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Waxing Crescent

Here's the topic there are so many stories about. A continuation of New-Moon... But this one is different. Like none you've ever read. The next moon phase. After a new moon, comes the waxing crescent. A small sliver of light to brighten the dark sky. The dark life of Bella Swan. Here's the thing. This isn't one of those stories where Bella DIDN'T jump, so Alice didn't see it. Bella DID jump. Alice didn't see. But Bella jumped. She did hear Edward, and it hurt her. It hurt her bad. And now, she has built immunity to the one thing that can heal her gash...Jacob. Or has the pain just become unbearable? With no where to turn, and Victoria as close as ever, what's to stop Bella from walking into the woods and waiting for Victoria to take it all away? All the pain. Nothing. Bella is sent to Hawaii, to live with Jacob's sister and hopefully be able to forget everything that happened to the strange rainy town of Forks, Washington. Hopefully...she will forget of the mythical creatures that so recently inundated her life. Because vampires don't live in sunny places. Bella's safe in Hawaii.


7. Chapter 7

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Without her. Without her, I could not survive. I had to find her. It didn't seem like I had a choice anymore. I had to go to Florida.

* * * * *

Tony and Rebecca, or, Lepeka, as Tony called her, gradually settled out of their lovebird phase over dinner. There seemed to be a new source of excitement, however. Planning glances were thrown my way continuously throughout dinner, and I tried to brace myself for when they announced the news that apparently evaded me.

I frequently drummed my fingers quietly on the old, wood table. The small dark furniture piece only seated four, so with Kat, it was a full house tonight.

I caught her glance a few times, sending questioning looks her way, but she apparently didn't know what the immature acting couple were so giddy about, either. They must've talked about it while we were at school, or on the beach.

I was getting anxious.

* * * * *


"Don't bother, Alice." I sighed angrily. "You can't stop me and don't endeavor to."

"She's not there," she responded in a cautioning voice.

I pressed my lips together, just shaking my head. I was taking the few clothes I had in Denali, and packing them into one of Jasper's borrowed suitcases.

I turned to her. "Do you have a spare credit?"

"Sorry, only debit," she chirped, flicking the tiny card at my face.

I caught it an inch away from my nose. "You always fail to disappoint me, Alice. But then again, it's not a credit card," I ventured, only just managing to produce sarcasm.

Alice gave me a caring smile.

"Edward, why would you go if you know she's not there?" Her smile had disappeared, replaced by begging eyes.

"Things aren't set in stone, Alice. I will find out where she is, even if I don't find her in Florida, I plan to find some helpful tips."

She groaned. "Oh God. Edward, you CANNOT break into Renee's house. You just can't."

I felt my face harden, and my eyes tightened. "This is Bella, we're talking about. Just watch me."

She bit her lip, debating within her mind. She wanted to discourage me, but she wanted her best friend back. She wasn't going to stop me.

"You wouldn't be able to even if you tried," I informed her softly, picking her up into a hug and kissing her head.

She was surprised at my . . . to put it frankly, care.

"You always make me feel good about myself, Alice. Thanks so much." I rolled my eyes, dropping her onto the ground where she was smiling up at me.

"I don't care what everyone else says, you DO have a heart," she teased and I faked my anger.

"What does everyone else say?" I growled.

Her face went dark. "We all say, that if you did have a heart, you left it with Bella."

Then she picked up my suitcase, and towed me out the door, shoving the gray duffel into my arms.

"Go take your heart back, Edward," she demanded fiercely, then closed the front door in my still frozen face.

* * * * *

Rebecca finally cleared her throat and looked at Tony.

"I'm telling her?" he whined, pouting.

"Telling me what?" I demanded suspiciously, my eyes tightening.

Kat watched on carefully, assessing the entire table, her eyes resting on my expression. I was watching Tony.

"Fine, I'll tell her." Rebecca rolled her eyes. "I just thought you would want to since you'll be teaching her."

"What? Self defense?" I teased.

Tony grinned. "Fine. I'll tell her. Pela," he started, surprising me at the immediate use of my new nickname. "I'm going to teach you to surf!"

There was a pause around the table.

"Say again?" I asked. Surf?

