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The Love Debate

Bella finds out her boyfriend Jacob is a werewolf and that's because the cullens a clan of vampires moved close by. But when Bella is in a accident and is dieing she is turned into one. Then she meets Edward. Who will she choose Jacob or Edward

my first fanfic. please review!!!! disclaimer: sadly i own nothing stephenie meyer does

3. Chapter 3: The Cullens

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Chapter three: The Cullens I got up and looked around. I was in a depressing looking room. The walls were painted black and not much light shone in. Three of the four walls had shelves packed with Cd's and a really good stereo system. on the fourth wall there was just a small black leather. I have to leave now. I ran out of the house as fast as I could. I refuse to live with a bunch of vampires. The people who have took my life and all my that I love away. I have to find Jacob and tell him that I'm okay. That I'm not really died. I want the watch he gave me. I also want to kill the stupid guy that put me in a coma. The stupid guy that caused all of this. I'm going to find him. Footsteps were coming at me. Two people and they were catching up. Run faster I told myself before they catch you and force you to stay behind. Just then I was slammed to the ground. And a big muscled guy picked me up and grabbed my arms behind my back. I was mad and was about to hit him when I started to feel very very calm all of a sudden. The muscled guy led me towards the house. I wonder what me and Rosalie are going to do later. I really hope its that nice game again. "Please stop right there." He looked at me in confusion. "What." It was Emmett I know his voice. "Emmett right." He nodded. "Well I really don't want to know that game of yours." He turned around and looked at the blond dude. "I didn't say that out loud did I Jasper." Jasper shook his head. "Nope looks like we know her power." great another mind reader nothing will be a secret anymore. "What do you mean another mind reader?" Since when do vampires have special powers. "Edward can also read minds. Lets go we have to tell Carlisle." "I'm not going with you guys." "Yes you are." Alice said it wasn't going to be easy. Once again I got calm and the took me to the house when I walked in depressing music was being played on a piano. Every one else was sitting in the living room waiting for me apparently. eww she is ugly. Why is Emmett looking at her. yay a shopping partner she is so pretty Rosalie is going to be mad hahaha finally she looks sweet hopefully she would like to stay with us. hopefully Edward wont scare her with that depressing attitude. I hope she doesn't hate me for changing her. Hey she isn't bad looking but I will always love my Rosalie Why is she feeling like revenge this isn't good I have to tell Carlisle. So many thoughts at the same time I couldn't take it. I just covered my ears. "Whats wrong?" I felt a hand touch my shoulder. It was Esme I could recognize her motherly voice. "Esme Emmett and I think she can read minds." The little short pixie like girl gasped. I looked up at her and she had this black expression. Then she got up and started jumping and screaming and clapping her hands. finally finally omg esme is going to get so happy yay. Everyone looked at her in confusion. Then Jasper grabbed her. "Alice hunny calm down what did you see." I should have recognized her voice so im guessing the other one is Rosalie . "See?" The other older looking blond male got up. "We have a lot to explain." That was carlisle so the other male must be Edward. "First of all I will like to ask you if you wish to stay." "I want to hear the explanation but I have to think about staying." "Please sit down then." I sat down on the far edge of the couch away from Esme and Alice that were sitting there. Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie were on the other one. And carlisle was standing. "First I want to ask you if you remember everything about you." "Yes I think so." "And you can hear our thoughts right." "Yes." "Isabella." "Bella." "Bella we are vampires." "Yes I knew that." "How did you know?" Has she had interaction with vampires before. "My boyfriend told me." They all looked shocked "You see my boyfriend turned into a werewolf and he said it was because vampires were near. And I figured out you guys were vampires cause well you bit me a lot." Eww muts. I can take care of them The werewolves are still around I thought they would be gone. "My apologies. How many werewolves are there?" "I don't think I'm at liberty to discuss that." I turned to Emmett. "If you hurt any of them I will hunt you down and find a way to kill you." "I agree, Emmett stop thinking whatever you are thinking. Edward come down here now." A gorgeous bronze colored hair was down the stairs in a second. "Edward you need to be here." Edward took a seat in between Esme and me. Great another vampire why couldn't Carlisle just let her die. Why cant I die I'm damned anyway "There is a problem." Edward looked mad. Esme grabbed his shoulder. "Whats wrong Edward?" He pointed at me. "I cant read her mind."