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Thomas Sydney is a vampire alone, having left the Cullens because of one of Alice's visions. Even he doesn't know what she saw, he just knows that the loner, and didn't belong in a family anyways. But can one girl change that? Who knows. What we do know, though, is that vampires don't mix well with humans... I tried to add the 7th chapter on friday like I promised, but it got rejected...sorry for the wait, this could take a bit since I don't know what's wrong with it...

The first chapter may be a bit slow, but I promise the story is going places that make it necessary. Stephenie Meyer owns the Twilight world, but until the sequel (if there is one) the characters are mine mine mine all mine. Also - you review me, I'll review you. It's only fair :-)

8. Chapter 8

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~*~ Thomas’ Point Of View ~*~

Ellie wasn’t at school on Wednesday. Of course.


I arrived on Thursday earlier than usual, waiting for her to arrive. Finally the bus came, and, thankfully, she was on it. Many of her fingers were in splints, and her whole hand was swollen and bruised. Tiny stitches traced a red line down the side of her neck, and at the base of her throat, a series of bruises trailed down and into her shirt. She had a limp, wincing each time her left foot touched the ground.

The moment she was off of the bus, students were swarming around her, asking if she was alright, and what had happened, and telling her how brave she was for coming to school. I kept my distance, and as the crowd dispersed I noticed that almost everybody was thinking about how awful her father was, even though she hadn’t told them.

Everybody knew she was being abused.

Nobody had ever done anything.

What sort of a horrible world was this?

For a moment I stared in horror, and then, barely keeping a human pace, ran over to her. I started to hug her, but she gasped a little in pain and I stepped back. “I broke a few ribs.” She explained.

Seeing her like this, I gave up my resolution to not be involved her personal issues. She needed protection. I lowered my voice threateningly, saying, “What did that bastard do to you, Ellie?”

Her eyes became blank, and all emotion faded from her skin. “I went hiking and fell down a steep slope. My father is not... you know. Like that.”

I frowned at her. She sounded more like she was trying to convince herself of this than me.

“Drop it, Thomas.”

I sighed, and let it go for now. She smiled sadly, and her skin colored again – a deeper purple than embarrassment, she was ashamed. Of herself? It didn’t make sense.

I turned to her again, and with a rush of frustration, said, “If he’s abusing you, Ellie, you need to help yourself. Tell the police. You can’t be ashamed and want to hide something that’s not your fault. That’s all I’m going to say.” I picked up her bag for her and strode towards the main building, not wanting to see her delicate body so damaged.

She tried to walk quickly beside me, but she was limping a little and couldn’t quite catch up. She reached out and touched my elbow, and I slowed down a little.

“Thomas.” She paused. For a moment I thought she wasn’t going to say anything more, but she started again, her skin a mixture of that purple and a sorrowful blue. “I… I don’t think that…” Again she stopped. “You don’t… really understand.”

Her eyes were full of tears that she would not let fall, and I reached towards her, looking for a place where she wasn’t bruised. I settled for touching her shoulder.

We stood like that, staring into each other’s eyes, standing a full two feet apart and yet feeling closer than ever before, for an eternity.

Seconds later, the bell rang. “Let’s go.” She whispered.