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Waxing Crescent

Here's the topic there are so many stories about. A continuation of New-Moon... But this one is different. Like none you've ever read. The next moon phase. After a new moon, comes the waxing crescent. A small sliver of light to brighten the dark sky. The dark life of Bella Swan. Here's the thing. This isn't one of those stories where Bella DIDN'T jump, so Alice didn't see it. Bella DID jump. Alice didn't see. But Bella jumped. She did hear Edward, and it hurt her. It hurt her bad. And now, she has built immunity to the one thing that can heal her gash...Jacob. Or has the pain just become unbearable? With no where to turn, and Victoria as close as ever, what's to stop Bella from walking into the woods and waiting for Victoria to take it all away? All the pain. Nothing. Bella is sent to Hawaii, to live with Jacob's sister and hopefully be able to forget everything that happened to the strange rainy town of Forks, Washington. Hopefully...she will forget of the mythical creatures that so recently inundated her life. Because vampires don't live in sunny places. Bella's safe in Hawaii.


3. Chapter 3

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How I got through the week, I have no idea. But I did. A lot of it was due to the fact I would sneak out at unreasonable times and fall asleep on the beach. There was something about the beach, that calmed me, and lessened my screams, sometimes bringing them down to none. But only rarely.

I didn't see any people during my ritual night beach walk, but I would see other things. I had been standing knee deep in the water, watching the sun, a sliver of light, slide up the horizon when, something reflected off the water. It cast a green, silvery shimmer across the top of the black water, before disappearing.

That was about it. I was happy about the lack of people. No one to hear the sand muffle my screams.

I thought I would feel the opposite of claustrophobic, when I came to the wide open water and beach from the tall, pressing forest and low skies, but I wasn't. I didn't feel the need to stay inside the small cottage, but on the contrary I despised it. I was becoming horribly anti-social, and it wasn't even a week yet.

I sometimes caught myself forgetting what I was grieving for. Honolulu was such an obverse of Forks; the only thing that reminded me consistently, was the sun. When it hit the sand and sparkled, I could barely breathe. Of course, he sparkled much more than measly sand, but it tore at my chest all the same.

At night, on the beach, I could forget. No sun, just dark water, and cool sand, with an underlying warmth from the day before.



It was very early Thursday morning, it was low tide again and I was sitting on my favorite reef, letting one foot hang over the edge and skim the cool water. My toes were bare and pale, and could blend in with the sand at the bottom of the clear pool if I plunged them into the water and buried them deep in the earthy toned grains.

I had the sudden urge to . . . to what?

I lifted my head up, my hair wavy from the salty breeze and humidity, and looked out across the sea, almost hoping it could give me the answer. I had the urge to do something. Something. My stomach was starting to crave food, and as much as my mind resisted, my body wanted to start living again.

The jump hurt me badly, but it couldn't break my heart. That was already broken and gone. That was why I couldn't hang onto my state of seclusion. Because I was creating the illusion for myself that he had left again. But I was lying. He only had to leave once, because he had never come back. And he could only leave again if he came back. He wasn't coming back.

I wasn't depressed anymore, not really, just thoughtful. It had become a fact. He was not coming back.

The salty breeze stung my cheeks, and I squinted my eyes, not seeing anything. So wrapped up in my thoughts that my body was controlling itself.

What was healing me? Jake had been keeping me together before the jump, but I hadn't been healing. He had just been treating the symptoms instead of healing the real problem.

And now I was healing myself?

Could I say a name? Maybe not his, but one of theirs?

I sucked in a dry breath through my chapped lips.

"James . . ."

No pain. But he didn't matter to me. Still, he held memories.

Flashing before my eyes.


"He's right here, Bella," Alice said.

"Edward, it hurts," I whimpered.

"I know, Bella. I know."

"It hurts." I knew I said it, but the wind snatched it away from my ears, taking it down the beach. He would've heard it. But he wasn't here. Sunny Hawaii. None of them would ever come here. Was that supposed to comfort me?


