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Edward's Secret

What if Edward had a secret?? a hidden secret of a tragic story that has been hidden for decades?? almost 80 years ago, Edward met a girl, he thought he was in love with her!

This story is a summary! I'll publish the big one, later if this one gets an audience!

7. Chapter 7

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“So, you’re saying, he killed her?” asked Edward unable to believe.

“That’s exactly what I mean,” replied Carlisle confident of his words.

”But how?”

”If he could control destiny, he would have saved her”.

”That’s impossible!” replied Edward ironically laughing, “When he asked me to kill him, he told me he was wrong, and he thought she won’t be dying…”

”He fooled you!”

”But why?”

“I guess you have to find it in his ‘last memoir’.”

“His last memoir” Edward repeated and then looked at the paper, “Where he would be hiding it?”

We looked for his last memoir in his room, we looked on every journal, but they all showed old dates, and none of them showed anything about her, or around the date of October 1934.

We tried to look in the main hall, or the other room that showed the history records, but there was no clue for the last memoir.

Later we went back to the basement again, and Edward suggested looking on the corners, perhaps we would be finding something. But we didn’t.

“What is that?” I said as I pointed at the bottom of Gabriel’s grave.

Alice noticed the gap I was pointing at, it wasn’t actually a gap; it was more like a small hole that looked like a border between the grave and the ground.

Edward followed Alice by trying to look inside it. He started removing the grave very slowly, until we saw a red small book.

Edward held it gently, “Yes” he said quietly, “it’s blood,” and I noticed that the cover was all covered with dry blood.
Edward opened the journal, and starred at the first page.

”Is that also Arabic?” I asked.
”No, that’s Syriac," Edward replied. Is that a language? For me, there was no difference; they all looked the same.

“He started by saying,” Edward started translating, “that he once had a prediction for her death, further than that he knew nothing, he thought it was just prediction for the future, but the prediction was all over him, until finally it was clear to him it was a destiny he can’t change.

"He tried ignoring it, he tried protecting her, he even left her for that, until she came back to him, and he saw that she would definitely die. The Morkans, his strongest enemies, were after her blood, or rather aiming to transform her and making her one of them. Anyway, there was no difference, he had to save her. He considered transforming her by himself, but he couldn’t, it was always a fault he possessed, whenever he transformed someone, he becomes his enemy, part of betrayal in his blood.

“He knew that I could save her and change her, but he said he was selfish and would rather kill her than living without her.

“But the only excuse as he claimed, was that he wanted to end his being, he wanted to die, he thought he lived enough, and it’s time for him to die. He would easily be killed by his enemies, but always believed that dying for love was more poetic and glorious."

“That’s not love.” interrupted Alice, “That’s possession”

“He always believed there was life after death,” Edward continued, “He thought if they both die, they would be having rest and finally ceaseless love. If this kind of love cannot be found in this world, then it’s in the other.

“Thus he surrendered to destiny and with her he shall have eternity," Edward finished, stood in his place, looking as if unable to believe what just happened to him.

He closed the book, gave it to Carlisle, who was apparently the only one looked normal, as if he knew before or has been in these situations before.
Alice closed the grave on the gap after Carlisle replaced the bleeding journal underneath.

Esme, Rosalie and Alice were starring at the portrait of Gabriel, they were just staring, and I couldn’t understand what they were thinking, until suddenly I realized I’ve seen this man before, but where?

I looked again at Clemence and suddenly I remembered I saw her in my dream, following a man, a man that looked unbelievably handsome, a vampire that would have been the result of the man that his portrait was on the other grave.

And I remembered how in my dream he looked like, and I swear I never saw something like it.

“Where’s Edward?” I asked as I noticed Edward disappeared. But it was obvious no one knew where he was. We tried looking for him upstairs where, we couldn’t find him. Eventually we decided to get out of the ‘secret rooms’ of this castle. To my surprise or not, Carlisle could get us out, eventually we ended up being in a room we haven’t been inside before.

”Most extraordinary!” said Esme and Alice.

"That man was genius,” said Carlisle, “You would never get in, but you would defiantly get out”.

It was obvious that Gabriel made it impossible to get into his secret, but it was easy to get out, maybe because once you got in, you know, and if you know, you have the privilege to expose your self, that was another mystery in this house. But I don’t think anyone ever found out, Edward was the only one, and that’s only because he was given the access, if not by the owner, then by the mistress.

Once we were outside of the house looking for Edward we found him on a rock, a rock that placed on the top of the hill that overlooks the river down the valley. And I just noticed it was already late, twilight. And I saw the Sun emerging from a cloud down to the horizon, and that was the spot where I saw Edward in his golden skin for the second time, and I realized how beautiful to see this man glittering.

The others came back inside, maybe on purpose to leave us alone.

Edward saw me, this time he didn’t ignore me, he stood staring at me with his golden eyes glittered like the rest of his body, and I remembered how flawless he was.

I stepped closer, and he stepped aside to make some room for me on that rock.

”Wow,” I said, dazzled by the look of that view in front of me, “This is most stunning thing I ever saw”.

”It is,” he agreed peacefully, “Stunning."

I nodded and kept starring.

“I’m sorry Bella”, he started apologizing, more worried though, “I never told you about it…”

"Shhhh,” I interrupted as I placed my hand on his mouth, and for the first time I felt warmth in his breath, “let me enjoy the view”.

“Twilight, again,” he murmured. “Another ending. No matter how great the day is, it always has to end."

“Some things don’t have to end,” He looked at me with his glittering eyes, he smiled with affections, he pulled me closer, kissed my forehead and hugged me, for the first time during this day I felt warm.