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Little Black Box

Bella is in some serious trouble (isn't she always?). But this could mean life or death. What started out as a last trip to see Jacob turns into chaos when Bella is abducted by a mysterious stranger. Not only is she gone without a trace, but Alice can't see Bella's future. Edward cannot read the kidnapper's mind. There are no signs of a struggle, only Bella's truck left on the side of the road. The only scent that hovers over the last place Bella was is her own. What will the Cullens do? Will they blame the wolves and start that war? And more importantly, will they find Bella in time? ps--this has little or nothing to do with a certain ring, a certain proposal, a certain velvet ringbox... just read it and you'll see =) thank you all for the reviews! tell me what you think of the story so far, please. thanx! AND MAJOR THANKS TO MY BETA, GABBY, FOR EDITING!

okay, this story i imagined all by myself last night *pat on the back*. i had a dream, and i was fortunate enough not to forget it and to be able to write it down. hope you like it **in case you havent read the summary in my bio, this story has little or nothing to do with a black velvet ring box. i don't want to spoil it for you, but i thought it would be fair to warn you.

2. Phone Call

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Alice Cullen.

The hawk glided lazily in the sky, twirling and circling, leaving lopsided ovals in its trail. I watched enviously from the earth, wanting to be up there with him, viewing the world from fifty feet above the ground. I could always buy myself a plane or a jet, but it wouldn’t be the same. I could just run through a field, but that doesn’t even compare to the hawk’s flight. The missing ingredient was altitude.

Ah, but wouldn’t it be nice to be something different altogether? Something that was not as hard as stone, not filled with bloodlust? Something that could sit out in the backyard and soak up what little sun Forks has to offer and not worry about attracting a crowd with your animated skin? I looked down at my arm; every inch was studded with crystals, all dancing in the light. Yes, I agreed with myself, it would.

But then I contradicted myself: So you’d rather lose Jasper and your family, just so you could sit out in the sun? Soak up some rays, feel the heat of the light? I shook my head, then started to laugh at myself; great, now I was staging arguments in my head. Wonderful.

Rosalie rolled over onto her back, moving her long, blonde hair out of the way, so even more of her white back would sparkle. Her strapless red bikini would have let her obtain a great tan, perfect, not interrupted with white lines on her shoulders. If she were human, that is.

“Rose, you know that won’t do anything,” I laughed.

She sighed wistfully, then snapped her head around to look me straight in the face. “Well, things could change. I just never want to give up hope, you know? Every time it’s sunny, I feel I have to give it a try."

“Yes, I know what you mean. But, don’t you think after some eighty-odd years, that you’d know nothing changes?”

She was quiet for a moment, then said, “I guess you’re right. But you have to admit the warmth feels good. Shame I can only feel it on my skin, that it doesn’t warm me up.” She held up her hand to her shoulder, and sighed again. “Still cold, as usual.” Rose then let loose a sarcastic laugh, a kind of tongue-in-cheek cackle. I joined her.

“What are you two laughing ‘bout?” a raucous laughter joined ours, booming, echoing. We both stopped only to see Emmett, then started back up again.Emmett approached us then with a wide grin on his face, almost skipping toward us. But the sight of a rhinoceros skipping was not the only thing that made us girls crack up harder. In my brother’s arms was my true love, Jasper, cradled against his chest, a humiliated look on his face.

And then we stopped.

The phone rang off in the distance, from inside the house. Instinctively, they all looked to me to see who called. At first, I did not know; I had seen nothing coming, my visions blank. But then realization hit, and I knew at once what had called. The question was who.

I was the first one to get up and dash like a madwoman to get the phone. In fact, it had only rang two times by the time I got there.

As I raised the cordless phone to my ear, I could hear a furious yelling, one that, if it could ever happen, almost broke my eardrums. Holding it at arm’s length away, I listened.

“—you son of a bitch! You let her come! She wants to, and you know it! You can’t keep her locked up in that bat-cave, cause, dammit, Bella wants to see me! Go straight to hell, you leech, you bast—"

Jacob Black. I cut him off before he could say anything that could embarrass him later. This was, in fact, my house he had called, and dammit, I would not allow that kind of language to enter it, especially from a dog.

