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Unlucky, or Lucky?

Young Amanda has had the worst day ever. It only gets worse when she meets a blood thirsty vampire who tricks her into going deep into the woods with him. Though his meal was inturrupted and she was not finished off, what will happen to her now? Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


4. The Hunt

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"Okay so, Amanda, when you hunt, you kinda let your body fall into your instincts. Like in the diner." I cringed. I hoped that I could someday forget my mistake. "You need to just be like an animal I guess." I looked over at Josh. His eyebrows were furrowed and he was rubbing the back of his neck, deep in concentration. Man, He was hot! He started chuckling right after that thought passed my mind.

"What?" I asked, hoping my newfound idea was NOT right.

"Well, since I am going to be spending some time with you, I might as well tell you. I can read minds. It's like a gift that I got when I was changed. You might have one too, a gift." He looked up at me sheepishly and I directed my eyes to my shoes. Not wanting to make eye contact as he probably already knew how embarrassed I was. "So, you want to get started?" He changed the subject.

He took off running and I followed him. He had already explained to me that we were going to search the forest until we smelt an animal's scent. Leaping over bushes and large green plants, I swiftly followed, barely missing trees.

Then I smelt it. It was just like in the diner, although not as sweet or strong. My thirst however didn't care weither it was the best thing in the world. I turned as I saw a small deer frozen in place underneath a large tree. This was my chance. I leapt through the air, trying to follow Josh's advice. My teeth sunk into the back of the deer as it started kicking around, but I couldn't let go. The sweet magnificent liquid that was filling my throat was so satisfying that my body chose not to let go.

After I finished her off, I turned to see Josh staring at me. I couldn't see why when a thought passed through my mind. Wow, wow, wow, wow, gosh wow. This thought sounded just like Josh's voice but I couldn't tell how that was possible. Weird things have been happening to me whenever I am near another vampire.

"Um, Wow, that was Great! More than great it was..." Josh drifted off then stated, "Amazing! It was like you have done this before. You haven't done this before have you?" I nodded my head no. "Well you did really good, how do you feel?"

"I feel great, more energetic actually! It is really refreshing." I was babbling, had he just said I was amazing? Crap! Don't think about him! He can totally hear you. I had to remind myself.

"So, what should we do know?" I asked. "I mean, do you still live with your family? Do you think they would let me join their clan?"

"Well," he answered, "I just left my family because I wanted to start my own life instead of just living the same thing every day. Being a student, pretending to be something I am not. I wanted to progress and the best way I could was to move away." She probably thinks my idea was stupid. Again I heard his voice in my head. "I actually just moved out and haven't found a place I want to live yet. You could join me if you want. It wouldn't be wise to leave you alone, at least for a year. You probably wouldn't be able to control yourself." I just smiled. Of course I would want spend more time with him. And I hope that he heard me.