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When Temptation Calls

Everyone falls off the wagon sometimes, right? Even Emmett? This is my version of the first time Emmett drank human blood.


1. Killer

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This is not the first time that you’ve taken your beloved out on a trip to a miserable town before. She loves it, of course, as it gives you the chance to be away from your family. A chance to be alone is a rarity with your family and so you grasp it willingly with both hands. Naturally, you would do anything to be alone with your wife. You would do anything that would please her.

She casts another longing look into her reflection and begins to trace her features with her delicate fingertips. You understand that its times like these when she relives the past and needs you by her side to reassure her that what happened would never happen again. She was hurt, wounded and destroyed all in one night and you want to help comfort her when the emotions decide to attack her memory once more.

But tonight is different. As you stand behind her, with your arms wrapped around her waist, a smile takes over her features. It’s the smile that always manages to take your breath away. One that she uses to reassure you that everything is fine between her and her memories. Her entire thoughts are portrayed along her delicate lips and for a split moment you can’t understand why your younger brother prides himself with his mind reading powers. After all, why would you want to read someone’s mind when they can tell you themselves in the most subtle of ways?

As you lean down to captivate her thoughts with your own you find that she pulls away gently and prevents you from reaching your goal by blocking the way with her forefinger. Slowly, and very seductively, her lips form the smile of your dreams while she untangles herself from your hold and walks away from you.

Ah. You realise that she desires the chase.

You follow along with it – with her favourite goofy grin occupying your own face – before she decides that enough is enough for the time being. She tells you to leave the hotel room for a while as she readies herself for the night ahead.

Part of you is more than happy to give her space while another can’t help but feel disappointed by her reaction. You thought that this holiday away from the family would be a chance for true alone time together, yet it seems the wife has other plans.

You leave the room and decide that a long walk in the pouring rain will help steady your mind. As you leave the building you find that your senses enjoy the smell of water droplets running down the sidewalk. Before long you find yourself humming along to a well known tune which immediately reminds you of your past life. The life before you met your family.

But your serene atmosphere is shattered within a matter of seconds as a scent – such a delectable scent – crashes over you. You freeze completely as it catches you off balance and instantly your brain is wiped clean. You can’t remember your name; where you are or even what you are. The only thing that constantly reverberates in your mind is that fact that you must find the source of this smell. You will surely cease to exist without it.

Your throat burns with anticipation as venom pumps into your pallet. Your stomach begins to twist in awkward directions and suddenly the desire to find the source of the scent is turned into a need.

That’s when fate decides to deal you a decent hand.

While you stand frozen on the spot you realise that the aroma is moving closer. The source of the smell is walking gradually into your presence and seemingly it is alone.

Quickly, your brain kicks into gear and you begin to walk towards the scent. The monster inside you takes full control. Each step takes an eternity, you feel, and each second is a waste. But you recognise the fact that tracking takes genius, and that genius takes time.

Soon your prey is upon you, walking innocently into your trap. Your eyes rake hungrily over the form of this human woman as your mind sizes up your chances. She’s pregnant, around twenty two years of age and alone. Perfect.

In a matter of seconds you are in front of the woman. She jumps back in shock of your sudden appearance and you attempt to calm her with an alluring smile. Her eyes widen slightly and you can hear her intake of breath as she falls for your attractive looks. You use the moment to quickly thank the Lord that you were born such a beautiful being.

“May I help you out of the rain?” You ask politely, hoping to take her to a remote spot before you complete the act.

It takes her a few moments to figure out the situation before she returns your answer.

“Thank you for your offer but I’m afraid there is no need. I’m nearly home anyway.”


“Well surely I could take you to your door, ma’am? It would be my pleasure to.”

She still doesn’t take the hint.

“I’m so sorry but my husband is waiting. If he saw me with another man then he’d … ”

She doesn’t manage to complete her sentence as your kindness turns to frustration. You can feel your face contort into annoyance and your reflection in her eyes shows the true monster that you are.

And it frightens the hell out of you.

“Well, I’m sorry to have bothered you.”

She quickly seizes the chance to leave and hurries past, leaving you alone in the rain. However, it isn’t long before the monster returns in complete anger and vengeance.

When you turn around to confront her once again you can see that she has begun to run. Before you can even think about following you watch her body slip in the rain into a back breaking fall. You can hear the contact of her bones snapping against the concrete and you realise that your job is almost over.

Fate has been extremely kind to you today.

Your thirst pulls you over to her body and as you peer down at her you can see the life struggling to hold on in her eyes. Her lips mumble something incoherent, even to your own strong sense of hearing, but you can guess that she is pleading for your help. So you obey.

Carefully you kneel down beside her and snap her neck. The satisfying sound causes you to forget about the two lives you have just stolen as you dip you head down and drink deeply. Her delicious taste fills your body and you groan as the effect of her blood calms down your raging hunger. You have never tasted something as enthralling as this and while you drink you’re thankful that fate has helped you reach this goal.

But the feeling doesn’t last long.

As you raise your head you can’t help but look down at the dead human. Her limp body and cool skin causes so much guilt to enter your body. You feel terrible. You feel sinful. You feel like a … monster.

Hurriedly, you stand from where the crime was committed and swiftly run in any direction. You don’t care that what you’re doing is cowardly. All you can think about is the shame you will see in the eyes of your family, especially your wife, and pain floods your empty veins.

You can never return to them. You can never live amongst them. You can never be one of them.

And it’s all because you’re a killer.