Edward's POV

I was quivering, standing in the forest behind her house.


"Come on," I muttered. "You can do this. Just a check. You're not staying. Just a check."

I could smell her faintly from here. The scent smelled . . . old.

I stiffened, then raced up around her house and through the window so fast I didn't even realize what I'd done until I was standing in the center of her room.

The key element was missing. Her.

"Oh . . ." I breathed. "No. No, where is she? No, no, no, no." I held my head in my hands, then kneeled by her bed, sniffing.

"Six days?"

I moved to her closet. Her clothes were still there.

There wasn't a trace of anyone else, though, for which I was thankful. But what if someone had lured her out?

There was only one place to go. The boundary line.

Bella's POV

It did hurt. My emotions were confusing me. I would feel like I was healing, but then the pain would come back, after a prolonged absence.

I felt lost.

I was in a game of tug-a-war, and pain was on one side, and healing on the other.

I was the ribbon in the middle, being tugged into Pain's territory, and then jerked back to Healing's.

I wish one would just win, so I could learn to live and adjust with it.

But they wouldn't win. The battle still raged on.

And Pain was winning. For now.


Edward's POV

I was pacing on the boundary line . . . Pacing again.


Bella's POV


I glanced up at the dark eyes peering down at me.

"Hi, Rebecca." She had caught me here.

"Do you want to . . .?" She gestured towards the house.

"Sure." I leapt down lightly, feeling the sand slap beneath my feet.

The fine sand stuck to my wet feet as we padded up the beach, creating a smooth cover of warmth.

I crossed my legs as I sat down on the dry sand. Rebecca had been a few paces ahead of me and paused, turning to look at me questioningly. I patted the sand beside me silently, watching the ocean and wondering how to phrase it in any way that wouldn't classify me as insane. There weren't many promising choices.


I hummed in response, showing her I was listening.

"You haven't been getting better. You've actually seemed, to be getting worse. You just don't . . . do anything. I ---"

Holding my hand up, I murmured, "It has to get worse before it gets better." I was talking more to myself then to Rebecca.

"Rebecca. I know what you mean. That's why I'm going to explain everything. . ." I lowered my hand to join my other one in my lap, staring at them for a long time. When I finally met her glance, she was staring over my head thoughtfully.

"Go on," she encouraged, pulling her knees partially under her as if she were wearing a dress, and lacing her fingers together.

I braced myself, ready to dive into the surreal world I had left behind in Forks.

"You know about the Quiluete legends, right?"


Edward's POV

"You naive dogs. You should be on my trail by now," I muttered, expecting more, even from the mutts.

I paced through the trees, much faster than a human would. I was right on the boundary line.

Can't let Sam find out. Stupid bloodsucker. And now Bella's gone....

My pacing came to a choppy halt. Gone?

If I had had blood in my face, it would've drained away. Gone?

"Black," I snarled as the wary boy emerged from his shadowy path.

"Leech," he growled, equally furious.

"Where is she?"

"I have no idea what you're--"

"Bella! Where is Bella?" I demanded heatedly.

Leech, leech, leech, leech. His teeth clenched with determination.

So he was blocking his mind? Smart pup.


Bella's POV

"I remember some of the legends..." Rebecca replied, thoroughly confused.

"Well . . . they're sort of . . . true."


"Okay . . ." she said in a what she probably hoped to be neutral voice. It was saturated with disbelief.

"Just hear me out before you declare me insane," I pleaded, and she shrugged and nodded.

"I doubt you'll be able to convince me." It seemed like she was trying to pretend it wasn't real.

That had been my method when he told me . . . Carlisle's -- I forced the name out in my thoughts -- life story of his life in London three hundred years ago.

"The Quiluets, well, only some of them, are . . . are . . . werewolves." I pushed the word out of my resisting lips.

Rebecca's brow furrowed.

I opened my mouth to dismiss what I had just said. Tell her it was a joke, and hope with all my heart my lying had improved. Before I knew what was happening, words spilled past my suddenly supple lips while tears spilled out my of eyes. Not the words I intended. The legends, and the cold ones . . . the Cullens to be exact.

