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Edward's Secret

What if Edward had a secret?? a hidden secret of a tragic story that has been hidden for decades?? almost 80 years ago, Edward met a girl, he thought he was in love with her!

This story is a summary! I'll publish the big one, later if this one gets an audience!

2. Chapter 2

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‘Dearest Bella

After our last encounter I felt a horrid echo within, I shouldn’t have let you go without an explanation. But maybe I failed to make you comprehend that the situation was never meant to be as it had. The secret I’ve been holding for almost 80 years had never meant to be exposed.

I thought concealing it from you would make no harm, and would live a thousand year, without mentioning it or remembering it, as if it was dead. But I love you and I will never take any chances that might lead to loose you, so I decided for the first time in 80 years to tell you the whole story, and I am not asking for forgiveness, but I wish rather comprehension.

It all started in 1925, when I was 24 year old, young and thirsty for life and love. Carlisle suggested that I should go to somewhere warmer, a place that would make me cope with the heat; as he said “A powerful vampire should always find a place that would make him weak”. And I took the chance to go and discover places a normal vampire like me would never think of visiting. At that time Egypt was my choice, it might not be most fascinating place on earth, but I was always interested in its culture and history.

Egypt was more difficult than I imagined. I had to appear only at nights, even in the winter it was difficult to find a cold cloudy day. And hunting there was even more difficult, almost impossible. I was young and I wasn’t as powerful as Carlisle always claimed. I had to appear at nights, to avoid people, but it was different back there, I couldn’t survive as I had to, I almost gave up, till I met a girl, a 17 year old charming young woman, she was the daughter of the English ambassador in Cairo, and her name was Clemence.

Beside her beauty and knowledge I was unable to read her mind, which was the first thing that captured my attention. We discovered Egypt together, she was always amusing and full of life, I could only say she cheered me up and I had some good time with her. But it was dangerous, since she started noticing the changes in my eyes, and my frequent appearances at nights, and disappearances during the days. Until one warm day she saw me, the real me under the sun, and I had to tell her the truth.

I thought that would make a distance between us, and she’ll keep herself away from me. But she didn’t, instead she stayed closer than ever. She helped hide and find places to hunt, she made everything easier on me. As time passed, I became pretty close to her, and for the first time in my life I thought I was in love.

As my departure came close, I wanted her to come back to the states with, as I was convinced she would be happy. But she suddenly disappeared, leaving no clue where she have been, I thought she came back to England, or anywhere else, I didn’t trouble myself looking for her, since that was a sign she wanted to be away. And I came back to the states.

I persuaded myself that everything was only a foolish passion, and a small inclination, that time would kill it, and I’ll forget everything. And as you know a vampire’s life is full of actions, and as times passed by I almost forgot everything.

8 years later, Carlisle and I went to north England, he had some ‘businesses’ with some ‘friends’, and he suggested that I should go with him. One day somewhere in a public place I saw her, I saw Clemence looking the same. She looked older of course, but she had same beauty and same spirit. I thought I should give our relationship another chance, and hoping she won’t leave me again. At first she seemed happy to see me, and received my appearance warningly. I decided to let Carlisle go back to the states alone, without telling him about my reasons for staying. I stayed in England trying to give myself a second chance with Clemence.

She told me about her accomplishment during the last 8 years, and how she managed the living alone. She revealed tragic circumstances she had been through, but she managed to be happy. We re established a relationship set on friendship. I couldn’t lie to myself anymore and believed I was falling for her all over again, and desired to hold her forever. I tried getting closer to her, but then she tried to keep herself away.

Suddenly she revealed to me she had another man in her life. She declared her devotion to him. I couldn’t rest till I find his identity. To my surprise he was a vampire, and when I met him, I knew stuff about him, as I believe, even she wasn't aware of them.

William, as he calls himself, lived nearly a thousand year, he was unique, I found a lot of difficulties reading his mind, he was most complicated vampire I ever met. He showed me he had abilities to predict the future, changing moods, using magic, but what was most interesting his ability to live as a normal person without being exposed, during the centuries he had lived he developed a protection from any kind of light. He had plenty of other powers, but I suppose he tried hiding some of them knowing I would find out. How he knew I could read minds I still don’t know. But one thing I was sure I found in his mind cells, he wanted her, he wanted to have Clemence, he wanted to make her his companion or mate. Whether he loved her or not, I wasn’t sure, I thought it was just thirst.

I told her about his intentions, she said she knew, she loved him still, but she declared she wouldn’t be a vampire, as she jokily said “What no food nor sleeping? You’re not serious!” But whether she loved him for real I couldn’t know.

