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The Love Debate

Bella finds out her boyfriend Jacob is a werewolf and that's because the cullens a clan of vampires moved close by. But when Bella is in a accident and is dieing she is turned into one. Then she meets Edward. Who will she choose Jacob or Edward

my first fanfic. please review!!!! disclaimer: sadly i own nothing stephenie meyer does

1. Chapter 1: The Accident

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chapter 1: the accident
There he was my boyfriend and now werewolf Jacob black. I'm okay with having a werewolf boyfriend but I still don't get why it happened.

"Jacob Black tell me now. Why is it you turned into a werewolf all of a sudden?" Jacob was avoiding this question all day.

Jacob got up and started pacing he sighed and then finally answered " I don't want to scare you."

I laughed out loud he looked at me puzzled. " How can I be scared I just found out that my boyfriend along with his other friends are werewolves and I took it well so come on I promise I wont get scared."

"Well honey that means that the cold ones are here or are coming."

I looked at him in confusion. " Cold ones what the heck is that?"

"Vampires Bella."

"Vampires like with fangs and and the pale skin and you cant see there reflection." Cold sweat was starting to cover my face I was shaking a bit Jacob noticed and sat by me and gave me a hug. I never noticed he was so big.

"I don't know all I know is that they are supposed to be different."

I looked at him " different how?"

"They signed a treaty long ago and in that treaty it is said that they are different that they don't drink human blood but Bella honey you are to stay away from them at all times you hear me."

"I will I have to go I'm supposed to stop by the store to get something we need at home."
He got up and gave me a big hug and a kiss. "Whats up with you being so warm?" he was at least 111degrees. I like it he could keep me warm.

"Honey its just another werewolf thing."

He gave me a long kiss then carried me out to my truck. "Jake put me down"

He chuckled a bit then opened the truck and slid me in there. "There you go. See Honey if I would have let you walk most likely you would have fallen."

I slammed the car door and turned it on. I hate when people make fun of my clumsiness. "Very funny Jake now I really have to go."

He leaned in to kiss me " I love you." then he kissed me.

I separated from him. "I love you too." I put the truck in reverse and drove to the grocery store.

I got to the grocery store and got the things I needed then I went to pay. I was taking out my money when I felt someone point something on my back.

" Give me your purse and that pretty watch your wearing." I turned around and almost fainted. "Give it to me now." I gave him my purse.

"Please let me keep my watch my boyfriend gave it to me." I made a mistake he didn't care who gave me my watch. Than he pulled the trigger and shot me. When I fell down I heard screams then a few more shots. the pain was terrible. I am dieing