Her face twisted with many expressions as I shuddered and sobbed, choking on names and doubling over in pain. Eventually her stern, disbelieving expression softened into one of pain and suffering, sharing my life and lost love like it was her own.

She murmured soothing words, and stroked my hair, and I eventually ended up curled up in her lap, her arms wrapped around me.

I felt reckless and chaotic, spilling these secrets. I was a mess. My hair felt stiff and tangled, my cheeks stretched and dried from the salt, but still wet from my tears. My eyes burned with a fury and my mouth tasted sharp and metallic. Dirty, like spilling these secrets could only be helped slightly by flushing out my mouth with soap.

My gasping came to a halt suddenly, and I uttered the last part of my story. "I jumped. And I could hear him. I could see him. And I saw him leave, again." The words fluttered, soft like feathers, into the air, and I could almost see them drift away in the breeze. In the water, I had seen him turning away from the cliff, watching me struggle and just leaving. It was after his caring voice had faded from my head. The illusion that he still cared.

I closed my eyes tight, willing my slow, drying tears to run down my cheeks, for the last time.

Edward's POV

"Where is she?" I was doing all I could to not cross the line and throttle him.

"She left. She's happy where she is now. Dating a guy." I could feel the pain in his mind, but it was not defined. It was dull and unfocused. It confused me.

"Dating?" I felt my face go blank. That fast . . .

"Yes," The boy said tersely, and something hit me hard. He loved her. He loved my Bella.

I gritted my teeth, turning away from him. "I guess I'll go then," I spat through my teeth.

"You do that," he shot back.

I walked away, a cliff behind me, looking over the ocean. An image flashed through my mind before the mutt could contain it.

Bella screaming as she jumped. Plunging into the icy depths. The waves swallowed her as I phased and jumped in after her...

The picture was snatched away from me, and I realized I had frozen, staring at nothing. My jaw quivered and I whipped around to face him.

"I saved her," he stated, and I noticed the slight stress he put on the 'I'.

My face crumpled in pain. Pain stabbing me sharp in the hollow of my chest, where my heart should have been.

So the rock has feelings, the dog mused.

I turned and continued to walk away from the cliff, trying to accept the fact she had moved on. My chance was gone.

Bella's POV

"Bella, it's okay. It's okay," Rebecca sang it like a lullaby, rocking me back and forth.

I just closed my eyes and tried to shut down. No sound uttered. No sound heard. Just nothingness.

I was suddenly propelled into the air by strong, warm arms.

"Jacob?" I whispered, my throat raw. I sounded feeble. Feeble, but full of hope.

"Now I think I know what my dad meant," Rebecca mused darkly. "You can tell me all this, so I can fully understand."

I was rocking back and forth and assumed she was carrying me. My eyes flew open in surprise.

"You're way to thin. You should not be this easy to carry," Rebecca's jaw was set, and her eyes flashed in anger. "Ignorant man. Boy trouble. What was he thinking, the old ---" Rebecca growled to herself, setting me down on her bed.

I flushed lightly, not feeling enough in blood my face to flow to my cheeks and color them appropriately.

I felt my crusty eyes grind shut, and my entire body fill with lead, completely descending into a deep state of unconsciousness.


I had slept a full day, only getting up to stumble to the bathroom, with Rebecca's assistance, and to shovel a small amount of cereal into my mouth with my eyes closed, before dropping back onto the bed. I was almost certain Rebecca stayed by my side the entire time.

I rubbed my eyes, not able to open them yet, and sat in darkness, letting my thoughts whir.


I nodded, my eyes still closed.

"Bella, I know this probably feels like the worst time, but I promised your father you would be enrolled in high school this Monday. It's Friday evening, and my husband, Tony, is getting back Tuesday."

I wrenched my eyes open, cringing at the dry chaffing my skin caused as it rubbed together like sandpaper.

