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Daddy's Little Girl

Bella is Carlisle's daughter in the 1700s. One night, Carlisle doesn't come back from his hunt to take down the vampires. Bella is forced into a marriage with a man who becomes abusive. One night, a year after Carlisle bacame a vampire, her husband nearly kills her and she is left out on the streets, where she is changed. So, what will happen? Will she meet her dad? And will he have another family when she finally meets him?

Not Stephenie, don't know her.

3. Chapter 3

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I was a monster. I thirsted for human blood. Humans who had families, who loved others, who had a purpose on this planet and I was their predator, the one that was at the top of the food chain, supposed to eat them.

So, I stayed away from humans, I ran far into a forest, a place no human would venture because of the lions. I stayed there, in isolation.

For days, I would sit on a rock which was near a stream, with my eyes closed thinking . . . of what I had become, of what I was supposed to drink, of who I was.

I had to face the fact that Carlisle was dead. Perhaps he had become a vampire, like me, but there was no point looking. Eventually, we would meet, our paths would cross.

-8 months later-

I was weak, weak with thirst. I could hardly up a stone and my speed has been reduced to less than a humans. From the pond water's reflection of me, I knew I looked a mess-grass stains, rips, tears and blood convered my silk gown-but it didn't matter, seeing as I wasn't anywhere near humans who would make judgement.

It was at night when it happened.

I heard and smelt a pack of lions, a short distance away, perhaps 2 miles.

As they came closer, their smell became more pronounced. So sweet, calling me. Not as much as a humans did, but enough to make me want to go over to suck them dry.

When they went right past me, I didn't think, my instincts took over me.

I jumped for the nearest one, and sunk my teeth into its neck. The warm blood went down my throat, easing the dry pain that had been there slightly, but not enough my thirst had been quenched.

I sprang forward and sank my teeth into each of them, drinking each of them dry, until my thirst had been quenched. All this happened in a matter of seconds.

I stood, and looked at what I had done. On the ground lay six bodies of lions, each of them with a crimsom bite mark on their neck but apart from that there was no sign of how they died.

It pained me, to know these innocent creatures had been killed to quench my thirst but I remembered this was what I had ate in my past life, and it was a better alternative to hunting humans.

So that was what I hunted - animals.

-10 years later-

This was the first time I had dared to venture out in human society, in ten years and 8 months.

Not being pompous, but I had to say I was handling it well. I was not tempted to go and drink from their body. I was perfectly fine, like I was when I was human and ventured out in the streets.

I had gone to a dress shop and bought a new dress with some of the coins I had, had in my dress, saying I has gotten lost in the woods. They were all so sympathetic and sorry for me that I felt terrible for lying to them.

All in all, I felt amazing!

-50 years later-

I was in Italy, Volterra. My golden eyes surveyed the castle, from which I could smell the scents of many vampires.

A physically young looking vampire came out. He had black hair, and skin that looked old with age. I wondered how old he was, that he looked frail even htough he was a vampire.

He saw me staring, and came over. "Hello." he bowed.

I curtseyed, as was custom for a girl to do and greeted him.

"Its nice to meet you. My name is Aro, and you my dear?"

"Isabella, but I prefer Bella."

"A beautiful name for a beautiful girl." he commented, winking. "Would you like to come inside, I'm sure me and brothers would love to have a conversation with you."

"Of course." I said, looking into his crimson red eyes. He hunted humans. Typical the first one of my kind I met hunted humans.

We walked in through what seemed one of the side entrances, through the stable and through a short cut which brought us to a large room with three throne like chairs at the top. Two were occupied by grave looking vampires in their twenties. Others, which seemed to be the throned vampires' guard stood around them.

Aro spoke, "Brothers, guard, I have found a new vampire."

All eyes turned to me. If I was human I would be blushing red like their eyes, but thankfully, as a vampire that didn't happen.

"Hello, I am called Marcus, and you?"

"Isabella, but I would prefer you call me Bella."

"Of course, my lady, we shall oblige to your request."

"I am called Cauis. It is nice to meet you." he said as he rose and lifted my hand in his to kiss my hand.

"Thank you."

Aro then spoke, "How long have you been a vampire? Why do you have gold eyes?"

"I have gold eyes Sir Aro because I don't hunt humans-"

"How is that possible?"

"Is she serious?"

"How can she live without it?"

All these questions came from the guard and two of the three brothers.

"Really?" Marcus asked me, holding a hand to silence everyone.

"Yes. I've never tried human blood and I have no urge to taste it. I am immune to the smell, though it is sweet, even the time I stepped out among human civilisation, I could handle the blood with ease."

There were gasps of surprise. "So even when you were a newborn, you never felt the lust of blood?"

"Of animals' blood, yes, but of human, no."

"So you're immune to blood lust, but you didn't answer my second question, how long have you been a vampire?"

"For around 8 months and 60 years." I replied.

"Amazing. How many vampires have you met since your change."

"You are my first coven I have met. My creator left me to transform. I woke alone,"

"Do you know about the mechanics of being a vampire?"

"I know what we drink. I know our skin sparkles in sunlight, apart from that nothing."

"A vampire can have a gift, a trait from their human life enhanced. Take me for example, I can read minds by touching someone. May I read yours?"

"Of course." I said, curious of what would happen.

He glided forward, his expression full of confidence. A minute later, it was curious, then doubtful, quickly changing to curiousity again.

"Well," he said, finally dropping my hand, "it seems she is immune to my power. I wonder . . . Jane?"

A young vampire with an angelic face came forward, "Yes master?"

"I was wondering if perhaps our dear Bella was immune to you?"

She stared, full of confidence like Aro. It became doubtful. I became insecure under in intensity of her gaze, which soon became annoyed, then angry and finally defeated.

"It seems you are immune to us all Bella."