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Thomas Sydney is a vampire alone, having left the Cullens because of one of Alice's visions. Even he doesn't know what she saw, he just knows that the loner, and didn't belong in a family anyways. But can one girl change that? Who knows. What we do know, though, is that vampires don't mix well with humans... I tried to add the 7th chapter on friday like I promised, but it got rejected...sorry for the wait, this could take a bit since I don't know what's wrong with it...

The first chapter may be a bit slow, but I promise the story is going places that make it necessary. Stephenie Meyer owns the Twilight world, but until the sequel (if there is one) the characters are mine mine mine all mine. Also - you review me, I'll review you. It's only fair :-)

6. Doubt

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~*~ Three Months Later ~*~

I was sitting next to Ellie in study hall, already finished with all of my homework. Ellie was still bent over her work, scribbling diligently, so I let my mind wander, there not being anything worth paying attention to around me.

It used to be that time dragged by, a personal torture device. I was stuck in something eternally painful, and would rather have been in Hell. Suicide failed, though, so the hope of something after life was crushed. After coming to Brooksville, time was less of a heavy weight on my shoulders, less of something there was always too much of, and became something fleeting, and needed. I never had enough time with Ellie. Already it was May, and I had known her for a few months.

My mind drifted in a less pleasing direction, and I remembered what Alice had said – that it “should take less than a year” for whatever was going to happen to pass. That would mean that I’d be leaving just as Ellie and I would be getting closer. Maybe just as we started to be more than friends. What would she do when I just got up and left, walked out of her life? Would she be depressed? I was pretty sure that for once in my life, I had found somebody who would miss me.

Knowing that I would just be leaving, was it moral for me to even try and start a relationship? But since I had already done that, was it moral for me to allow it to continue?


No, I had no right to let her get attached, just to rip myself away once she started to really get close. It was wrong of me to have let us grow close in the first place, and it was doubly wrong of me to allow it to get any further. It was my responsibility to end things now, to keep Ellie from getting hurt when I ended them later.

I had made up my mind. I needed to distance myself from Ellie now, before things got worse. But I needed to be careful. Sometimes she seemed a little high-strung, and I didn’t want her to go over the edge. I should do it slowly…carefully. I would find an excuse to not drive her home, then to not sit next to her, then to switch out of her classes. I would fade out of her life. It would start today, with me switching sports.

Just then, my cell started buzzing, pulling back out of my mind. The teacher gave me a stern look, and in turn I gave her a small, hopeful smile, letting some of my “dazzling” ability affect her. I watched her emotions waver between annoyance and forgiveness, applying slightly more dazzle until she cracked, rolled her eyes, and pointed out the door. I was a little puzzled, unsure of whom it could be. Normally only Ellie called me – otherwise, the cell phone was more of a prop. I smiled thankfully at the teacher, and stood up, flipping open my phone as I left the classroom.