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Waxing Crescent

Here's the topic there are so many stories about. A continuation of New-Moon... But this one is different. Like none you've ever read. The next moon phase. After a new moon, comes the waxing crescent. A small sliver of light to brighten the dark sky. The dark life of Bella Swan. Here's the thing. This isn't one of those stories where Bella DIDN'T jump, so Alice didn't see it. Bella DID jump. Alice didn't see. But Bella jumped. She did hear Edward, and it hurt her. It hurt her bad. And now, she has built immunity to the one thing that can heal her gash...Jacob. Or has the pain just become unbearable? With no where to turn, and Victoria as close as ever, what's to stop Bella from walking into the woods and waiting for Victoria to take it all away? All the pain. Nothing. Bella is sent to Hawaii, to live with Jacob's sister and hopefully be able to forget everything that happened to the strange rainy town of Forks, Washington. Hopefully...she will forget of the mythical creatures that so recently inundated her life. Because vampires don't live in sunny places. Bella's safe in Hawaii.


1. Chapter 1

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Billy's POV

"Charlie," I hesitated. With Victoria so near Bella, the boys weren't sleeping. It wasn't safe for Bella, almost like my third daughter. After Victoria slipped past, and especially after Bella's jump, I had decided this wasn't working.

My best friend looked at me expectantly. "Yeah Billy?"

"This isn't working, Charlie."

"What?" His brow furrowed, and I frowned at him sadly. After the jump, Bella was different. Charlie told me this is what she was like before. She seemed lifeless ... numb. She would suddenly double over, gripping her stomach likes pain was clawing a hole there. It made me livid. THEY did this to her.

"We need to do something about Bella."

"Oh," His face fell as my old eyes watched carefully.

"I think we should send her to Hawaii," I stated. He jumped suddenly in his seat, slamming the coffee table and making my soda slosh over the side. He hurried to get up to clean it, but I just placed my hand on his arm.

"Don't avoid this Charlie, she needs to find herself again and I don't think it will be here."

Charlie stared, his face gaining almost the same look Bella wore on her face now days. He couldn't pull it off like she could. I knew what it would do to have her leave, but to be honest, I was scared of her going to find Victoria.

Something had happened on that cliff, besides her committing suicide. It was what Jacob had kept in check all this time, and what had been uncaged again at the cliff. What had happened?

"She won't go to Renee--"

"I know, Charlie. I'm not saying we send her to Renee. I'm not saying Jacksonville."

"Charlie, I think we should send her to Hawaii to live with Rebecca."

"Hawaii?" Charlie echoed in a monotone.

"Yes, Charlie. Hawaii. I've called Rebecca and she said she'd be happy to. I've already warned her," I added as Charlie opened his mouth to speak, "And Rebecca had a major in psychology, ironically enough."

Charlie's eyes focused on the ceiling, and he was obviously trying to find a flaw.

"What about Jake? He's what helped her in the first pl--"

"Jake isn't helping her anymore, Charlie," I said gently, "Nothing here is. She can finish high school there."

He nodded slowly, and painfully.

"Hawaii then...?"

"You know better than I do."

"Should we ask Bella? Do you think she would even respond?"

"Charlie," I hesitated, "Is it alright if I tell Bella? Or at least try?"

His shoulders slumped, not held up by a stress anymore. "Yeah, Billy. I couldn't survive another break-down."

I griped his shoulder roughly. "Alright then. Next time I see her."

He nodded. "Thanks Billy. She's almost your daughter too."

He walked slowly out the door, letting it slam behind him and echo through the empty house.

The squeak of my wheels broke the silence as I made my way into the kitchen. I felt so helpless.

With a sudden burst of fury, I brought my fist sideways across the low counter and knocked the clear glass of water crashing across the floor. I felt the sharp edges of a long shard cut across my palm as it shattered.

I lifted it to my face and watched the bright red blood run down my wrist in ribbons of maroon heat. The door banged open and Jacob loped into the kitchen, looking from the broken glass, to the blood. I wrapped the bandage he offered wordlessly around my palm loosely, and we both looked away in disgust as it soaked through the fabric.

I knew what we were both thinking.

Leeches. And more importantly, the leeches that hurt Bella.