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Edward's Secret

What if Edward had a secret?? a hidden secret of a tragic story that has been hidden for decades?? almost 80 years ago, Edward met a girl, he thought he was in love with her!

This story is a summary! I'll publish the big one, later if this one gets an audience!

5. Chapter 5

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“Clemence started looking for him” proceeded Edward, “ and the other vampire wished she wouldn’t be able to find him and give up, but instead he helped her and she did find Gabriel”

”why he ever done that?” interrupted Jasper “didn’t he want her to come back with him?”
”She promised him she would make a short visit and wouldn’t be late, therefore he waited for her in the high Galilee” replied Edward, “eventually she couldn’t leave Gabriel, and stayed with him, in the Dead Sea!
”The other vampire went back home after she sent him a letter where she told him she had to stay with her ‘true love, for which she gave her heart for ever’.
”Gabriel on the other hand couldn’t keep her with him, she was in danger, he had a mission and had too many enemies to detain him, let alone not hurting his mistress. He tried to send her back home, but he knew it was never a good idea. Instead he went back with her to England, and there he faked his death, making her believe he was dead, so she could move on with her life.
”But she hasn’t!” Edward stopped for a moment trying to think of how to say the following, “instead she died!” he finally said,

“What?” Alice asked “how? Why?”
”Grieve. I guess…”replied Edward.
They all starred at Edward, and were waiting for him to say another thing.
”As for him…”Edward continued, and they all opened their eyes to hear the next thing, “he died after her, or would rather say for her!”
”What?” they all gasped at the same time, “How?” they were all shocked, unable to believe.
”That’s impossible!!” said Emmet, ”there must be misunderstanding… “
”There’s no misunderstanding!!” interrupted Edward, “He DIED!” emphasized Edward.
”But he can’t kill himself… just like that”
”Edward, there MUST BE misunderstanding!” interrupted Carlisle, “you know he used to fake his death a lot, maybe it was a trick…”
”It wasn’t” replied Edward struggling, “he was murdered!”
”How do you know?”
”Because I killed him!” shouted Edward.

“What?” Carlisle said, and all the others starred.
“Yes, I killed him!” Edward raised his voice, angry “I was the other vampire! I killed him!”
“But, Edward… how?”
“After she thought he was dead, He asked me to go look after her, as he saw she would be in my arms!” he stopped for a minute, his eyes sparkling as if he was crying “but I arrived too late, and she died… in my arms!”
“I could have prevented it!”Edward shouted, “I was there!”
“But...why you killed him?”
“When she died” Edward was calming down, “He came here, and asked me to kill him! He knew she was dead because of his fault, he insisted that I should kill him! I refused of course…. But you know he’s far too powerful, and too smart to qccomplish his wishes.”
For a moment there was a silence.
”Why you never told us this story?” asked Jasper.
”I felt guilty, I wasn’t prepared to share my first murder experience! And then I thought of keeping it, and soon everything will be forgotten!”
”And that girl, Clemence, how did you meet her? When? And why you never told us about her?”
”I met her in Egypt in 1920s, she was English!”
”And you had an affair?”
”Sort of”
”She left!”
”I met her again 8 years later in England…”
”but… how about Bella” and they turned to me, my face turned red, as I knew it had no expressions “I thought she was the first real love you had!”
”Bella is the only real love I ever had” Edward emphasized, looked at me and then turned his head to explain “I thought and believed I was in love with Clemence, but it was just a foolish small passion, that time killed it! I loved her, but it wasn’t the same as Bella’s”
”Why? Because she never loved you?”
”No…because the thing between us was never meant to be!” Edward stood for a moment, thinking, and quietly continued “Maybe, because I never loved her enough, I was angry and grieved when she died, but it wasn’t because of great Love loss, she was a good companion, a friend more like!”
”Bella!” Esme turned to me, with a concerned face, “you must be feeling, very uncomfortable with all that. I understand…”
”I knew about it” I interrupted.
”What? Why you never told us?” Alice burst.
”I didn’t know whether Edward wanted me to tell you!” I answered quietly, “and it’s his job to tell you the truth, not me! Besides I didn’t have time to tell you, you guys found out only hours later!” and showed them the letter that I kept in my pocket.
”Bella saw this piece of paper in my room” said Edward as he showed them the paper I read yesterday, “That was a sign I had to share it with you guys!”
They all read the piece of paper and the letter as they passed them between them.
”So? What’s behind the other door?” asked Alice.
Edward didn’t reply, he opened the other door, and turned on the light inside the room.
The room’s size was like Edward’s, but this one had a four-poster bed, disk, closets and shelves of books. Everything was neat; there was no mess, no dust, as if it was part of a picture.
”These are his journals!” said Edward heading toward the bookshelves. And there were too many books.
”He kept journals?” interrupted Jasper, “and he wrote everything on them? Isn’t it quit risky?”
”Well… he didn’t write ‘everything’” answered Edward, “he never let anyone see them, and he wrote them mysteriously, changed the names, and they all written in multi languages”.
They all starred with amazement and admiration.
”What’s the bed for?” asked Rosalie.
”For feeling like a human!” answered Edward ironically.

Edward picked a red book from the shelf, he opened it somewhere in the middle, and it was obvious that the writing wasn’t in English, it was different, and I couldn’t recognize it.
”What is that?” I asked
”one of his journals!” replied Edward without looking at me, as if he didn’t feel it was me who asked.
”But what language?” I asked again, trying to make him notice my existence.
”Arabic!” and this was Alice who answered. Edward handled it to her, where she looked at the page Edward opened, and looked confused “he’s talking about women and wine!”
”he always believed that there were two weakness in every man” replied Edward, “no matter what was the nature of a man, women and wine were always essential!”
Alice nodded and smiled with satisfaction and amusement.
”That what connects between humans and vampires!” laughed she, “Men never change”.

Edward read and translated some other parts of books that where written in Hebrew, Arabic, Latin, Roman, and others. The other Cullens found them as interesting as the Nativity story, or other stories that were mentioned in the Bible. I didn’t understand much, but I realized what a great person Gabriel was, how a person might call him Legendary. He was more like a myth; I don’t think that a person like him would ever exist. He looked more like a part of a story, a character from a novel. And as he lived so many centuries, I would rather start considering that he might have been the inspiration of different characters that were written around the history, Hamlet, Heathcliff, Rochester, Darcy, and many others.
Gabriel’s last name, Toþi, is a roman expression means Almighty, and it turned out he had named himself different names, so he can keep surviving in one place, but he never called himself Toþi, This name was given by other vampires who believed he was most powerful creature. As Edward said, he never thought himself as powerful as other claim, he believed in his powers but always considered that all others vampires could be as powerful or even more. Most awkward thing was that there was no sign of his real name; the name that was given to him by his real parents. But the last name he had before he died was William McKnight, a normal old name that no one would ever suspect as extraordinary and would never distrust his being.

Edward then opened the closet that was on the corner, inside it there was nothing interesting, but few boxes, and veils. Edward removed the veils and did something that I couldn’t make out, consequently a small door was visible in front of our eyes.
“What is that?” wondered Carlisle.
Edward opened the door and structured us to enter, so we did, one by one. It was dark, I couldn’t see anything, until a small light was on, we saw stairs that were heading down, Edward took the first move and we all followed.