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Little Black Box

Bella is in some serious trouble (isn't she always?). But this could mean life or death. What started out as a last trip to see Jacob turns into chaos when Bella is abducted by a mysterious stranger. Not only is she gone without a trace, but Alice can't see Bella's future. Edward cannot read the kidnapper's mind. There are no signs of a struggle, only Bella's truck left on the side of the road. The only scent that hovers over the last place Bella was is her own. What will the Cullens do? Will they blame the wolves and start that war? And more importantly, will they find Bella in time? ps--this has little or nothing to do with a certain ring, a certain proposal, a certain velvet ringbox... just read it and you'll see =) thank you all for the reviews! tell me what you think of the story so far, please. thanx! AND MAJOR THANKS TO MY BETA, GABBY, FOR EDITING!

okay, this story i imagined all by myself last night *pat on the back*. i had a dream, and i was fortunate enough not to forget it and to be able to write it down. hope you like it **in case you havent read the summary in my bio, this story has little or nothing to do with a black velvet ring box. i don't want to spoil it for you, but i thought it would be fair to warn you.

1. Stranger Danger

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“Come on, Edward, just this once? It’ll be the last time I can go, and I want to take full advantage of that. Please?” I begged Edward for the millionth time. Jacob had just called, and he sounded real upset. I couldn’t just sit here; I had to see what was up.

“Bella…” He was stalling. He had nothing that could make me stay here in my room. I had a point and he knew it. But Edward didn’t want to admit it. So stubborn.

I impatiently twirled Elizabeth Mason’s ring round and round my finger, enjoying the feel of the cool metal on my skin. It reminded me slightly of his touch. But not the same. I put my hand on his cheek, forcing him to look at me. He pulled the corners of his lips up half-heartedly, a cross between anger and sadness…and jealousy? I couldn’t tell; he had closed his eyes. “Please?” I whispered.

Edward sighed, giving up. “Do you want a ride?” I had won. I flashed the largest smile I had ever given, but shook my head. He shot me a questioning look, but before he could ask, I put my fingers to his lips.

The smile quickly faded as I explained. “I want to drive myself, because if I show up with you, it’ll only make matters worse,” I said this as slowly as possible, trying to not get him angry. I failed. A hurt look flashed across his face, but as quickly as it had appeared, it was gone; a stone mask took its place.

“Oh, I see. Well…I’ll see you later then. Take your time with Jacob,” he spat. I did not see this coming; I thought he would understand as always, but apparently something was wrong.

Edward had obviously planned to run out at that moment, but I gripped his hand before he moved an inch. My human muscles were nothing compared to his iron strength, but he stopped automatically. The stone look did not go away.

“I would love for you to drive me, but Jacob would not like it…and you yourself are always worried about his temper. If he sees you, he’ll explode.” I didn’t actually agree with what I said, but I knew it would work. It wasn’t a lie, exactly, but I knew it would never happen.

He smiled then. I reached over to give him a hug (and as much more as possible), but he pinned my arms by my sides, and kissed my forehead. Déjà vu flashed through my entire body; the last time he did this was when he left last year.

Edward saw the look of rejection and fear in my eyes, and quickly tried to make amends. “Don’t take it that way, love, it’s just that I truly don’t want Jacob to become even more emotionally imbalanced than he already is.”

I nodded, relief and happiness flooding through me. This was pathetic—one word, one move, and I think he’ll leave me. But how could I not be scared? After he left me for what seemed like ages, how could I not overreact a little? But for now I felt safe in his arms. I had full trust in him, even if it is for only the time being.

The phone rang shrilly, ruining the moment. Charlie must have answered it, because he called up the steps, “Bella, it’s Jake!” after only half a ring. You couldn’t not hear the excitement in his voice; it was obvious whom he preferred better.

“Tell him I’ll be there in ten minutes!” I shouted back through the closed bedroom door. Edward released my hands, and kissed my lips only briefly before he whispered in my ear,

“I’ll be waiting. Be safe.”

And then he was gone.

Dazed for only a second, I ran down the steps, grabbed my keys off the peg in the laundry room, and flew out the door.

I heard Charlie call out a distant farewell, but the truck’s roar overpowered the small goodbye.

I backed out carefully, then raced down the deserted street, narrowly missing a few mailboxes, and gunned the engine to the highway.

Out of nowhere, rain pelted the windshield, making it almost impossible to see. Still, I pushed the pedal harder, breaking 60 mph. I was in a hurry; I wanted to see Jake so bad, it almost hurt. And it wasn’t the love-ache that drove me still faster; no, it was friendship. My friend was in need of my help, so I was going to be there for him. It didn’t matter that he was a werewolf. I’d be there for him, as a friend.

As I was driving through the poring down rain, barely able to see a thing, I noticed a dark shape at the side of the deserted wooded road (I was on that part of the trip where I was in the middle of nowhere, of course without my cell phone) where blinking lights flashed—emergency lights.

Being the good citizen I was, I decided to see if they needed any help. I know, this sounds stupid, but at the time I thought I knew everyone in the ridiculously tiny town of Forks, and unfortunately everyone knew me. So I thought that I could give them some help.

I pulled up slowly to the side of the car, which appeared to have run off the road a little, resting on the grass. I rolled the window, thanking the heavens that the rain pelted the passenger side of the truck, leaving me dry.

The driver of the other car came up to my door, a smile on his face. He appeared to be in his late twenties or so, with dark brown curly hair that waved gently around his face. His skin was a light cream color, almost white, but so was mine because of the cloud cover. He had a handsome face, but it did not compare to my Greek god. But then I looked into his eyes. If I had been expecting anything, it probably wasn’t this. Maybe he was a murderer, a rape convict, or something like that.

His eyes, which bore into mine, were a brown color. But not like my eyes, or Charlie’s, or anyone’s for that matter. They were brown, but the kind that could only be obtained by placing green contacts over red irises…

The corners of his mouth turned up in to an evil grin as he raised his hand that had a soaked cloth into the window, aiming for my mouth and nose.

My scream lasted for only a second before the cloth that burned my nose enveloped my face. My vision went blurry, the stranger's face spiraling above me in a rainbow of color. And then I saw nothing but blackness.