When I finally decided to leave, knowing there was no hope to win her, she came toward me asking me not to leave. And I asked her about him, she said he had left, I didn’t want to be the alternative, but I couldn’t leave her, I knew she loved me, and I couldn’t resist her promising to give me access to William’s house (the big castle he asked her to look after during his absence), it was an access to his history, all sort of secrets hidden inside his house.

I knew stuff about him more than anyone ever did. He had a long history, and came from far away, from the holy land to be exact, he was born in Nazareth, and lived his life in Jerusalem, by the age of 20 he ran away to England with the English warriors and started his new life there, he lived 10 years there until he became a blood drinker. To other events and details I will not go into right now, but he lived nearly a thousand years.

And I stayed with Clemence there in England hoping we would stay together forever. I hoped one day she’d come begging me to transform her into a creature like me. I loved her and protected her, and stayed with her, but realized that we can’t live like that forever, there’s no future for our relationship. So I suggested she should go to the states with me and there I would give her the time to think whether she wanted to be with me or not. To my happy surprise she agreed. But with one condition, to go first to Palestine (now Israel), you know exactly what would be standing there. I hesitated, but then agreed and decided to do whatever it takes if she would end up with me happy in America.

In Palestine, she started looking for him, I rather wished she wouldn’t find him and give up, but she didn’t, she kept looking till I joined her, and we found him, hiding somewhere nobody ever suspected he would be there, we found him staying in the dead sea (lowest place on earth). I took that as an excuse not to follow her there, but promised to wait for her in the high Galilee (north), and she promised to be back soon. I waited, but in vain, till I couldn’t wait more, at one point I thought she might have been in danger, so I decided to follow her despite everything. Suddenly before I left I received a letter from her, she apologized and said she loved me, but she couldn’t leave him, and wanted to stay with him. Though I was relived she wasn’t in danger, I have to confess I wasn’t satisfied. So I went back to the states, leaving her in his arms.

After 3 months, I received a letter from William himself begging me to come back to England to look after her. he remained as mysterious as always, but his request was obvious, he begged me to make her forget him, promising he would never come back.

I never intended to go back, but I thought his request meant something, so to England was my destination. I found her in his house, you could never imagined how she looked like, she looked like a ghost to me; she kept crying, weeping, sobbing, and making the best of misery, she frightened me, I tried making it easier for her, I calmed her down, but all in vain, she kept saying “I saw his death!… he’s dead!” I tried whatever I could. And it was all over when she slept, in my arms, where she never woke up.

You could never imagine how I felt and how I looked like when it was all over. I was there when she died and I couldn’t do anything about it. And for the first time in my life I felt the real pain.

I was mad, mostly with my self, first I let her go, and it was all for my pride, I left her to end up with another man, I was pretending to be the hero, who was never meant to be the hero. I shouldn’t have left her, I should have kept her with me, and I shouldn’t have agreed to take her there. But what was the use of all. She was dead, dead in my arms.

As for William’s part I did not care, I was too busy with my pain to take care of him. Until he showed up, like that, out of the blue. His eyes were full of something I couldn’t make out, he asked me to kill him, and as he claimed he was the main reason for her death. I was mad enough to kill myself, and he had the power to make everyone commit a murder. And there I crowned as the ‘Murderer of a Legend’. How I killed him? I’m trying to forget.

Historian Vampires wrote stories and myths about him and his death, some say he killed himself, others say his enemies murdered him, and the rest claimed he still alive. But you already know which one to believe. His body or the rest of it is kept in a grave next to Clemence’s and both of them are hidden in a small hidden room in his house. And over the years nobody discovered it as I made sure it’s perfectly hidden.

After almost 80 years, I've decided to put everything behind, as you know life goes on, and everything comes back to normal. After 80 years, I've forgot the story, I still remember it, but it's not part of me now. I shall always keep it as a myth, a fictional story that was told by a gifted narrator. And maybe it came the time it should be shared.

And now my dear Bella, you should always know my feelings for our relationship; I love you more than William loved Clemence and I know he loved her more than Darcy loved Elizabeth, more than Rochester loved Jane, and even more than Romeo loved Juliet. And you should always know that I would die for you, like I tried to do when I thought I lost you. I wanted us to be part of a story, like that couple. But what I wanted more was that our love would never stop. I wanted us to be happy, to have eternity to our selves, where we live forever and never die.

I loved you Bella. And I lied to you, because I never wanted to loose you. I hope you comprehend my intentions and my desire to stay with you forever.

Yours for eternity,