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Fiery Secrets

Mandy did something that is looked down upon by most vampires. Something that made her coven kick her out. She runs into Edward Cullen in the forest near Forks. She meets the rest of the Cullens and Jasper agrees to teach her how to hunt animals instead of humans. But Mandy is keeping secrets. Those secrets will have to be revealed for the sake of the werewolves. She must figure out a way with the help of the Cullens, to save the werewolves with out fighting. If she doesn't they may give up hope and go to fight a battle they can not win. <a href="http://www.mybannermaker.com/link.php?nurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mybannermaker.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://img363.imageshack.us/img363/1985/mybanner486c27020118ett2.jpg" alt='Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!' border=0 /></a><br>

I do not own any of these characters or places besides Mandy, Kaylan, Mitch, and Amy. The rest belongs to Stephenie Meyer!

1. Chapter 1: Outcast

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Fiery Secrets

Chapter one: Outcast

I sat cross-legged staring into the pool I’d stumbled upon in the forest. I tossed a pebble into the water and watched the ripples distort my beautiful vampire reflection. The faces of my coven came to mind as I watched the water become still once more. I could recall our parting perfectly.

“The Volturi know about werewolves now. They don’t like the thought that there are other creatures out there that are pretty much built to destroy us. They’ll be come to LaPush for a little visit in a couple of months,” Kaylan had whispered fiercely as her shoulder length hair was whipped about by the wind.

“I thought you were my sister,” I had growled back.

Her blood red eyes had narrowed dangerously. “And I thought you were a cat lover.”

“Enough talk,” Mitch had snapped as he’d pushed his shaggy blond hair out of his face. “Leave us Mandy.”

“You’ll regret this,” I’d yelled back. I’d wanted to burn them. I’d wanted to do it badly. I could take all three of them easily with fire by my side, but… I couldn’t. They were, well used to be, my family.

Amy hissed at me as I turned and ran. Now here I was wondering how to tell the wolves that it was my fault that the Volturi were after them.

“Stupid goody-goody, rule abiding, honor loving, werewolf hating, sister betraying, bloodsuckers,” I muttered.


I whipped around to see a vampire standing behind me. He looked around 17 which was the same age I was when I was turned. He had bronze hair and golden eyes. My red eyes were the one thing I hated about my appearance. How did he get his eyes such a clear golden color? I could do nothing but stare at him.

“My name is Edward Cullen,” he said, “What are you doing here?”

“What’s it to you?” I sneered.

“This is my coven’s territory,” he replied.

“Oh boohoo it’s not like I’m hunting. I fed in Seattle,” I pointed to my deep, vividly red eyes.

He raised an eyebrow. “I see.”

“Really, I thought you were blind,” I said sarcastically.

“Why are you here?” he asked again.

“I’m visiting a friend,” I said.

It’s mostly the truth. Jacob really is more then just a friend though. I gave up everything, even my credibility, my reputation and my coven for him… and it led to the Volturi finding out about werewolves and wanting to kill them. Our relationship is causing a lot of problems.

“Who’s your friend?” Edward asked looking surprised.

I was about to answer when I was hit by a wave a terror and pain. Every time I kill a human I feel it a few hours later. I re-live the moment I killed them from their point of view. I feel the fear, the shock, and the pain. It haunts me every time that I feed. I talked to Jacob about it once. He told me that there was another way that I didn’t have to kill. Before he could explain we were rudely interrupted by Kaylan, Mitch, and Amy who dragged me off to Seattle.

I was feeling the people I’d killed in Seattle now. Blackness clouded my mind as my own screams echoed in my ears.

All that mattered was Horror, fear, disbelief, pain. Blood.

I opened my eyes. The room was dark and the couch I lay on was soft. Wait what? What Room? What Couch? I sat up.

“Feeling better?”

I jumped in surprise as I noticed a man, well actually a vampire, sitting on a chair near the couch.

"Who are you?” I asked demandingly.

“Carlisle Cullen.” He turned on the lights. I gasped when I saw them. Golden eyes. This Carlisle guy had them too.

“Where am I? Why did you bring me here?” I growled.

“My son found you. You started to scream and thrash around so he brought you here,” he replied.