I looked to Kat, who's expression was carefully guarded, and thoughtful.

"We want to teach you to surf!" Rebecca jumped in excitedly. "We thought it would . . ." She glanced at Kat. "Take your mind off . . . other things."

Like my ex-boyfriend / vampire, my best friend who's a werewolf and the psychotic lethal vampire hunting me, intent on killing me. Those other things?

Of course, I didn't say that. But that was what she meant.

"One problem." I held up my index finger.

"What?" Tony asked uneasily.

Kat remained silent.

"The fact that I can't walk across a flat, stable surface without finding something to trip on," I quoted his way of putting it. It was a perfect description. Just like him. Perfect.

"Ahhhh, your . . . balance issue?" Rebecca smiled.

I grimaced.

"That's fine. Surfing will help with that."

"We'll see," I groaned.

Tony looked eager to prove me wrong. I couldn't wait to see his expression after my first lesson.

It might almost be worth it.

I looked helplessly to Kat, but her head was tilted sideways, her face in full assessing mode. I small, devious smile crept over her face and her eyes glinted that beautiful sterling silver.

"Traitor," I muttered.

* * * * *

I breathed deeply. It would take a vast amount of patience to make it from Alaska to Florida without jumping out of the plane.

A plane would be faster. A plane would be faster. Too much sun. Can't run.

This is faster. Faster. Faster. Faster --

"Excuse me sir," A female flight attendant tapped my shoulder, delighted.


"You'll have to put your seat up until the captain announces we are high enough for you to put it down." She was overjoyed she had to tell me this, and the other females were overcome with jealousy.

"Of course." I pushed the little button gently, letting the chair glide back up.

"Are you all alone here in first class?" she asked innocently, batting her eyelashes.

I finally looked at her, raising an eyebrow. "Yes, I am. In fact, I am flying to Florida to search for the woman I am so desperately in love with, and if I DON'T find her, I'll perhaps break into her mother's house and search through her things to see if I can find out where she is. And when I do, I will swim oceans to reach her. Frankly, I'll do whatever it takes. That is why I'm alone," I growled stiffly.

The woman blinked widely. "Is there anything you need sir?"

"No, that will be all."

She walked swiftly to the portion for flight attendants where she told all the swarming women what I said.

Of course, my luck made them all think it was desperately sweet and romantic and they started fighting over who would ask if I wanted a drink.

"Inconceivable," I muttered angrily. "This would only happen to me."

Now I would have more than one reason for the want to jump out of this plane.

* * * * *

I slid into the cool sheets. I had all of my clothes packed into my small duffel bag, with my checkbook. This was too much. It hurt, so much.

I don't know what anyone would think, but I planned on coming back. I didn't even know where I was going. I doubt I had enough money to make it to Renee and back. I just wanted to see her. The last time I saw my mother I had been throwing an insane fit because they were going to take me to Jacksonville.

How different is Jacksonville from where I am now?

I threw my legs over the side of the bed, resting my elbows on my knees and digging my fists into my forehead.

My window was open, and the breeze blew the sheer white curtain to the side. I saw the moon floating among the stars.

Today at school we had learned the lunar phases.

Waxing crescent.

That was the phase after the new moon. The new moon was the darkest time for the moon. When the sky was black.

Waxing crescent is the first sliver of light the moon gives after it's state of darkness.

Like a little blossom of hope. Of healing.

I pressed my fists to my forehead again, out of frustration.

Thin tears streaked down my cheeks.

* * * * *

I rolled the phone between my large, hot hands.

The digits for her number were sitting right in front of me. All I had to do was dial.

I was grateful I knew about the leech's powers. He would have been to Hawaii before I could stop him.

I had saved Bella.

But I couldn't tell her he had been here. She would have forgiven him. I couldn't let that happen. I couldn't let him hurt her.

I also couldn't let him know she still wanted him. The selfish creep.

He had ripped out her heart. Shredded it.

"Careful, Jacob." My dad rolled into the kitchen. "We don't need a new phone just yet."

I smiled grimly.

"I'm doing it," I announced punching the numbers in before I could change my mind.

"Third time's the charm," he muttered and I glared at him.

