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Tears Don't Fall

Edward must leave Bella, but Bella is reluctant to let him go.
Bella is overwhelmed with sadness. Then, she finds out she is plagued with an incurable illness. Can she keep Edward by her side until the very end? This takes place in around chapter 2 of New Moon. I wrote this based on nothing, so forgive me if the information is inaccurate. DISCLAIMER: All characters, real or fake, belong to Stephenie Meyer. This story is a result of my own untamed imagination. Please don't sue me.

Mmm... I always wondered what would happen in these kinds of situations.

5. Chapter 5

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My heartbeat sped up as the thought of Edward’s hands only inches from my skin crossed my mind. How glad I was that he was wheeling me out of that room, and there was no paper readout to prove how jagged my heartbeat was whenever Edward was around.

“The leaves are turning a beautiful colour,” Edward noted as he pushed the wheelchair effortlessly past the medley of yellow, red and orange leaves. The smell of nature filled my nostrils as I took deep breaths, taking in everything around me. The sweet scent that came off of Edward’s icy skin only made me wish more and more that he still loved me.

Edward’s cold but strong hands wrapped around my trembling arm as he helped me out of the wheelchair and sat me gently in a bench. I shivered in my wool robe. Edward removed the light leather jacket from his cold shoulders and placed them around mine.

“Thanks for visiting me,” I said with a big smile. ‘Thanks’ was an understatement. I was eternally grateful, ecstatic, extremely contented with his presence. Anything but just plain thankful. “It’s great that you took the time to see me on your day off.”

Edward smiled that beautiful crooked smile that I loved. “I’ll do anything if it’ll help you recover.” He said. And for a moment, old memories of the times he told me he loved me rushed through my body. I shivered again, even though I wasn’t cold.

“Tell me about your past girlfriends,” I said. I knew in some other parallel universe, I would’ve been his one and only. But in this strange, twisted world, a vampire with striking good looks and the persona of Mr. Right would never have settled on just one girlfriend.

Edward surprised me. “I’ve never really had a girlfriend.” He said. I was relieved that I was still living in that parallel universe. “I had one chance with someone…. Then I blew it.” Edward glanced sideways at me meaningfully.

I wanted so bad that to tell him that I knew he was a vampire. I wanted to tell him that I was in love with him. And that in the past few weeks, I had only fallen deeper and deeper in love with him. He was my one and only. But I bit my tongue and kept quite, waiting, waiting, for his memory of me to come back.

Then I realized we had gone silent. My lips parted, and I said his name. Edward turned his head to look at me. The look in his eyes shattered my heart. I only remembered seeing that look on his face one other time; in Phoenix. It was when he found me at that dance studio, all crumpled and broken on the floor. I remembered the exact shade of his eyes when he sobbed tears he could not cry. But for any vampire, no matter how wracked with sorrow, tears don’t fall.