I quickly interrupted him. “Jacob Black, make this quick; you’re wasting my time.”—I looked quickly outside at the fading sunlight, disappointed—“What is your problem, dog?” I growled. I did not like this boy. Very annoying.

He stopped his ranting, surprised that I was the one on the phone. He took a deep breath in, then said, “Bella is not here. I called her forty five minutes ago, and she said she’d be here in ten. Well, she’s not. And I know she’s either there with you, or with that LEECH OF A BROTHER YOU HAVE!” His voice climbed steadily higher until he was screaming into the phone again.

“Jacob, I have no clue what you’re talking about. She left, I saw her, until I couldn’t see her anymore. She’s not with Edward.” I was starting to get angry at him. How dare he criticize my brother for something as simple as Bella not showing up in time? How immature.

“What?” he asked. I was about to answer, but then the phone dropped, and I heard a growl from the other line. There was a crash, and then silence.

But then the phone was picked up again, and a new voice started to talk. It was old, and rough, like they had smoked tobacco for over half their lives. Billy Black.

“I’m sorry, we’re busy, maybe you two could talk some other time. I’ll have him call you back another time.” His tone was clipped, short and angry. He hung up.

I raised my eyebrows, mostly to myself, and hung up the phone.

Jacob Black.

I followed Sam out into the woods, anger hard and metallic in my mouth. The rage rippled down my spine, threatening to tear me apart, to phaze. But I held that back until we were completely out of sight.

Once we were past the last house in the small rez, I exploded. Sam fazed coolly, nice and smooth, as always. I was like a wrecking bomb. But at the moment, I didn’t care.

I quickly scanned Sam’s mind for more details.

Her truck empty, sitting on the side of the road. An empty car, black, sitting on the other side of it, doors wide open, emergency signals flashing. Bella’s scent over everything, and then evaporates around the edges of the scene. Only her perfume hovers, no one else’s to be found anywhere. Nothing to follow, nothing to trace.

We soon got there for ourselves, Quil, Embry, and Leah already searching. I quickly joined them, looking for anything that would lead us to find my Bella. Anger gripped my stomach when I thought about how easily she’d been taken. And on our land! I narrowed my eyes.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

I shouldn’t have let her come alone. I should have picked her up. No, he should have dropped her off as usual. Then this whole thing would have never have happened. The monster within me grinned, content with the blame. And then a new rage gripped me, a newer hatred more powerful than before. It was his fault! He should pay!

Uh, Jake? We can’t, um, we can’t search thoroughly if you destroy the evidence, Embry said in a low, soft whisper. He could tell that I was not okay. I looked down to see that I had been gripping the side door, the one that was open, of that stupid black Altima.

Oops, I murmured as I let go of the door, leaving my handprint, a perfect fit, on the side. Well, everyone will have to ignore that.

And then I saw something on the leather seat, something black. Cautiously, I picked it up, and took a sniff at it. My wolf eyes bulged.

What? What is this?

Yo Embry. Come here for a sec, I called out mentally. Unfortunately, everyone heard me, so they all came rushing over. All four wolves. I rolled my eyes.

I handed the cloth to him, almost chucking at his snout. He missed it, the material landing on the ground. Normally I would have laughed, but today was not anything close to normal. Dammit, Bella was missing. Possibly hurt. Scared. I growled fiercely at the thought. That could not happen. I would not let it.

Embry sniffed at it curiously, and then more deeply as he tried to get a nonexistent scent. There’s nothing here! he thought incredulously. I nodded.

Everyone else heard that, and tried. They all came to the same conclusion.

And then she said it. She closed off all hope for me, and the whole pack, in a few short simple words.

That leech-lover is gone for good.I howled in fury, and launched myself at her, aiming for the throat.

Guys, calm down. Sam stood over us as we wrestled. I so much bigger than Leah, it was comical. I took one last snap at her ear, then got up.

You know what we have to do now, right? asked Quil, now holding the odorless black sweatshirt It was rhetorical, considering he was asking just to ask.

Yes. We start to search for Bella. Her name burned on my tongue, the ache of her missing physically hurting me. Snap out of it, Jake. You can’t give up hope that easily. I nodded to myself; I was not going to give up.

We need their help. Sam looked me straight in the eyes. I gaped at him. And then I did something that was so incredibly stupid.

I lunged at him.