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Thomas Sydney is a vampire alone, having left the Cullens because of one of Alice's visions. Even he doesn't know what she saw, he just knows that the loner, and didn't belong in a family anyways. But can one girl change that? Who knows. What we do know, though, is that vampires don't mix well with humans... I tried to add the 7th chapter on friday like I promised, but it got rejected...sorry for the wait, this could take a bit since I don't know what's wrong with it...

The first chapter may be a bit slow, but I promise the story is going places that make it necessary. Stephenie Meyer owns the Twilight world, but until the sequel (if there is one) the characters are mine mine mine all mine. Also - you review me, I'll review you. It's only fair :-)

7. Ugly Dresses

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“I SAW what you were planning, Thomas, and don’t you DARE go through with it, you were about to RUIN everything that was supposed to happen to”

“Hi, Alice”

“you and then all of my work would be for nothing and you would be lonely and depressed for the rest of your existence and what could you have possibly been THINKING, idiot?! She needs you NOW and you need her too, and you were thinking of ABANDONING her? Don’t you realize what would have HAPPENED if you had done that? No, because you just don’t think about other people, you introvert! God, what you were going to do was almost as bad as Edward leaving Bella and we all know how THAT could have turned out!”

“Bella? Who’s she?”

“Oh, right, you left before Edward met her. He found his mate! But stop distracting me, that’s beside the point! Just PROMISE you won’t try to distance yourself from Ellie, PLEASE.”

“Okay…but will you just tell me why its so important that I get closer to somebody and let them get attached when I’m about to leave and break her heart anyways?”

“Thomas…you know I wouldn’t send you out there if that was how the story ends, right? Just trust me.”

“ ‘Kay. Is that all?”

“Yeah. Bye!”

Alice had hung up the phone before I could even say goodbye. That had been a really weird phone call. What had she meant, that the story wouldn’t end like that? Would something happen so that Ellie didn’t care when I left? How could that be a good thing?

I walked back into the room, still frowning a little. Ellie had finished her math, and had written a note while I was gone.

Are you going to the Spring Fling? I had to think for a moment. I didn’t really want to spend hours in a crowded, boring, hormone-filled dance room, but if this was Ellie’s way of asking me to go with her, I would never say no. Her skin was still, as it always had been, that friendly light pink – she wasn’t asking me out as a date – but the words running across her skin told me that she did want to go with me. So I scribbled back, Yes.

She smiled, just as the teacher said, “No passing notes, kids.” with a frown on her face. She wasn’t really angry, though; just bored. I couldn’t blame her – I was too. I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes, letting myself drift again, until I was as close to sleep as I would ever be.


The next day, everybody was starting to get serious about Spring Fling, and the games that took place during that school day. We had been split up into teams, but unfortunately I wasn’t on Ellie’s. Two girls my team were Sarah and Hannah. They were two of the meanest girls, and were gossiping about who was going to the dance with who. Both of them smiled suggestively at them whenever I passed them in the hall, no doubt because of my beautiful vampire body, and wanted to know who I was going with, and then peppered me for details. I was glad I had worked out everything with Ellie over the phone last night.

“So, Thomas, who are you going with?” Sarah said, leaning forward over the table, giving me an unwanted view of her chest.

“Uh, I’m going with Ellie.”


Her.” Hannah added. “You know, I’m not going with anybody, so if you just asked her because you couldn’t find anybody else…” She trailed off, leaving the rest unspoken.

“Umm, Hannah, you’re going with Bryan, remember?” Sarah cut in. “I’m going with Sam, but I could always ditch him, if somebody else asked me.”

“Well, I don’t think you should ditch him…and I’m not ditching Ellie.”

“Oh. Okay. So what color dress is she wearing? You two will be matching, right?”

“Actually, I’m not sure what color, we didn’t talk about that.”

“What time are you picking her up?”


Just then the bell rang, giving me a reason to get away from these annoying girls. Sarah had a good point about the matching colors, though. I hadn’t thought about that. I saw Ellie in the hall, and pulled her aside.

“What color dress are you wearing? Isn’t my tie supposed to match your dress?”

“Well, I haven’t decided yet. Why don’t you stay over after school and help me pick one out.”

“Okay. See you then!” I rushed off to painting, hoping that Mr. Varner wouldn’t give me detention for being late; I didn’t want to miss the chance to see more of Ellie’s than the kitchen and living room.