"Alright, alright. I'll leave." He wheeled back out of the kitchen, leaving his scent to linger.

* * * * *

"Hello?" I picked up the phone recognizing my father's number.

I walked outside onto the beach, willing Bella not to hear. Or Tony, for that matter. He didn't exactly know about the wolves. I hadn't known about the wolves until Bella had told me. I wasn't sure if I still even believed. I had to see it to believe it.

"Bella?" A stranger's voice demanded.

"No. It's not. You have the wrong number," I said fiercely.


I gasped. "Jacob is that you?"

Tears filled my eyes. My baby brother. He sounded older than Tony.

"Yeah," He said softly, his husky voice going deep and smooth. I hadn't realized it had sounded rough with stress until he talked normally.

"You were trying to reach Bella?" I demanded.

"Yeah . . ."

"You know it will only hurt her more, Jacob."

I was trying to not think about what my brother was.

"I'm sorry, Becca."

My old nickname. I smiled. He was the same Jake. Just . . . furrier.

"It's alright, Jake." I sighed heavily.

"How is she?"

"Doing so much better."

"That's . . . good."

"If she recovers, she might be able to go back home," I ventured.

"That's great!"

"I'm sure she misses her pets."


"What pets? Bella never had any pets."

"She has five dogs, Jake. Geeze."


"It's you, you idiot." I laughed.

"What are you--"

"Werewolf, stupid," I whispered and the other line went dead quiet.

"DAD!" I heard him bellow.

There was a loud laughing. "Sorry, Jake. It must've slipped my mind. I forgot to tell you she knows."

"You are an evil old man! I almost had a heart attack."

There was some scratching and scuffling.

"Are you still there, Rebecca?" he asked casually.

I tried to hold back a laugh but I couldn't.

"You and Dad have a strong bond," I giggled.

"You heard that?"



"So you only called to talk to Bella?"

"Actually," he paused.


"I didn't plan on telling anyone, but just so you know . . ." His voice was very low, and hard to hear. "Do you know what THEY look like?"

"Uh, sort of. Why?"

I could hear the grimace in his voice. "He came to ask me where she is. I was able to block my mind, so he doesn't know. But I don't underestimate him."

"What?" I squeaked.

"Their eyes are gold. If they're red, you're in trouble. They have pale skin, super strength, super fast, incredible hearing, smell, and vision. They smell really good to humans but you can tell they're not human." He said it all in one breath, and he sounded nervous.

"Rebecca. If you see one, YOU HAVE TO TELL US."

"You expect them to be coming here?" I was insanely scared.

He didn't answer.

I felt goosebumps flow throughout my body.

"Promise me you'll tell us."

"I promise," I breathed.

The line disconnected.

I looked out at the ocean. In my regular voice I stated, "Bella, you are one strong girl."

* * * * *

"You expect them to be coming here?" Rebecca asked, sounding terrified.

I waited quietly, the curtain tickling my face.

It didn't sound like he answered.

My eyes were closed.

It had to be Victoria. I had to get out of this house before she hurt these innocent people.

Rebecca had walked further down the beach but I heard her muffled words. "Bella, you are one strong girl."

I felt the tears run faster down my face.

I couldn't keep running from Victoria.

She would kill me sooner or later.

* * * * *

I put down the phone, wiping a hand across my face. Saying it aloud, made it feel more real.

The possibility of Edward, or even worse, I admit, Victoria, finding her there, were getting more and more probable.

It was hard to believe Bella was safe in Hawaii. it was hard to believe she was safe, anywhere.

* * * * *

I slipped out my window, having waited until Rebecca went to bed.

Tony had come out to ask her if she was coming in, and she had kissed him gently.

I had felt the hole ache, threatening to return and rip open my insides.

I dragged my duffle out the window, throwing it over my shoulder. It wasn't heavy, there wasn't much in it.

I turned left, and started down the beach, towards the green, rocky cliff that went farther into the water than the sand. I could see tiny white lines from where the frothy waves crashed against it.

I glanced up at the moon one more time, then lowered my gaze to the sand, vowing to walk until I walked right into the rough wall of rock that made up the huge cliff.

* * * * *