“Your son?” I thought back to the other vampire with gold eyes. “You mean Edward?”

“Yes,” he said.


We were silent for a while. Then…

“Do you know what happened to you?” Carlisle asked.

“Yes, it happens every time that I kill someone,” I said stiffly.

“Interesting.” His gold eyes flickered up to meet my red ones.

“Why are your eyes like that?” I snapped.

“I don’t drink human blood,” he replied.

I scowled at him. He had to be lying.

“But he’s not.” Edward had entered the room.

“Excuse me?” I asked, confused.

“Mind reader,” he winked.

I gasped quietly. Edward chuckled.

“We drink animal’s blood.” This comment came from a small pixie-like vampire that had just danced into the room behind Edward.

“I’m Alice by the way. What’s your name?”

I hesitated a moment before answering. “Mandy. I’m Mandy Bluehill. Is this your whole coven?” I said.

“No,” Alice told me. She went to the door and called out, “Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and Esme!”

I gasped as they all slipped into the room. Alice pointed each of them out to me. I stared wide eyed. This was the biggest coven I’d ever seen. I’d thought that my coven of four had been a lot but this was huge! There were seven of them!

“Soon to be eight,” Edward said.

“Yes, Edward’s getting married in two weeks,” Esme smiled.

“To a human.” Rosalie looked like she was trying not to sneer as she said it.

Ha, a human! I’ve heard of that only a couple times. Falling in love with a human is better then falling in love with a… Edward was staring at me curiously. I began throwing up walls in my mind. That was one of my powers. I learned to do it when Mitch discovered his ability to control minds. It took a long time to master it. I’ve never heard of anyone else able to do it. I hoped the walls worked against mind reading as well.

I thought about my situation behind the invisible walls. I didn’t want them to find out about Jacob and me. If they were as honor loving as my coven then they would throw me out or even try to destroy me. If they weren’t they might be enemies with Jacob. They lived near the wolves and most likely know about them. Vampires didn’t usually get along with werewolves. I was the rare exception.

I took a peek at Edward. He looked confused and frustrated now. I laughed softly.

“What’s wrong? “ Jasper asked him.

“I can’t read her thoughts. She seems to have put up some kind of mental wall. Mandy’s hiding something from us,” he replied.

“Or I just have my own personal thoughts and memories that are private and I don’t want you sifting through them,” I hissed.

“I know what you mean,” the big one called Emmet grumbled.

Edward looked at me suspiciously for a moment. Then he shrugged and turned away.

“Do you have a coven?” Carlisle asked me.

“Not anymore. They kicked me out,” I sighed.

“What did you do?” Jasper asked.

“Something they viewed as… disgraceful.” I chose my words carefully and made sure that the barrier in my mind stayed firm.

“I see,” Carlisle said.

“Will you teach me to hunt animals?” I asked, “I want to have eyes like yours.”

“It takes a lot of self control and time…” Carlisle started to say.

“I’ll teach her,” Jasper interrupted.

Everyone turned to look at him.

“It’s hard at first. I know that better then anyone else. I can empathize best,” he said.

“Thanks,” I said, “and can I stay here?”

I knew that they’d be suspicious if I came here from LaPush every day.

“Of course!” Esme said.

I smiled, relieved.

“Thanks. I’m going to go for a… run. I’ll be back in a while,” I told them, jumping to my feet.

It was time to explain to the werewolves about the Volturi’s plans. I just hoped they wouldn’t get too angry and try to hurt me. I like them all very much. I got along well with them usually. It was an odd thing for a vampire and something my coven was confused by. I was actually treated pretty well because Jacob had imprinted on me. Paul was the only one who still didn’t like me much, but he wasn’t too rude to me. He knew Jacob would hurt him if he was. I could take Paul down too.

My power was fire. It talked to me and I talked back. I soon found that fire was quick to obey me, to burn what I told it to burn. I loved fire. It was my friend. It never burned me. I was truly the only indestructible vampire on the planet.

Anyways, so I took of for LaPush. I kept looking back to make sure I wasn’t being followed. I once thought I caught a glimpse of red eyes but I knew that it had to be my imagination.