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Edward's Secret

What if Edward had a secret?? a hidden secret of a tragic story that has been hidden for decades?? almost 80 years ago, Edward met a girl, he thought he was in love with her!

This story is a summary! I'll publish the big one, later if this one gets an audience!

3. Chapter 3

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I read the letter twice. Trying to distinguish the truth behind it, I tried to look for reasons to believe, but
I couldn’t, I was deep into the story behind, I wanted to know more about Clemence and William. Are
they for real? How true is their story? What are the chances to make them represent characters in a
story? And what’s with William? How legendary is he? I felt there were missing parts.
“Bella!” my thoughts were interrupted by Alice’s whispering voice from the window “Are you awake?”
and sneaked inside.
“OW… ermm… did I wake you?”
“NO… I was awake!”
“Why are you crying?” she asked with concern
was I crying?
“is it something to do with Edward?” she asked
I tried to hide the letter, but realized she hasn’t seen it as it was beneath the blanket
“no! I had a bad dream!”
“Ah … Okay!”
“what’s the matter?” I inquired further
“Edward told me to pick you up when you’re awake, he said we’re going to … ermm..”
“yes! That’s what he said! He’s waiting for us there, he gave me the address, and …”
“what’s in England?” I interrupted her, although I might have an idea what would bring us there!
“ I don’t know!! ”she confessed “I just saw that he’s preparing a story, it’s awkward! But…”
“A story?”
“yup! That’s what he said!” she confirmed ”Carlisle and the rest are waiting for us there, I think they
should be there by now!
“okay! Shall we leave now?”
“well… we can wait till the morning, if you want…”
“NO! we’ll leave now!” I interrupted “but what about Charlie? You know he’ll get furious if I just ..”
“Don’t worry! We’ll be back before he notices!” she winked.
She’s right, he’ll wake up and think I’m still asleep, he won’t come home till dinner, and I hope I can
make it home by dinner!
“You know exactly where we’re going?” I asked Alice while we are on the airplane
“It’s somewhere in Derbyshire!”
Derbyshire?? Is there where the house of William hidden? But why it sounds more familiar?
“What’s the matter Bella? You look puzzled!” asked Alice, looking worried as if I’m hiding something.
I thought of telling her about the letter, but decided not to for now!
“Nothing…I’m just tired!” I lied.
As we reached Derbyshire with the car Alice rented, it was already 7:30, how time passes so quickly.
“Derbyshire looks really great place for vampires!! “ Alice commented on the green grounds and trees,
Which I have to confess look so amazing. “I can see why Jane Austen chose Derbyshire for locating
“And I thought the name was familiar!” of course, Pemberley was in Derbyshire according to Jane
Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.
“Here we are! I think it’s there!” Alice slowed the car as she pointed at an extremely large house, that
nobody can pass without freezing in place and staring at it!
“WOW” we both said at the same time!
“Is that the place?” I asked
The house was so big, it looked more like a castle, as it seems, it was placed on a small hill, but no
number of trees could hide a house that size.
As we got closer to the entrance, we saw Edward, Carlisle, and Esme on the front door, as if they have
been waiting for hours. Carlisle and Esme waved to our direction, but Edward stood there as still as a
statue, starring at the floor.
“There was no need to wake Bella!” said Esme as we stepped outside the car ”We would have
“Actually…she was already awake!” replied Alice defending herself, and I nodded.
I looked at Edward, he raised his head, his eyes met mine, and turned around looking at a weird looking
statue next to the wide door.
“Where are the others?” inquired Alice
“Inside exploring the house!” said Esme with amusement
“Alright Edward! We’re all in ‘Pemberley’” said Alice laughing, and Esme smiled “Aren’t you going to
tell us what’s the ‘Story’?”
Edward opened the door, and showed us inside, the front hall was huge, and it looked like ball room
from the 19th century, but the walls looked more like from the 16th.
We were joined by Rosalie, she gave me a friendly smile and said “good to see you Bella!” and I
smiled in return! Emmet and Jasper followed her, both welcomed me and looking dazzled by the
Edward looked at the enormous chandelier in the middle of the ceiling, which looked like a magical
huge flower; the chandelier was lightening up with a red soft glow.
“This fortress is actually called ‘Gabriel’s Aripi’” Edward started “which means ‘the wings of
Gabriel’.” He stopped for a second recollecting his thoughts “it belongs to Gabriel Toþi!” once he said
his name all the Cullen opened their mouth with amazement.
“The Gabriel Toþi?!” said Carlisle unable to believe.
Edward nodded and all the others gasped.
“Who’s he?” I asked
“He’s one of the most powerful vampires that ever lived” replied Edward, as all the other were still
recovering from amazement as they ignored my question, “possessed most mysterious history as he
lived for more than 5 centuries, unlike other vampires, for he had powers and… ”
“gifts most vampires don’t have!” continued Carlisle with approval and admiration.