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Edward's Secret

What if Edward had a secret?? a hidden secret of a tragic story that has been hidden for decades?? almost 80 years ago, Edward met a girl, he thought he was in love with her!

This story is a summary! I'll publish the big one, later if this one gets an audience!

4. Chapter 4

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“Rumor has it, he’s the handsomest vampire ever lived.” Said Alice with admiration, breaking the astonished look.
“Too many rumors were set around him!” replied Jasper perhaps offended.
“We’ve read so much about him! A lot of rumors, stories, he was a legend! “said Esme “but one thing, we were never sure about! Where he lived, and if he still lives until today!”
“Edward! Is this really his house? He lives here, right?” asked Alice excited.
“He spent most of his life here!” answered Edward.
“Is he here right now?”
“He is!”
and they all smiled with excitement!
“So, Edward! Since when have you been befriending this guy?” asked Emmet.
“I would rather say ‘Acquainted’” replied Edward emphasizing on the latest expression.

“WOW” Jasper said as we entered another hall, which was a gallery!
“This is the Gallery, which ‘he’ kept for centuries” announced Edward, “contains portraits and pictures of people he had met!” he stopped and then finished “All of them were made by him!”
The gallery was huge as it was built up in a way that looked like a maze; it looked like a maze museum with paintings and statues.
“I just can’t believe Edward met him” Said Carlisle smiling, “and I lived here in England and never had the pleasure!”
“Maybe you had…” Edward replied quietly.
Carlisle looked puzzled by this reply, as Edward wasn’t intending to explain.

“This is Derbyshire in 1390” Edward looked and pointed at a picture that was hanging next to the entrance of the maze “it is I guess was painted before this house was built!”
All the other Cullens looked up admiring the talent and taste of the painting
”and that?” asked Alice pointing at the next picture.
“This is Jerusalem more than a 1000 year ago!” replied Edward “Where he lived most of his life!”

“He was born in Nazareth!” started Edward while touring around the gallery explaining each picture stands for and telling the history of the painter “He lived most of his life in Jerusalem, one day when he was 20, he was found guilty for a crime he never committed” continued he “as there was not justice back there, they wanted to execute him” he paused as he looked at another weird picture that showed no one, nor a view, just few lines “He had to save his life, so he faked his death, and left his family to run away with the English warriors” and then he looked at another painting of a woman “This happened to be his mistress!”
”His family knew he was alive?” asked Carlisle.
”No! if they thought he was still alive, he would have been caught! As he made absolutely certain that no body knew about his escapement and not even his mistress, whom he loved most dearly and was about to marry!”
the painting of his mistress I suspected didn’t look accurate, but it showed a woman who sat in a position of devotion, and her red hair looked like flames.
”when he moved to England,” Edward proceeded “he started a new life, he has changed his name, and let the past behind!” Edward paused as he looked at another picture of another woman, but this one was extremely beautiful, with golden hair and eyes, which looked more like Rosalie “He fell for a woman, as he believed most beautiful creature!”
”That all was before he was transformed?” asked Jasper.
”Yes! And this woman was a vampire!” replied Edward “As you might guess, she also fell for him, and there was a true attachment between both, until she was destroyed by someone, a jealous husband I presume.”
”How typical!” gasped Esme.
”Her husband, or mate, couldn’t kill the lover, instead he killed someone else, a trick I guess!” Edward stood for a minute recollecting his thoughts and then continued “the lover of course looked for revenge, and he lived 10 years learning about vampires and looking for that man who killed his love, until he became 30 and was transformed by a vampire friend!”
”How do you know all these stuff Edward?” Asked Carlisle “did he tell you all of it? Where is he?”
Edward looked at him and then turned to the next picture, which was a portrait of a man, another vampire.

Edward showed us the rest of the gallery, where he told us several stories about Gabriel Topi, how he found this place, how he managed surviving at one place, multi named developing all sort of powers and gifts as times went by, and how he became part of history.

Later we entered another hall, this one wasn’t as big as the gallery, for it was empty, only a fireplace, library and a statue, which seemed as the statue of an angel. Do vampires believe in angels? This one did? Then did he believe in God?
”This is Gabriel” Edward interrupted my thoughts “the angel that was mentioned in the bible!” And he turned the fire on so it can give us some lights along with the soft lights that glowed the place.
There were two doors, Edward led us to the first one and as he opened it we saw a very dark room “This contains priciest World’s secrets!” Edward said as he let a candle “Many history records that no one knew!” and there were shelves full of documents, and were too many of it.

“What’s behind the other door?” Asked Alice as we returned to the hall.
Edward looked at the fire and said nothing.
He waited two minutes and we all stood there waiting for him to say something, until he finally began:

“Years ago, or lets say decades ago, Gabriel Toþi, fell in love with a woman, a young woman who was as normal as every human being, but as unique as Bella, her mind was blocked” my jaw fell, it’s the first time today he had looked at me and said my name “Clemence as her name was, knew he was a vampire even before he confessed his passion for her. she once had a relationship with a vampire, when she was 17.
”When he loved her, she was trying to avoid his love, not only because she hated him, but also she wasn’t prepared for a vampire love. Until he proved to her that he is worthy for her love and admiration, she gradually fell in love with him.
”Until the other vampire came along, she couldn’t escape his acquaintance for she loved the other one as well, even though he wasn’t as powerful as Gabriel. The other vampire wanted to be closer to her, but she informed him of her devotion to the previous. And thus decided to leave.
Gabriel suddenly decided to go home, his real home, the holy land. He realized that he can’t escape his past, he lived all his life and never done anything to his country, as he never moved out from this place, he decided to go back, he has found his target and his mission, as atonement.
”Clemence stayed with the other vampire, as Gabriel gave her the access for this place, and the other vampire was curious and thrilled by the offer so he stayed.”
”wow” said Emmet smiling “he must have been very lucky, to have his girl and his place”
”He thought himself lucky!” Edward continued, “He wanted to stay with Clemence, and she gave him the access of these secrets that were hidden inside”
”How she would such a thing for Gabriel?” interrupted Alice angrily “he gave her his love, showed her his deepest secrets, he trusted her and she betrayed him with that other man?”
”Gabriel knew she would be doing this!” Edward answered, “He did it on purpose, I guess! As you know Alice, he can predict the future just like you! Only that he’s never been wrong!”
Alice looked at him offended, and couldn’t say anything.
”Gabriel knew Clemence would never be a vampire, she never intend to, this was one of the reasons he had left her” continued Edward, “Maybe he saw that she would instead go with other vampire, as the latter in return asked her to go with him. And to his lovely surprise she had accepted”
”What? She accepted the other vampire’s hand, and not Gabriel’s?” interrupted Carlisle “it doesn’t make sense at all!”
”No! actually she told him, she’ll think about it” replied Edward, “but she would seriously consider being with him, in order to decide later!” Edward stopped for a moment and then continued “Clemence agreed only on one condition, that he takes her to the holy land first. He of course knew what stands there, but deiced to take her there anyway, he knew he had to”
”So she started looking for Gabriel there?” Asked Alice excited.
Edward nodded.