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Bella's Nightfright

Bella has a nightmare about typical vamires, where Edward is one of them. Her subconcious finally caught up with her!

F.Y.I: Bella is still living at Charlie's house in Forks at this time!

1. Bella's Nightmare

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The full moon was lighting a path directly in front of me, where it lead I did not know. My feet just kept trudging foreword, and they seemed to disconnect from my mind. As if, like the ocean tide, the moon was having full control over me. The path the moon illuminated was lined with dead trees, whose branches seemed to be tiny fingers grabbing for me—almost like the trees in The Wizard of Oz. The wind howled blowing my hair around my face. I could only look forward, not behind, before me all I saw was the rocky road, the moon and the surrounding darkness.

I walked on for what seemed like forever, and then I heard a voice.

“Bella,” the voice called, “Come to me Bella.” The voice had a cynical tone to it and almost sounded light just another gust of wind. A strong stream of air came blowing me forward at a faster pace. My feet did not stop, nor did my eyes drop from the moon’s hypnotic light. The voice came back.

“Bella,” it snarled, “Follow my voice” –like I had a choice, my feet just kept moving. The voice kept calling and I kept moving. I only stopped twice-once when my foot hit something hard on the ground—a broken cross, and a broken bottle of holy water. I could not fathom the occurring events. What was happening?

I was lost in thought; I was missing some clue to what was happening. The voice got stronger and stronger, and more and more familiar. “Where have I heard this voice?” I thought. These were all related things I knew, but how were they related? Suddenly my feet stopped once more.

My mind snapped out of its fog, and I was back into my surroundings. I looked up. Before me was a graveyard, surrounded in a mystifying fog. The fog was low on the ground, but it was extremely dense—it kind of related to the saying I had always heard as a child, “you could cut through this fog with a knife!” The trees were different here then they were on the moon lit path. They were bent over as if they were—bowing. My whole body trembled. There stood a vampire, in the middle of the graveyard, with the trees seemingly bowing down to him. His cloak, floor length, black as the night sky. The collar was the color of blood and spiked. His shirt was crisp and white with red stains, I gulped—blood stains. He had a ruby medallion hanging around his neck, attached by a crimson neck brace. His face-familiar, pale, his fangs hung out of bloodstained lips. His eyes were redder than anything possible, compared to his pale skin, his eyes made him look like an albino rabbit. Suddenly I knew how the two things now three, which crossed my path were related—they were all vampire stereotypes. The outfit was in the “typical” vampire style, the Cross and Holy Water were Hollywood myths on how to get rid of vampires. “Bella, my love,” the beast mockingly cooed. “The stereotypical vampire,” I thought. He flashed a crooked smile. Then I knew with certainty who it was--Edward. Before I could process anything, Edward ran towards me and pinned me to the ground, his fangs inches from my face.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I woke up screaming and I notice my bed was soaked. I touched my arm it was covered in sweat. My breathing was heavy, my pulse, racing.

“Bella, my love?” I heard from the darkness, I screamed again in terror.

“SSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH,” whispered Edward, “Bella, dear, what’s the matter?”

I managed to get my breath at a normal speed, “Nothing I replied,” I knew this is just my voice of reason. It was telling me that I should stop listening to my heart and fear Edward. But my heart will, and has always prevailed.