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To Hear You Speak My Name

Edward sneaks into Bella's room for the first time.

This could go anywhere in Twilight after Edward saves Bella from the van.

1. Chapter 1

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I stood outside like an idiot for twenty minutes, barely noticing the icy raindrops as they soaked through my clothing. This is idiotic, I thought, looking up at the dark house in front of me. Not only is it idiotic, it's dangerous. But my curiosity, as always, overrode my sense. Besides, if I got too tempted, I would be able to leave...wouldn't I? A loud snore ripped through my train of thought. I could hear two heartbeats and two sets of steady breathing--the Swan family had retired for the night. Unnecessarily, I inhaled deeply. I was going to do this.

With my mind made up, I bolted to the front door and grabbed the key from under the eave (it was no accident that I'd seen Charlie use it before). Within seconds, I was in the house. Following her scent, I raced up the stairs silently and found myself at a bedroom door. It must be hers--I could smell the nectar of her veins more strongly here than anywhere else. I opened the door and slipped into the small, dark room stealthily. The intoxicating scent was dizzying as I first entered. I could hardly control myself--this was ten times worse than that fateful day in biology. But somehow I managed to plant my feet firmly to the ground and focus on the task at hand. Mind over matter, I thought to myself.

A gasp got caught in my throat as my eyes landed on the bed; there, in the center, laid one of the most beautiful creatures I'd ever seen. How had I never realized how gorgeous her hair was, or how perfectly-shaped her lips were? And more importantly, why had I ever considered wasting such beauty on a mere snack?

Get ahold of yourself, Edward. I reluctantly looked away from the sleeping angel to do what I'd originally intended. There must be something here that would tell me more about this fascinating human. My eyes scanned the room and landed on a computer desk. As I pulled the top drawer open, Bella let out a soft moan. My head snapped to look at her and make sure she was still sleeping; she was.

Sighing in relief, I reached into the drawer and pulled out a yearbook from the previous year. I flipped it open to the autograph section and saw only three signatures, each of which was accompanied by a message that told Bella to never change. That wasn't very helpful. I searched through the book for the sophomore class and eventually found Bella's photograph. I could help but chuckle quietly myself; her eyes were closed as though she'd blink mid-picture. Of course. I put the book back in its place and searched for anything that may help me, but I didn't find much else. Why on earth was she so mysterious? Any other human girl would have something, anything that may give a glimpse of their personality, but this one had nothing. It was infuriating.

That's when I saw it lying ther in the darkness about a foot away from the bed. My superb eyesight could read the title using only the dim moonlight that filtered through the window. Wuthering Heights. I sped over to the book and grabbed it. Naturally, I'd read all of Emily Brontë's works, but this one had been the least enjoyable for me. Bella's copy, however, was well worn--the binding was beginning to fall apart and there were a few pages that appeared to have been taped together--and she'd clearly read it several times. Why would someone like Bella, who'd selflessly moved to Forks to satisfy her mother, enjoy a book with two such deplorable characters? Had I been wrong about her? Good, said some small, bitter voice in the back of my mind. That means that she's nothing special.She's just an ordinary, selfish child like her peers.

But another part of my mind--most of it--was disappointed. I was ashamed of thinking that this girl would be so different than all the others. "Renèe, no..." Bella mumbled in her sweet voice. It seemed silly now to wonder about Bella's character; one's favorite book doesn't always reflect one's personality, and this was certainly the case with Bella. I turned to look at her and noticed that her hair was fanned around her face like an inky halo in the darkness. What is the matter with you? I asked myself, shaking my head to clear my thoughts. I returned the book to its spot next to a heap of dirty clothes and looked over to a CD player sitting on the floor. I opened it delicately to find that it was empty. Did dislike music?

"Edward." I froze as my name drifted from her lips and glanced up, afraid that she'd stirred without my knowledge. When I saw that she was still sleeping, I relaxed again. Frustrated, I sat down in a small rocking chair, careful not to make it creak. My eyes locked upon Bella's sleeping form. What had she dreamt about that involved me? Yearning to hear her thoughts, I watched the enigmatic creature before me, hardly daring to make the slightest movement for fear of waking her. Her steady heart filled my eardrums, beating in harmony with her deep breaths. Her lovely ivory skin was, for once, not flushed with scarlett.

She uttered my name once more and I considered how much sweeter it sounded coming from her lips. I was suddenly overcome with the urge to reach out and stroke her face to assure myself that she was real. She looked so soft, so warm, so gentle...she was almost nothing like the clumsy Bella of daylight. "Edward..." she whispered again.

"Bella," I murmured so quietly that there was no chance of bothering her. "I'm here." She moaned softly and shifted her position so that one pale arm dangled from the edge of the bed. I couldn't resist the temptation--within a second, I'd folded the arm gently over her chest. As soon as I had, I ran to the window, opened it soundlessly, and climbed out, closing it behind me and fleeing the scene. I could only hope that my touch had not disturbed her. As the trees blurred past me, the only thing on my mind was her warmth. My imagination had not done her justice--she was much warmer, much softer than I ever could have thought. Her skin was such a stark contrast from my own. I was once again reminded of my abhorrent nature. It was stupid and reckless for a monster like me to go near something so breakable.

I'd known that from the beginning. I had to stay away from her. It had been dangerous for both her and my own family when I'd broken into the Swan home that evening.

So why did I return nearly every night?