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Daddy's Little Girl

Bella is Carlisle's daughter in the 1700s. One night, Carlisle doesn't come back from his hunt to take down the vampires. Bella is forced into a marriage with a man who becomes abusive. One night, a year after Carlisle bacame a vampire, her husband nearly kills her and she is left out on the streets, where she is changed. So, what will happen? Will she meet her dad? And will he have another family when she finally meets him?

Not Stephenie, don't know her.

1. The Worst Night

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"Night Daddy," I said as he left the house, to go looking for the vampires.

We were, possibly, the closest father and daughter ever. Of course, back when Mama was still alive, sje was the one who I would confide in, but she had died because of a fever back when I was 8.

At first, me and Daddy were heart broken, and he could scarcely look, yet alone speak, to me because I reminded him too much of her.

But then, because of our hardship, we bonded and we were now the greatest friends ever.

Both of us missed each other a lot when we had to part but when we met again, the time away from each other was worth it because Daddy always had presents for me.

I wasn't a spoilt child from it like some people had thought I would be. On teh contrary, I wouldn't ccare if I had nothing as long as I still had Daddy.

We were very rich, the richest in the city which we lived in. Daddy's father had been the highest priest in the church here and his father had been too and so had every first born male for 8 generations.

But Daddy had decided to follow a medical career and I was super proud of him. Tonnes of people would here would have died if it wasn't for him. His father and everyone in the town agreed with me.

I hadn't yet been married although, that wasn't because there had been no offers. There had been many, but then I wasn't stupid. They were all because I was said to be the 'beauty of the town' and because I was Carlisle's only child so everyone knew all his money would be given to me.

So I rejected everyone who proposed. I wanted someone who would like me for me, not someone would would most love to parade me around the town like a trophy.

"Goodbye sweetheart. I should be back a couple of days." Carlisle said to me, embracing me in a hug.

And so, off he went.

What I didn't know was that my perfect life was about to become a disaster.


"Lady Isabella!" came the voice of my servant, shaking me awake.

I immediately knew it was something important. Daddy gave instructions that I was to sleep until at least 9 o' clock each morning and it was dark outside. The only other time was when my mother had passed away . . . No! It couldn't be!

"Father! He's not . . . He c-couldn't be!"

"I afraid he's gone miss. We don't know where he is, but there will be a search going on shortly. One of the creatures touched him miss. He'll be cursed."

"No! This can't happen!" I slid into my gown, and put on my slippers before I ran out to the stables to get Lightning, my fastest horse.

"Miss! You can't ride now! Its the middle of the night!"

But no one would stop me! I had to find my daddy. He was the only family I had left, well except for Carlisle's father, but he hated me.


But I searched in vane. He wasn't there. When I returned I was miserable.

"Miss. The search finished a few hours ago. He was not found."

And she left me to lament my loss.