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"What exactly do you do while I'm sleeping?" She asks softly, running her tiny hands up and down my stone arms. "Oh, nothing..." I say, smiling to myself, knowing she would never figure it out on her own. My little secret.


1. Secret

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“I love you…” I whisper softly in to her hair as I feel her body finally relax next to mine, drifting off to sleep as usual.

I hear Bella mumble something in her sleep and I can’t help but smile, she’s my whole world. My brother’s still give me grief for coming here every night, but how can I not? How can I not be around when Bella is at her most vulnerable? Besides, she’s hilarious when she sleeps.

Carefully and only when I’m positive that she truly is asleep, I climb out of her bed, my arms painfully letting go of her as I make my way to the floor boards right at the foot of her bed.

She thought that I had fixed them once we had gotten home from Italy, but I have other things hiding under here than just pictures and CDs. Silently I pry one of the loose boards up, pulling out a leather bound book, a fine-tip pencil, and a small stick of charcoal.

I softly seat myself on the very end of Bella’s bed, her feet just inches from me, but I would not dare disturb her. See, I would rather no one, not even my precious Bella, to know my secret talent for sketching.

My family, especially Emmett, would poke fun at me and Bella, well she would just huff and say, “Is there anything you can’t do?” and then storm off in that hilarious way of hers.

I sit silently for a moment, concentrating on Bella’s peaceful face as she sleeps and a soft smile can’t help but to creep onto my face. Her face is so relaxed and I know she’s having a good dream which makes me happy because lately she hasn’t seemed herself.

Silently I go to work, my eyes hardly ever needing to look up from my page because they’ve already memorized every curve and line of her perfect face.

This is not the only sketch book that I have hidden, of course. I’ve gone through at least five already, but I’ve made sure to keep them here, hidden beneath Bella’s floor because my family doesn’t exactly know the word ‘privacy’ very well.

I mean there are dozens of pages that are just of Bella alone, sketched out on paper, smiling and beautiful as always. But there are some pictures of my family, sketched out in the long hours I’ve spent in my room when I can’t be near my love.

This, unlike so many other things I do while Bella sleeps, is the one thing I take my time on, wanting to get every picture just so before deeming it complete. Already night has begun to brighten into another gloomy morning and my time for sketching is coming to an end for today.

Silently I flip back the front cover, slide the book, pencil and charcoal stick back into their hiding place and then I slip in next to my one love, my arms wrapping tightly around her trim waist.

“Good morning my love…” I whisper softly, my words tickling her ear as I see a smile come to her lips.

“Five more minutes…” She half mumbles, but it’s all just in play as she rolls over, burying her head into my stone chest.

“Alright, I’ll just leave so that you can sleep more peacefully.” I murmur, a hint of humor in my voice as I hear her whine and then both of her hands reach out, grasping tightly onto my shirt collar; she’s using all her strength.

“Don’t you dare…” She smiles as she pulls herself up, her warm lips coming to rest against mine only briefly, for I know how she feels about ‘Morning Breath’.

“Did you have a good night?” I hear her ask me, smiling as she lifts her arms above her head, stretching out her tired muscles.

“Pleasant enough.” I smile at her, placing a soft kiss on her forehead before she gets up and heads towards the bathroom.

“What did you do?” She asks, one hand on the door handle, the other on her hip; adorable human girl that she is.

“Oh nothing…” I smile at her, my eyes drifting down towards the floorboards that I never did get around to fixing; my little secret.