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Tonight, Tonight

There is love in La Push....Paul has fallen for a very unexpected person. Oneshot


1. Chapter 1

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Tonight will be the night.

Paul looked at the small box in his hand, his heart in the pit of his stomach. He was never able to think about it when he phased. He was never able to say it out loud. He was never able to scream to the world his love. He was never able to do many things that he felt he had a right to. Because when you love someone, that should never be kept a secret. Right?

He lifted the lid to reveal a bracelet. It was small. Simple. Kind of stupid. But it was there all the same. If all went well, she would be wearing it when they parted ways later-if he succeeded in tempting the most beautiful woman to hit La Push. The most beautiful, yet most emotionally detached.

Tonight will be the night.

His trembling fingers closed the lid and stuffed it into his back pocket.

Pants? Check. Shirt? Check. Shoes? … He’ll find those later. He didn’t have the attention span to go looking around the house for them either. All he could think of was her possible reactions to his confession. Would she laugh? Nah. She never laughed at love. Would she punch him? …More likely than not. Would she leap into his arms and kiss him like he was the air? Ha. But Paul didn’t care. He couldn’t keep it bottled in any longer. He needed a release. He needed to scream it out so the whole world would hear.

I am Paul and I am in love!

He stood at her front porch and put his ear to the door carefully. But with his nervousness he accidentally banged his head against the door with a loud thud. He cursed silently before he froze. After a minute of silence, he let out a breath he was holding in. He couldn’t hear anyone shuffling around in the living room. Either she was alone in her room(a high possibility) or her family was a pack of quiet mice.

His whole body was trembling. His mouth was quivering and his heart pounding in his chest.


He knocks on the door.

Thump thump

No one answers.

Thump thump thump

He knocks again.

“Whoever’s down there, quit it!” someone screeched from the inside of the house.

His heart seemed to stop.

They were sitting across from each other on the couch, only a small coffee table in between them. Even so, it was too far away for Paul. All he did was stay away from her. Keep his distance. Keep his secret. But now that he was so close, he could not bear to be so far away.

She tapped her foot against the hardwood floor, and it distracted him to no end. Every sound she made was like music to his ears. Even her clearing her throat, tapping her fingers against the table, the sound of her smacking him kind of hard across the cheek-

“Hey!” he complained, rubbing the throbbing left side of his face. Yet he couldn’t find it in his heart to glare at her. She rolled her eyes before plopping down on the couch only mere feet away from him.

She stretched her arms over her head. “Not my fault you were staring off into space while keeping me sitting here needlessly,” she snapped. Paul looked away ashamed. Was he going to chicken out now? No! He came this far hadn’t he? This far? All you did was knock on her door and then proceed to bore her to death!

Paul shrugged and leaned back in his seat. She looked at him expectantly. Gulping, he worked the words out from under his tongue where they happily would have stayed. “I actually came here to tell you something,” he admitted hesitantly. She sighed before glancing at her watch.

“Well, then spit it out,” she groaned. Paul’s top lip quivered. Did she have to make this so hard on him? How was he going to tell her if she was just going to make him feel like an idiot? Maybe he should leave…Stop now before he did something really stupid.

Her patience snapped before he made a decision. “Just leave me alone then!” she screamed, jumping up from her place on the couch. There was fire in her eyes and he did not like how her whole body was quivering. “Why did you even come here?” she screeched. Paul hopped up, knowing he was no longer welcome. Well, he blew it, didn’t he?

“I’m sorry,” he pleaded. They were so alike, though! Perfect for each other(even if fate didn’t think so). She groaned again before kicking the coffee table over.

“Sorry?” she yelled. “Sorry! Sorry for what? Wasting my pitiful life?” As she seethed, Paul tried to figure out what exactly he did wrong and why she was so damn upset. Wait-Pitiful life? Was she depressed about something? Being a monster? A dead father?


“I don’t know why all you guys have to keep on stepping into my life like this! Do I looked like a doormat to just waste away in between the times when you wipe your feet on me?” she yelled. Paul couldn’t take it anymore. She was pushing him over the edge. He just had to blurt it out. Now.

He smashed his hand against the wall, resulting in a loud clash. When he had her slightly divided attention, he stood up straighter than he ever had in his life.

“Leah Clearwater, I love you.”

Paul walked away from the Clearwater’s house, his left eye bruised and a couple of healed scratches running up his arms. But he didn’t care.

The lid was off the box and the bracelet was finally where it belonged.

* * *

Leah watched Paul walk away from her house and she could see a little hop to his step. Her cheeks were still flushed and her finger absentmindedly stroked the new bracelet she was wearing on her wrist.

She almost gave up on love after Sam left her. She was glad she didn’t. Loving Paul was something she would be happy to do.