"Here," Rebecca said firmly, handing me a bottle of water. The outside was plastic and cold, and the water tasted even better. Fresh, cool, and smooth. I gulped the entire bottle, Rebecca handing me another one while I blindly chugged at it, feeling like a baby kitten searching for the milk.

I gasped for air while the bottle hissed and popped as I finished it, feeling the icy liquid rolling heavily in my stomach.

"You'll need some food too?" Rebecca inquired, and the mattress creaked as she rose.

"Please," I croaked, nodding and opening my eyes half-way.

The room was bathed in a deep orange, the west window facing the setting sun.

I stood up, and immediately felt dizzy,black flashing across my lids no matter how many times I blinked. I clutched at the headboard of the bed, draping my arms over it to haul myself up.

Rebecca reentered the room at that time, sitting me gently on the edge and shoving a spongy, sticky lump into my hand. "Eat," she ordered and I munched away obediently, my mouth filling with moist, cornbread.

My jaw ached and went slack at the taste of food, saliva pooling in my mouth, and I felt extremely plump and spoiled, full of food and drink. My bladder suddenly felt very present there in the pit of my stomach and I stood up slowly, closing my eyes until the floor felt even. I opened my eyes to the orange, glad to be rid of the dizzying darkness, and walked slowly to the bathroom.

After finally taking care of all my human needs, I sat down by Rebecca and rested my head on her thin shoulder, listening to the hollow of her neck echo with her deep breathing.

"Becca?" I hesitantly used her nickname.

"Yes, Bella?" she sounded surprised at my want to talk.

"Do you believe anything I said?"

She paused. "I called my dad while you were asleep. We had a long talk. I talked to Jacob too..." I suddenly heard her heartbeat thrum in her chest. Her words came out slowly, as if she had thought them over and was trying to deliver them carefully.

"What?" I asked suspiciously, taking my head away from her shoulder to squint at her face.

"It's odd, knowing your brother's a . . ."

"Wolf?" I offered, downplaying werewolf slightly.

"Wolf is easier to say," she sighed, relieved and I laughed.

"That's what made your heart speed up?" I asked, amused.

"Mhm," she murmured, closing the subject.

Silence fell as we watched the orange orb of light slip beneath the tops of other houses.

"Are you tired?" I asked her, feeling guilty I had hogged her bed.

"Oh no, I slept right beside you," she admitted sheepishly, as though ashamed she didn't watch me the entire time.

"Would you like to come to the beach with me?" I whispered.

"Sure. If you want . . ." She cast a sideways glance at me, concern in her eyes.

"The beach calms me," I assured her.


We sat on the beach the entire night, watching spots in the dark water where it would glow for a few seconds, then die away, appearing in a different place. We were mesmerized by it, and Rebecca didn't know what the strange occurrence was.

"Eels," I stated matter-of-factly.

"Could be," she mused.

I absentmindedly rubbed my chest as it throbbed. It had been throbbing since I woke up, but I just now became aware of the sensitive area. Not a sharp pain, but more like a tired wound. The feeling you get when a muscle is overworked. Or, when something is healing. Sewing the sinew back together and building stronger tissue.

Almost like, my pain was healing. The hole inside of me was sewing itself back together.

"Are you okay?" Becca's dark eyes gazed at me, with no surprise in her eyes.

"Fine," I murmured.

"That's good, you know," she said, tilting her chin towards my sore body. "Before, you would grab around the pain." She knew how I used to feel the hole splinter my ribcage. "Now, you're rubbing it. Helping it heal itself." Se turned back to the ocean as I watched her tan face. She knew exactly what to do. She knew what to say to me, and how to say it. An understanding I had never shared with any human before.

Something happened that day Thursday, when I told her my story. A bond was created. The strongest bond I had ever had with a human. Rebecca was my soul sister now, as corny as it sounded. She was the only one, who would fully understand the hidden mind, of Bella Swan.

I would be able to fight through school next week, and get home, so we could start the healing process. Rebecca was healing me. Or, helping me heal myself.

I was healing.