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Old Existence

FOURTH IN THE FATE'S COURSE SERIES. How are we supposed to go back to living as if she had never touched our hearts, and our lives? oldexistancebannersmall.tiff

Surprisingly, I actually have a plot planned out. Weird! I understand every song is Linkin Park... I'm OBSESSED! <3 LP

6. Chapter 6

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(Matchbox 20 - If You're Gone http://youtube.com/watch?v=trthWCR8dEM )

I was thankful for the cool grass that tickled the sides of my face, creating tall walls that made it easier to not see things. But I couldn't not feel the sun. It reflected glittering beams off of my skin and made the meadow beautiful. I shut my eyes tightly. There should be no beauty. How dare it show up in my life, when my life was crashing and burning all around me? This is how I spent...all the time that passed. In this meadow, hoping.

She was coming back when someone who couldn't return, returned. My baby sister and cousin... who was dead. And now my wife. It felt like she was already gone, not coming back.

"She'll come back. She just needs to heal first," the breeze blew into my ear. I jumped and was on my feet in less than a second.

"Bella?" I called out even though I knew perfectly well whose voice it was. No answer.

I closed my eyes and sighed. "Come home, my girls."

"Edward?" I whirled around and there she was. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Bella was standing beside Lizzie, and they were both smiling at me. I drank in my girls, standing there, waiting for me.

No. Something was wrong. I looked closely and noticed, my gut wrenching.

Bella's eyes were brown. Lizzie's were green and gold.

I yelled as my chest was ripped open, and doubled over from the pain. My hallucinations disappeared as I writhed on the ground, yelling in pain.

"Nice to see you, Eddie," Jane's voice whispered in my ear and disappeared.

I lay panting on the ground, hoping that for god-sake's Jane had been a hallucination too. It felt so real. My chest still throbbed from where something had ripped it open.

My shaking fingers moved to my chest, where I ripped my shirt off and examined it. All I could see was the miniscule faucets in my skin, and other than that my chest was unmarred.

I tried to put my shirt back on and it took two fails before I finally jerked it back on. I was still breathing hard, despite the fact that it made no difference if I took in the air or not.

Something moved in the bushes and I whirled around, looking into the dense foliage. I heard no thoughts, only a shallow breathing. My eyes widened as I tried to swallow and moisten my constricting throat.

Do not hope. Do not hope. Isn't her. Isn't her...

I didn't know which one I was talking about. There were only two people who could block their minds to the point I didn't know if they were even present.


Bella's POV

I was sitting in the field, overwhelmed by the strange feeling of deja vu. I was remembering everyday I had seen Lizzie. Thought of her..... anything.

It was hurting me bad. That was okay. It made me happy at the same time.

I clutched my stomach where my old wound reopened, like an old friend. I cringed.

"Lizzie, I'm doing what you're telling me. Now what?"

"Bella," The voice was horribly faint. It said something else, but I couldn't hear it.

"Lizzie?!" I sat forward suddenly, digging my fingers into the ground and closing my eyes tightly, trying to listen.


"LIZZIE?! LIZZIE WHERE ARE YOU?!" I screamed, standing up and listening hard.

Silence, except for a distant sigh. Like a sigh of defeat.....

"LIZZIE?!" My voice rang so sharp it hurt my ears. I couldn't lose her voice. It's what kept me going.

I raised my hands to clap to my ears but froze. I couldn't see my hands.

I could feel them trembling and I could hear my shaky breathing, but I couldn't SEE myself. I looked down and screamed.

I couldn't SEE me.

I clawed at my arms and clothing, feeling it but not seeing it. The only time I had felt like this before was when...

"Lizzie's powers," I breathed.

"Yes.........Why are they with you?" Her faint voice murmured weakly.

"I don't know!" I screeched, shaking violently.

"I'm fading...I don't know why..."

"Lizzie! You have to stay with me!"

"No, I need to see my mom..." Then she was gone.

"Lizzie!" I fell to my knees, sobbing.

I was alone again, not knowing where to go.

On the drive here, after leaving Edward, she had said to go see my mom. I would go see her.

I ran back to my car, hoping that I could find Lizzie again.

She had saved my life, and now she was my lifeline.