel-coloured hair woman was standing in front of the couch, smiling warmly.

“Hello, my name is Esme. Welcome to our home.” She said, holding out her hand for me and Nicky to shake.

“Thank you, you’ve got a very nice home.” I complimented. Nicky shook her hand. Esme raised her hand towards me, but I shook my head, and then quickly explained my actions before she gets upset. “Sorry, it’s just if I grip anyone’s hand right now, my appearance will change back to normal.” Nicky glared at me. I knew what she was thinking; how could I, voluntarily, just tell some strangers that we had barely met my power? But that feeling of reunion was strong, like I could trust everyone in the room.

“Really? Is that your power? Oh so that’s why your eyes are blue.” Emmett said. Everyone vampire in the room was staring at me. I was about to explain further when Nicky stepped in.

“Yes, something like that. So we already know, but we need to confirm; is this a ‘vegetarian’ coven?” She said, hoping the Cullens would let it slip.

“Yes, it is.” Esme replied.

I heard footsteps and then a blonde haired man walked into the room.

“Hello, my name is Carlisle. I’m the coven leader.” He said.

“I’m Belle and this is Nicky.” It was my turn to introduce.

“Well, why don’t we sit down first?” He suggested.

“Thank you.” I replied formally.

“Well, let’s waste no time and I’ll just explain a few rules while you’re in our area.”

“According to your eye colour, I know that you are ‘vegetarians’. But the rule is needed to be said again; you are not allowed to drink human blood or betray the rules while you’re in the area. You are to act in inconspicuous at all times. This is very important or we could blow our covers.” He said, his face serious. I nodded; I knew I had no choice. Because when a weaker coven intrudes a stronger coven’s area, rules were set for the weaker coven. Besides, the rules were quite reasonable. Only Nicky will be disappointed because she couldn’t make me try out for cheerleading.

Somebody’s phone started vibrating. Carlisle immediately picked it up. “Hello this is Carlisle speaking.” A hectic voice came through the ear piece. “Oh, is Dr. Gerandy unavailable?” Carlisle said, surprise ringing in his tone. A short silence. “Fine, I’ll be there in about ten minutes.” He snapped his phone shut. “I’m sorry, but I have to go. The hospital is running short on staff.” He looked at us apologetically.

“That’s fine. We’ll be on our way anyways. And your rules won’t be disobeyed by us while we’re in the area.” I said. Carlisle smiled, kissed Esme and then glanced at Edward before he walked out the door. I had a feeling some kind of communication was flowing between Edward and Carlisle.

I stood up, getting ready to leave.

“Wait! Can’t you stay for a little longer?” Alice said pouting.

I looked at Nicky. She frowned, but nodded. “Okay, we’ll stay for a little longer.”

“Yay! Let’s introduce ourselves, and then explain our powers, and do a little demonstration.” Alice said, smiling. I felt Nicky tense beside me. I gave her a questioning look. She didn’t glance back. I would ask her about it later.

“I’ll start. My name is Alice, and I can see the future.” Her eyes gone a little blurry, and then, in a matter-of-face tone, she said “Tomorrow, you will receive a love letter from a guy named Dan.”

“My name is Jasper, and I can manipulate and feel your emotions.” Jasper said. A wave of humour hit us, and soon, most of us were all on the floor, laughing about nothing.

“Stop it Jasper!” Edward said. He was the only one who hadn’t hit the floor yet.

Out of the blue we all felt calm. I was grateful; a wave of humour was what needed to cut the tension in the air. I smiled at Jasper, nodding my thanks. He smiled back. Understanding comprehended between us.

Emmett stood up and flexed his muscles, making a show out of it. “My name is Emmett, and my power is my strength.”

“My name is Rosalie, and my power is seductress.” The blonde flipped her golden hair.

“I’m Esme, and I can feel a emotion that isn’t usually commonly felt between vampires.” Esme smiled.

“I’m Edward, and I can read minds. But I can’t read your mind.” He added to me. His expression became poignant again. Turning to Nicky, he said. “I’m not emo.”

Emmett started cracking up. “You thought Edward is Emo? Oh good one.” He held out this hand and high-fived Nicky. Nicky let out a tinkling laugh, finally loosening up. Rosalie glared at her.

There were only two people left to ‘introduce’.

“My name is Nicky, and I can see the past and future of anyone, except it has to relate to me. Unfortunately I can’t demonstrate my power.” Nicky smirked.

I sighed. It was my turn. “My name is Belle, my powers are-“Emmett interrupted me.

“Wait, you’ve got more than one power?” He said, incredulous.

“Yes. My powers are changing my appearance at will and see the memories of anyone, but I have to grab the person’s hand firmly. And there is one downside; my powers can’t work together at the same time. I can also block most power, so that is why Edward can’t hear my mind.” I explained. I could feel almost everyone eyes on me.

“Children, staring are rude.” Esme scolded. Bless her heart.

“So is what you look like now, what you really look like? Alice asked.


“Can you show us? Please?” She begged.

I thought a moment. It’s not going to hurt anyone. What’s the harm, really? But Nicky kicked me, hard. “Sorry, no.” I said. And then I glared at Nicky, what was the big deal?

“Children, let’s respect our guest’s wish.” Esme said.

“Fine.” Alice pouted. “Can you come to my room, Belle and Nicky? I want to show you guys something.”

I nodded. Alice stood up and we began to follow her. But somehow, I had managed to trip over the rug. Alice offered me a hand and unthinkingly I reached out for her hand and gripped it hard. Immediately I was hit with a wave of memories. Trying hard to block them out, I concentrated on the present situation. I could feel my appearance began to change. I heard a gasp in unison.