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Thomas Sydney is a vampire alone, having left the Cullens because of one of Alice's visions. Even he doesn't know what she saw, he just knows that the loner, and didn't belong in a family anyways. But can one girl change that? Who knows. What we do know, though, is that vampires don't mix well with humans... I tried to add the 7th chapter on friday like I promised, but it got rejected...sorry for the wait, this could take a bit since I don't know what's wrong with it...

The first chapter may be a bit slow, but I promise the story is going places that make it necessary. Stephenie Meyer owns the Twilight world, but until the sequel (if there is one) the characters are mine mine mine all mine. Also - you review me, I'll review you. It's only fair :-)

5. Too Soon

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I laughed nervously, but quickly turned away. I had obviously misjudged my eye color, and she had seen the monster within me. She didn’t know it but she had seen the blood of the men I killed. I couldn’t let that happen again, she would run away screaming if she knew that it wasn’t just the light making my eyes red.

I walked to Precal with Ellie, being careful not to let her get a good look at my eyes again. I kept my face turned away from her most of the time, and she noticed. She shoved a little note under my hand.

What are you upset about? You haven’t said anything or looked at me since I first saw you this morning.

I thought for a moment, and knew that I needed to get away from her, she would see my eyes again otherwise. But how could I do this without making her feel bad?

I’m not upset at all. I just feel a little bit sick.

She wasn’t satisfied, but just then Mr. Sanson walked over to our table. “Ellie, Thomas, do you mind if I read your notes? Yes? Well, maybe you shouldn’t be passing them during my class. Detention, for both of you.”

Ellie’s eyes widened, and she became unreasonably fearful. “Mr. Sanson, it wasn’t anything bad!” Her heart had doubled its pace. “Thomas was just feeling sick and wasn’t sure if he was allowed to leave class to go to the nurse’s! Here, read the notes!” She shoved them towards him.

I stared at her. Why was she panicking so much? “That’s fine, Ellie. Thomas, of course you may go to the nurse’s office. Do you know where it is?”

“Actually I don’t. Could Ellie show me?”

“Of course. And don’t worry about what you’ll miss, we’re just doing review today.”

When we had left building four, I turned Ellie around and stared at her, not caring about what she might see in my eyes. “What was that, Ellie? You completely panicked. Its just detention.”

“I’m sorry, I just…really don’t want detention. I can’t go to detention, okay?”

“No, not okay, why – ”


It was clear that the topic was over. I shrugged and started walking towards the office building. Ellie was one hell of a human – no normal person should be able to convince a vampire to back down. I just didn’t get her. “You can go back to class, Ellie, I really do know where the nurse’s office is. Bye.” She was upset, but I was, too. And besides, I couldn’t really go to the nurse – I could picture her reaction when she found I had no pulse.

Then I remembered the secretary at the front desk. I could use her lust for a note allowing me to go home. I tousled my hair, and put a sickly expression on my face, then walked into the offices building.

“Hello, what can I do to help you?” The dark pink once more dominated her skin.

“I’m feeling a little sick, Ms…” I looked around for a nametag. “Ms. Soyha. Could you write me a note to go home?”

She completely forgot that there was a perfectly capable nurse in the same building. She forgot about everything except for me. “Of course, honey, you just go right home and feel better soon. I’ll take care of everything!” I smiled weakly at her, and left.


I hunted immediately after arriving home, and once more examined my eyes. This time I was sure that they were entirely gold, and I wasn’t letting my judgment be swayed by a desire to see Ellie again. I had the rest of the day, once more, by myself in the empty house. I’d lived by myself for all of my life, but somehow I was only just starting to get lonely. And it was because of Ellie.

Why had she been so upset at the thought of detention? I had seen the kids staying after school, and all they did was miss sports and then another hour, doing homework. It was boring, of course, but not all that bad.

It wasn’t the first time she’d had a weird reaction, I realized. She hadn’t wanted me to pick her up every morning. She hadn’t wanted detention. But none of it made sense. I lay awake on my bed completely unsatisfied.


The next day at school Ellie was still a little upset. The words crawling along her skin told me it was my fault. She hadn’t liked my reaction to her panic over detention.

I walked up to her and smiled, doing my best to make her forget about yesterday’s events. She wasn’t like the secretary, though – no dark pink ever crossed her innocent skin, only a friendly pale pink was directed towards me.

Ellie pouted at me for a second, but eventually my smile passed on to her. The dark purplish-red gave way to her typical golden skin. I smiled to think that I was the reason.

I walked to Precal with Ellie. Unfortunately, there was a test today. We both finished early, but had to remain silent for the rest of class. I used the time to think, and realized that even though we were already good friends, I had known her for only a week.

We had separate classes until lunch. We sat in companionable silence, Ellie chewing thoughtfully, me watching her eat.

“You know, my Dad’s visiting my aunt in Boston tonight, do you want to hang out after school?” She tentatively asked me.

“Sure!” I was happy that she wanted to spend more time with me. I knew I wanted to spend more with her. She had trouble carrying her tray, because of her broken wrist, so I offered my help, rewarded with seeing “He’s so kind” swim across her golden skin.

Ellie wasn’t able to come to track practice, with her cast, but she was waiting for me after school. She was leaning against my car, obviously enjoying its beauty. She really did belong in a more glamorous life.

Her house, like mine, was empty when we arrived, but somehow it didn’t seem so lonely. She led me inside and we sat down on her couch. I glanced at the kitchen, where I had found her blood, but it was completely clean now. We talked for a while just about what was happening in the world. The Obama vs. Hillary debate, Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby boy, and David Cooke winning American Idol. We had contrasting views on almost everything. It made for good talk, though, and both of us were glowing gold when we ran out of things to talk about.

I thought back over our relationship. I’d only known her for a week, and had only seen her four days, but we were already really close friends. I studied her skin again. The pink was still mild and friendly. Mine was a brighter pink. I laughed a little. If I couldn’t see emotions, I wouldn’t have known that what I felt for Ellie was more than brotherly love.

“What’s funny?” Ellie asked, surprised by my soft laugh.

“Oh, nothing.” She looked at me quizzically for a bit longer, and then turned on TV. We sat next to each other for almost an hour, hardly saying anything but enjoying the company. I watched the top of her head more than I did the TV screen.

Now, thinking about it, I knew that I definitely liked her as more than a friend, and the fact that even I hadn’t realized this was a sign of how pathetic my life had become – I hadn’t felt anything special for a girl since I had been alive, over 100 years ago. I hadn’t felt anything at all. But now, knowing Ellie, I wasn’t an empty body – I felt emotions again.

I felt love.


When the show ended Ellie offered to make dinner. I couldn’t refuse, but since I had told her that I ate big dinners she heaped a huge amount of spaghetti onto my plate. I knew I had to eat it all, and I was dreading it.

I twirled my fork around, putting off actually placing the disgusting noodles in my mouth for as long as possible. Eventually I had to eat it, though. I did my best to not make a face, and Ellie was talking animatedly the whole time, wrapped up in what she was saying, so I don’t think she noticed.

By the time I had eaten most of the plate, I thought I really was sick. My stomach felt like I had swallowed a bucket of dirt, and I badly needed to find somewhere to throw it up.

I glanced at my watch. “Oh, Ellie, I think my dad’s expecting me home soon – I’d better go. I had a great time. Thanks for dinner it was really…tasty.”

She saw me to the door, but before getting into my car I shouted to her, “If your dad won’t be here, do you want me to pick you up tomorrow morning?”

“That would be great!” She smiled, and I swear my frozen heart melted.