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Tears Don't Fall

Edward must leave Bella, but Bella is reluctant to let him go.
Bella is overwhelmed with sadness. Then, she finds out she is plagued with an incurable illness. Can she keep Edward by her side until the very end? This takes place in around chapter 2 of New Moon. I wrote this based on nothing, so forgive me if the information is inaccurate. DISCLAIMER: All characters, real or fake, belong to Stephenie Meyer. This story is a result of my own untamed imagination. Please don't sue me.

Mmm... I always wondered what would happen in these kinds of situations.

7. Chapter 7

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I awoke, maybe hours or days afterwards. My arm felt numb and when I tried to move it, the flesh burned with overwhelming pain. I tried to open my mouth to speak, but found myself unable to as a plastic contraption was strapped to my face. For a moment I wonder if Edward truly had transformed me after all, considering my pained state. Then I wondered why the pain was less painful than the pain I had experienced when James bit me. Then I confirmed something, to my disappointment. My heart was just crapping out on me. No immortality for me.

Charlie lay hunched over my hospital bed, snoring away softly. I stared at what was left of his mashed curly brown hair and wondered if he had known that Edward and Carlisle had been faking everything.

After all I had had experienced, how could Edward still be so hesitant to change me? I had gone through enough near-death experiences for a lifetime, not to mention that mine was coming to an end. It would only be a matter of time, and not much of it, when they would be saying their final goodbyes to a stiff corpse in a wooden box.

The light shuffling of curtains roused Charlie. He snapped straight up, as if he had been electrocuted. Carlisle filed into the room, with Edward at his heels. Edward went immediately to my bedside, his light touch causing electric currents to move under my skin.

“She’s awake.” Edward announced with relief. He didn’t smile at me, and I knew he was just trying to take it easy on my exhausted heart. But his very presence had made my heart rate speed up, and that was not something that was controllable.

“Our worst fears have been confirmed.” Carlisle said to Charlie, whom he had ushered off to the side. I knew Edward was trying extra hard to block out Carlisle’s ‘voices’ as his hand gripped mine. “Bella has reached a turning point in her condition. If she doesn’t get a donor heart and soon, she has no chance of survival.” I did have a chance of survival, and I glanced at Edward when Carlisle said this. I just didn’t know if Carlisle’s definition of ‘survival’ matched mine.

“This - is - terrible. Isn’t there anything you can do?” Charlie asked, his forehead creasing with his unspoken worries.

“No, I’m afraid not. I will do my best for Bella, but reparative surgeries for aorta dissection are not always successful. The best chance for a full recovery is if Bella receives a donor heart.” Carlisle answered; his angel’s face seemingly grim. “I’ll give her two months at most.”

Carlisle then proceeded to lead Charlie out of the room. I could hear his desperate cries from the hallway. Edward stared at my face, trying to decipher my expression. Then, he planted the lightest of kisses on my forehead and ran out into the hallway.

I listened very hard to the buzz of their voices. Then I gasped in shock.

“Charlie.” Edward said. “May I ask you something?”

Charlie, voice thick with tears, answered. “Edward - you are Bella’s lifeline. You’re the reason she’s made it this far. I owe you so much.” Then, after a pause, he continued. “What is it you want to ask?”

“What I want to ask is…” Edward said. “Will you give me your daughter’s hand in marriage?” I wondered what Renee would say if she were here right now. My heart rate sped up. My chest throbbed.

“Edward… You - I - yes. I give you permission to marry my daughter.” I knew by the sound of his voice that Charlie was straightening up at that very moment, wiping the tears away from the edges of his crinkly eyes and doing his best to look strong in front of Edward. Tears began to run down my cheeks.

Then Edward came back into the room. I pretended not to notice Charlie, who lingered at the edge of the door. “Bella. I have something I want to ask you.” Since I could not speak, Edward continued. “Bella. Will you marry me?” Of course, I already knew this question was coming, but I could not help it when the squiggly lines on the screen began to move furiously.

Though it caused me much pain to do so, I nodded my head. Edward smiled the beautiful crooked smile and then touched his icy fingertips to my cheeks; the most affection he could give me given my delicate state. Now I truly was as delicate as he believed.

My mind was filled with pleasant thoughts. I no longer worried about death; because now I knew Edward would always be mine…

Conceit, more rich in matter than in words,
Brags of his substance, not of ornament; They are but beggars that can count their worth;
But my true love is grown to such excess
I cannot sum up sum of half my wealth.
Juliet - Romeo and Juliet