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Thomas Sydney is a vampire alone, having left the Cullens because of one of Alice's visions. Even he doesn't know what she saw, he just knows that the loner, and didn't belong in a family anyways. But can one girl change that? Who knows. What we do know, though, is that vampires don't mix well with humans... I tried to add the 7th chapter on friday like I promised, but it got rejected...sorry for the wait, this could take a bit since I don't know what's wrong with it...

The first chapter may be a bit slow, but I promise the story is going places that make it necessary. Stephenie Meyer owns the Twilight world, but until the sequel (if there is one) the characters are mine mine mine all mine. Also - you review me, I'll review you. It's only fair :-)

1. Thomas J. Sydney

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Brooksville, Maine. Population < 1000. It was a tiny, insignificant town. For some reason, though, Alice had insisted that I come here. Live here. I didn’t get it.

I had lived with the Cullens for the last ten years of my existence, and had learned a few things. I was inspired by Carlisle’s drive to save humanity, and had even taken up the vegetarian lifestyle. I had learned to listen to Alice and her visions.

I could read some of people’s thoughts, but unlike Edward I could only read snatches of what they were thinking – so I had no idea what Alice had seen, why it was so necessary for me to move here.

I wasn’t all that upset to be leaving the Cullens – they were good people, but I was by all accounts a loner. I might not even go back to living with them after whatever Alice had seen came to pass.

I looked up at the house I had rented. Alice had said I should only need a year, so I had decided not to buy it. It was growing on me, though. It was big, but I had enough to fill it up by myself. It wouldn’t be overflowing. It would be just me. Just how I liked it.

Pulling myself out of my thoughts, I walked towards my car. It was the Ferrari F360 Spider. It had been my dream as a human to drive a Ferrari, but never actually in the realm of possibilities for a middle-class high school student. Well, now I was forever a high school student, but never middle-class.

Soon I was in the beautiful car, and speeding down the road. WAY above the speed limit. I was at the local school, which should have been twenty minutes away, in fewer than five. It was a small, dirty affair, but it was in rural Maine. The sign in the parking lot proudly read, “Brooksville High School: Bringing Education to Local Students since 1964”. It sounded like some sort of commercial.

I walked into the short, squat building that was labeled, “of ices”. The second f had been sloppily pulled off, leaving half of it behind, broken. Some student had thought that was funny, apparently, taking away the second f. Of ices didn’t even mean anything, though. Inwardly, I sighed. I’d have to spend a whole year with these immature children.

The woman at the front desk looked up at me. Her dyed-blonde curls were pinned up, like a little girl’s, but her skin was getting wrinkly and she had been to the tanning salon too many times. Her skin had a pale grey tint. She was bored…but seeing emotions wasn’t necessary to know that. I knew that if I looked a little harder, I would see the grey turn into words, revealing the thought behind the feeling. But I didn’t care.

She blinked up at me, and dark pink lines crept throughout the grey. The lines twisted to spell, “He’s gorgeous”. I looked away. It was true, of course, but lust was disgusting, especially from an older woman towards somebody who ought to be thirty years her younger.

She finished up her call, saying, “Oh! And I don’t suppose you’ve heard, my dear Doreen, about Sally and John and their ‘marital issues’ as they put it. I do just hate to sound like a gossip, but, well… I heard her telling Amanda – you know, Mrs. Amanda White? – well, they were talking about… divorce. Now I’d love fill you in more but I have a student to take care of.” She winked at me while saying the last bit. Involuntarily, I shuddered a bit.

Putting down the phone, she said, “Now, honey, what can I ever do for you?” She tried to smile sweetly but the smudge of pink lipstick on her tooth ruined the attempt. It would probably have failed anyway, though.

“I’m new. I need my schedule.”

“Oh, of course!” She said, knocking over an empty coffee cup in her haste to get my papers. “Let’s see now, I’ve heard of you. Oh yes, let’s see. Thomas J. Sydney, 16 years, 10th grade?”


“Wonderful, here is your schedule. This paper here is for your teachers’ signatures, return it to me at the end of the day. We just want to make sure you got to all of your classes alright! Your advisor is Mr. Sanson, please meet with him after school today, he’ll want to get to know you a little bit better.” She paused to take a breath, and then giggled, “We all want to get to know you better here!” The grey tint was entirely gone, replaced mainly by the dark pink.

I took the papers, but turned around as I walked away, and lines of purple embarrassment appeared when she realized that I had caught her looking at my butt.