For about the thousandth time, I drove Ellie home after school. It was the first time, though, that I would be getting out of the car with her. We walked up the path to her door, and both took a step to go inside at the same time. I bumped into her – and suddenly, I was too close. Her smell was so much stronger up close. It was fruity, delicious, and I wanted so badly to sink my teeth in and drink the sweet juice.

I stopped breathing, and jerked past her, inside. She looked a little embarrassed at having been so close, but clearly wasn’t aware of the danger she had been in. I, however, was acutely aware. I had let myself forget recently that she was human, and I was…well…not.

I started walking towards the stairs, before remembering that I wasn’t supposed to have been there before. I turned and looked at her. “Is your bedroom upstairs?”

“Yeah, up and to the left”. Ellie darted past, and skipped gracefully up the stairs. I followed behind her, graceful too, but in a much less feminine way. She turned into a room right next to the staircase, and I came in right behind her, taking in her room, which I hadn’t really looked at last time. It was fairly small, with a big bed in the middle of the far wall. Most of the furniture was white, the walls were light green, and the fabrics were mainly light blue, with some of the same green. It was a pretty room, if a childish for a high school senior.

Ellie danced over to her closet, and pulled out a few dresses. They were all fairly plain, by brands I’d never heard of, and they looked used, as if she hadn’t bought them when they were new.

“What?” She said, seeing my face. “Look, I know they’re not exactly designer, but neither is anything else in this house, okay? Just help me pick one.”

I thought about it, staring at the dresses. Obviously getting frustrated by my silence, she sighed, “Yeah, I don’t really like any of them either. That’s why I haven’t picked one yet…I’ve been putting it off. I wish I had a bit more money, and could at least buy a new one, never mind designer.”

I turned to her, smiling. “You know what? How about I get you a dress. No, wait, before you interrupt me – I know a girl, where I used to live, who has a lot of spare dresses. She buys them even when she doesn’t plan to wear them. She loves putting them on other people – so I’ll call her. It’ll be no big deal…and you’ll get a never-worn, designer dress for the spring fling. Isn’t that every girl’s dream?”

Ellie looked at me, obviously not sure what to say. She looked at the dresses one more time, and I saw that she was wavering between embarrassment and hope and joy. Finally, she looked back at me and said, “Are you sure that this girl will really enjoy having me wear one of her dresses?”

“Yes, Ellie. I’ll call her sometime tonight, and she’ll ship a few choices over. You can come to my house after school when they get here, and we’ll pick then.”


“Great!” Just then, I heard a car drive into the driveway. “Umm, I think your dad’s home.”

“Oh! He doesn’t know you’re here, umm, get your books out and we’ll go downstairs and pretend you’re tutoring me. Hurry!”

Her skin was black with fear, and I rushed to do what she told me, although I didn’t know why. We both had our math textbooks out and were sitting on opposite sides of her dining room counter before her dad got inside.

“Ellie? Who’s he?” He didn’t look very happy. He looked a little angry.

“Hi, Daddy, this is Thomas. I didn’t quite understand our math lesson today, so Thomas offered to help me. It was a pretty confusing lesson and not many of the girls really understood it, so I thought he would be good to ask for help…”

“Well, you know I don’t like having boys in the house, Ellie. Besides, you could always have asked me for help, and not bothered other people.”

“Yes, Daddy, I’ll do that next time. Thomas, I think I understand it all now, so if you’d like to go…”

“Alright, have a nice night, Ellie, Mr. Granior.”

“Bye, Thomas.”

I left without a word. As I left I heard, “I’m sorry, Dad, I really needed help!” And then I revved the engine, to hide the shouting. I didn’t want to know what problems they had. They weren’t my problems to worry about. Obviously he didn’t trust her, which was crazy…I made myself stop thinking about it. It wasn’t my problem. It wasn’t my problem.

~*~ Ellie’s Point Of View ~*~

I close the door. He is behind me. He grabs my shoulders and he turns me around.

I am afraid so I cannot put together thoughts so I cannot say anything.

He says I don’t want you to get hurt and I quietly say I’m sorry.

He says No man besides me should ever be this close to you.

I am trembling now.

He says Grow up and I am crying now.

He turns around and walks away probably in disgust but I know he will come back again so I wait.

He does come back like I knew he would and he grabs my wrist and he pulls me away from the door and towards him and then I stop thinking and I stop feeling because I do not want to know what happens next.