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I'm Leaving Her

This is my version of what happens to Esme BEFORE Edward leaves Bella.


1. Mother and son

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“I’m leaving her.”

I nodded gently and allowed a soft smile to grace my features.

“I know. Alice said something like this would happen.”

The silence that followed was strained by the unsaid things that went between us. I knew of his deep pain as my gaze swept quickly over his features. The light seemed to have faded from his eyes and agony replaced it. His mouth was set into a grim line and I felt my dead heart tear into a million pieces in reaction to his appearance.

I had waited years for Edward to settle down and now he had found someone precious. We had welcomed her into the family and I soon found that she fitted in perfectly with the others. She was the third daughter that I had been waiting too long for. This family needed her.

But it seemed Edward thought otherwise.

My mothering instincts went out to him as I watched him crumble before me. I could see that this decision was breaking my son in two but he had to be strong if he was to follow through with it. After all, the worst had yet to come.

Slowly I stepped forwards and wrapped my arms around his body. That was the final straw for Edward as he buckled under the pain and fell into my arms. I allowed him to weep out his dry tears as I comfortingly stroked his hair and whispered reassuring words into his ear. I wanted to weep along with him however I needed to be strong. His family was his foundation. We had to support his decisions.

Of course, I didn’t want him to leave her. I knew this verdict would break Bella just as much as it would my son. But he needed to learn. He needed to see that the two of them would never be able to survive without each other. They were bound to each other. And no matter how much I wanted to tell him this, I knew it would be useless. His mind was set. He could learn no other way.

We stayed like this for a while until his sobs slowed to a stop. My heart ached at the sound of his pain and I wished to God that there could be some way I could comfort him completely. But I knew only Bella had that power now.

I let my arms slip from their hold around him and I watched him raise his weary head. Gently I planted a motherly kiss to his temple and stepped backwards from him.

“I’ll have to tell the others,” he murmured. His eyes refused to meet mine.

“Let Carlisle and I deal with them.”

He raised his gaze then and for the first time in the past few weeks I saw a flicker of a smile ghost his face. He opened his mouth as if to say something else but closed it again with a sigh. I nodded at what he was trying to say.

“Don’t worry about them, dear. Just focus on what you have to do.”

He nodded slightly before he raised himself up to his full height and hardened his features. For a moment or two I thought he resembled the monster that he feared would take over a long time ago. I masked over my inner feelings and attempted to offer him one final smile before he slipped from the room.

As he left I felt a part of me disappear with him. Edward had been with me since the very beginning of my existence. He was the first of my many children. Watching him leave wounded me to the core and immediately my hand went up to my chest and grasped the area where my heart no longer beat against my rib cage.

Edward was gone and I didn’t know how long for.

After I finally managed to calm my nerves, I decided that it was time to tell the others. Alice was bound to have told them the news by now and they needed explanations. I composed myself and turned to find that Carlisle was standing behind me.

“It’s time.”

I nodded in affirmation and walked over to grasp his hand in mine. Tenderly I wrapped my free arm around his neck and pulled his body close towards me.

“He’ll be fine,” I assured him, “He can look after himself.”

As I pulled away Carlisle smiled in return.

“We’ve brought him up well,” he joked before allowing his smile to stretch into a grin.

I chuckled at that.

“Of course we have. Now all we have to do is talk to our other offspring. They’ll be demanding answers.”

Together, Carlisle and I left our room and walked gracefully down the stairs. We were welcomed by Emmett’s booming voice calling Edward many names under the sun while Jasper reflected a mixture of Alice’s anger and his guilt out into the atmosphere. Only Rosalie seemed mildly pleased at the outcome.

As we entered the living room silence blanketed the area and four pairs of golden eyes turned towards us. I offered Carlisle one last reassuring squeeze of his hand before we were bombarded by furious questions.