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Jasper can't stand Bella's delectable scent any longer and goes out hunting, but finds something - or rather someone - otherwise tantalizing to his utter surprise.


1. Chapter 1

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Jasper's teeth ached and his mouth kept overflowing with venom. He didn't understand why Edward insisted on bringing his little morsel over here, especially when there were hungry siblings. Even when he was upstairs, locked in his room, he could smell her blood. He groaned softly to himself, frustrated. He needed to get out and away from Bella. There was no telling what he might do if further taunted like this.

He opened his bedroom window and leapt down to the ground silently before entering the dimming woods. Running, he focused on his sense of smell, trying to locate something he could eat. He stopped abruptly, catching a scent. It was dog-like, maybe a wolf. If it was a wolf, it was a very sweet wolf indeed. Jasper felt this was something he had to at least investigate. He followed the scent and it got stronger and more irresistible as he neared. Also as he got closer, a loud buzzing sound that reminded him of grass trimmers filled his ears. Jasper parted the underbrush and saw one of the Quileute wolves speeding over ragged, earthy mounds on a dirt bike, off wolf territory. He watched curiously, wondering what in the world this mutt was doing.

The rider stopped and Jasper could see the muscles on his lean, shirtless back tense before he looked around. The bike sputtered and whined and he killed the engine.

"I know you're there," he said and Jasper cursed softly under his breath. He gently pushed the bushes aside and stepped out onto the gritty dirt. "Why are you watching me?"

"I was hunting and was distracted by the noise your little motor bike was making," Jasper said, not bothering to mention that it was him that he was hunting. Jasper couldn't believe the blood of a wolf boy could smell so devastatingly wonderful. "I don't believe we've met."

"We have, actually," the other replied stiffly. "Name's Embry, at any rate."

Jasper remembered now. The fact that Embry was in his wolf form when he met him must have disguised the smell of his fragrant blood. He took a predatory step forward and Embry seemed to try and wedge his feet into the dirt, standing his ground. Jasper knew his natural vampire charms were working (as well as his gift of controlling emotions) when he saw the tense look in Embry's eyes melt away. Jasper lessened the space between them even more. Embry could feel Jasper's breath ghosting unnaturally cold across his lips.

"Has anyone ever told you," Jasper whispered seductively, finalizing the entrapment of his prey, "that you smell intoxicating?"

Embry's lips parted in slight surprise and Jasper forcefully latched his mouth to the other boy's. Embry let out a strangled cry of surprise as Jasper sunk his teeth into his tongue and felt the blood pool in his mouth. The vampire released Embry's lips, but Embry was still and silent with shock, blood ozzing from the corner of his mouth. Jasper took advantage of the wolf's catatonic state and feasted at the throat. He could almost swear he heard a groan laced with pleasure escape the teen's lips before he'd finished sucking him dry.