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Old Existence

FOURTH IN THE FATE'S COURSE SERIES. How are we supposed to go back to living as if she had never touched our hearts, and our lives? oldexistancebannersmall.tiff

Surprisingly, I actually have a plot planned out. Weird! I understand every song is Linkin Park... I'm OBSESSED! <3 LP

1. Chapter 1

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(A/N Linkin Park - Leave Out All The Rest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QA0QCH-lFDo&NR=1 )

This story has been dedicated to my family, who, though I've only known for a few years, loved me for me even when I myself, didn't know who that was.

I regret nothing. Bella was the source of everything that kept our family together and the peace between the pack and our coven. You all need her.

All I can hope is that Jane was destroyed, and that you are all safe.

I am thankful for whatever latent reason, that tears, yes tears, are running down my face right now.

I am gone. I'm afraid. I don't exactly know where I am, but I want you to know...

Don't resent me.

When you're feeling empty, keep me in your memories, but leave out all the rest. All the grieve and depression. Leave it. I now know how powerful and important memories are. Cherish them for what I hope is forever for you.

Don't be afraid. If Jane died and you are safe, then I am surely not scared. Beneath my hard granite skin, I had been weak, but finding you again made me strong.

So...... when the time comes, forget the wrong that I've done, and help me leave behind some reasons to be missed.

And forget all the hurt you hide inside yourselves so well. Someone else can come and save me from myself. I caused my end. Fate is a strong thing, and always for the greater good.

I was the thing that actuated the end of my existence. Because, it's impossible to save you from yourself.

If I had lived, it would have been all wrong. I always felt that I can't be who you are. I can't be.

But I will tell you this. Dying feeling loved is the best thing I've ever felt. Tell Collin I thank him, and love him.

Tell Cne she can finally feel wanted. She can finally feel. And if she cries for me, I want her to know to move on. She's finally free for the first time.

Emmett I can still beat you in a fight.

Edward I'm a better driver than you.

Bella I love you and Jacob doesn't hate you.

Jasper I hope you felt how much love I did before I died.

Alice my future had been so set in stone, there was no way of preventing it since the day of my car crash, even though I didn't realize it till I was jumping in front of Jane.

Rosalie you're even more beautiful when you smile.

Esme, my mom,I love you and you couldn't have given me more love.

Carlisle thank you for being my angel all those times I killed.

This story of my life has been dedicated to you, my dear family.

I love you.

I'll miss you.


Elizabeth Cullen

( A/N Numb - Linkin Park http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7VvkZY3VVk )

Old Existence - As if she never lived.

We were supposed to go back to our lives. To what our lives were before Lizzie came here? Impossible. We decided to move.

"Where are we going to go Carlisle?"

"I don't know." His voice was as emotionless and uncaring as mine. Everyone tried to numb, for Jasper, and the result was a house full of both literally and figuratively, living dead.

There was nothing to do to fill an eternity with grief. Jasper would have to leave if we didn't pull ourselves together soon. I heard feeble thoughts of Volturi throughout the house daily, but none were too full of emotion to notice. Plus there was the fact that there WAS NO Volturi anyways. Aro was staying in our house after coming to kill Jane.

After asking how he knew, Aro said it was a matter of luck Lizzie was avoiding the human scents by not breathing, and that he labored his steps and made his voice rough. When he handed her the coin, it was really his cold skin that she felt.

He gathered her thoughts of the battle, and set out to kill Jane for overthrowing him. Now, he didn't know what to do.

The world was in complete chaos. More unexplained murders, and no one to prevent them.

Without Lizzie, the world was falling apart.