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The Love Debate

Bella finds out her boyfriend Jacob is a werewolf and that's because the cullens a clan of vampires moved close by. But when Bella is in a accident and is dieing she is turned into one. Then she meets Edward. Who will she choose Jacob or Edward

my first fanfic. please review!!!! disclaimer: sadly i own nothing stephenie meyer does

2. Chapter 2: The Change

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chapter two: the change

Why cant I see I can hear but I cant see. Oh my gosh am I in heaven. This is going to
crush Charlie. No wait someone is talking.

"Mr.Swan Bella was hit in the heart and there is nothing I can do please say your good bye so I can take her to the morgue. Im really sorry."

I was dieing poor Charlie poor mom. Oh no Jacob. someone grabbed my arm.

"Bella sweetie w-why couldn't I have gotten there sooner. Some police officer I am. Why didn't you give the man your watch Jacob would have understood." Charlie my dad broke off he was crying I could hear him. Pretty soon the doctor came in.

"Mr. Swan we have to take her."

"But she isn't dead."

"She will and its better that you not be here."

I felt my dad kiss me on the forehead. "Goodbye bells I love you."

I wanted to cry but I cant. I love you too. I heard my dad thank the doctor Mr. Cullen is what he called him. Then my bed started moving. They are taking me to the morgue.

"Isabella I know you can hear me and if I don't take you away you are going to die."

I was picked up and a minute later I heard a car start. The doctor is kidnapping me. Around two minutes later the car stopped and I was picked up by a pair of cold hard arms. There were other voices around me.

"Carlisle don't do this we don't need someone else with us." A guy with a musical velvet voice said this.

The doctors familiar voice answered "I cant explain this but I can't let her die. Besides that way there will be four women and four men."

"I'm going I can't take the smell." It sounded as if he was in pain.

I was set down on a couch or a bed but it was too small. "Yay I have a new shopping partner." A girl with a high pitch soprano voice said this.

"Alice go get Emmett and Jasper they are out hunting with Esme and Rosalie tell them whats going on hurry and keep Edward away." He directed himself to me. "Isabella I'm going to give you some morphine for the pain I'm sorry but I really need to do this if you don't want to die."

The doctor gave me the morphine and then he did something I didn't expect he bit me. On my shoulders my wrists and my ankles. Then the most terrible pain began. Was I burning the morphine was helping but it still hurt. But as much as I want to scream in pain I cant. I cant find my voice.

"Jasper, Emmett you guys are here good I will explain it all later Jasper please try to calm her down even though we can't hear her I know she is suffering. Emmett I need you here just in case she tries to hurt herself when she is able to move again.

It has been two days since the doctor bit me and everyday the pain gets worse and worse. Worst thing is I have to take it. I still cant move or talk because I'm still human. How I wish to scream in pain and rip out my heart which seems to be burning the most. All the other people there who surround me daily are scared there are 7 of them and I recognize them by their voices. Only Edward is not around.

"Carlisle are you sure that Isabella will be okay she doesn't well look like she is in pain or anything today is her last day and what if she doesn't wake up like she is supposed to"

"Esme it will be alright right now she is still human and she is in a coma when she is a vampire she will be able to talk and walk again don't worry."

"Fine lets go hunt we really need to. Isabella darling if you can hear me we will be back in a moment."

Esme was like a mom to all them her and Carlisle from what Ive heard are together. Alice the perky one is with Jasper the one who can control emotions. And Emmett the funny one is with Rosalie the one that thinks the world revolves around her. Edward the moody one who is depressed most of the time hasn't found anyone to be with. But I don't care about them when I can get up and see again I'm leaving them for turning my life into the worst possible thing ever.

Then the pain got worse and worse and I felt my heart coming to a stop. Then it was over. The pain stopped. No one was in the room they didn't know that I was now one of them. I am now a vampire Jacobs worst nightmare.