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THIS IS BOOK ONE IN THE DISCOVERED SERIES - TAKEN! Elaine is just a normal teenager, she's hormonal, music is her life,sweet,funny,moody. She lives with her mum in London in a beautiful Victorian house. Her life is going fine. Good grades, no getting into trouble. Until fate turns against her, and deals her a deck of cards no one would wish on their worst enemy. Can Elaine escape? Who will she meet along the way? Or will the torture start again all too soon... Over 2,300 reads, and oh so many reviews, I love you guys! Thanks for the support!


11. Anything you can't do, I can do better!

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Someone was prodding me. Yeah, way to figure that out captain obvious. My brain chided me. Wait a sec, my brain shouldn’t be talking. Maybe living with Edward DID make you loose your mind. I felt a particularly hard poke in my ribs. I was poked in the cheek, the neck, my legs, and many MANY more places, but still refused to get up from my slumber. Man…I should be recruited into the army for my resistance! Emmett had persuaded me into having a scary movie marathon and I had fallen asleep around quarter to 4 in the morning. There was NO way I was getting up. There was a soft babble of noise and I knew that if I concentrated on it for too long, I would surely wake up. And then there’d be hell to pay.

“…Poke her harder then” I made out Rose’s voice. Poke me harder? They were VAMPIRES. If they poked me harder then I’d surely never wake up!





I was currently being subjected to some form of abuse. Surely prodding someone to death was a felony here. I hadn’t had a chance to read up on the American justice system, but it should be listed there, right under child abuse.

Oh no…

Oh nononononono. No! Dammit! No! They were starting to prod my stomach…Right at this moment I bet your wondering why It mattered so much that they were prodding that particular bit of my stomach…Well…I was extremely ticklish…And lets just get one thing straight…When I was tickled I kicked. And I mean SERIOULY kicked…It wasn’t so much their faces I was worried for, it was my toes. I would’ve liked to keep my toes UNmangled, and broken… God, I hoped Edward had left.

“Actually,” I heard Edward’s soft voice. Seriously, come on. What the hell was up with my luck? I decided to swallow my pride, Please Eddy…PLEASE….Don’t do this…He paused, like he was going to say something entirely different. ”Maybe if you tickled her she’d wake up.” He finished his voice smug. CURSE YOU EDWARD CULLEN! I HATE YOU! GOD WILL SMITE YOUR AMERICAN ARSE. YES ARSE. NOT ASS!

He chuckled. “I love you too. And it’s Ass not Arse, and if God cared, my ASS would have been “smitten” long before this.” And then the true torture began, he must have pointed out all of my very ticklish spots because one minute I was completely still and the next I was gasping for breath and thrashing about. My foot collided with something hard.

“OW! She kicked my in the crotch!” I heard Emmett bellow. I shot up in bed, head butting Jasper on my way. The room spun for a while.

“Alright, Alright! Bloody hell! I’m up you mad people! Damn Jasper you’re head is hard. Crudity shit bang wallop! My foot better not be broken…” I said angrily.“What do you all want?” I asked turning to Edward who was holding his nose…Well, at least I got his nose. Alice and Rosalie were holding various parts of their bodies, and Bella was holding her arm.

“Well I TOLD you not to. Blame Edward.” I smiled; they turned their glares towards him. He backed up towards the door, as I strolled into my en-suite to have a shower. I was in there for 20 minutes, which was probably the SHORTEST shower I had ever taken. I was quite proud of myself, because I still smelled like mangos. Quickly but thoroughly, I brushed my teeth and went back into the bedroom.

“ELLIE HURRY UP!” Alice screeched from downstairs.

“Damn woman! Pushy much?” I asked, as I went to change into the clothes she had left me. Now, I wasn’t that much of a skirt fan, but the ensemble she’s chosen with the cute baby green top went well with the pale blue skirt. I pulled them on; the material hugged my figure in a way that would make the guys stare…Awwww man…

“Don’t make me come up there!” She said angrily, my vampire ears aiding me in hearing her mutters, and grumbles. “…Don’t care if I have to wash you and dress you myself, your gonna hurry up…” Alice’s voice lost its volume as she moved out of range of my hearing. Hey! I was only HALF vampire. My door flew open and Alice ran at full speed into the room.

“You look so cute!” She gushed, and then she turned serious. As if it was a matter of National Security. Life or death. Playing god or playing it safe, playing with fire or-

“Ellie… FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND WONDERFUL SHUT THE HELL UP!” Edward shouted from downstairs. Whoops…Guess I let my thoughts escape me…”Ya think?” He muttered from his room.

Alice’s face was deadly serious as she asked herself, “Right…Flats or heals?” Pfft. So much for national security. I was about to explain that heels were potentially fatal for me when I heard a unified scream of:

“FLATS!” There wasn’t one voice in the house that didn’t scream it except for Alice and I. I thanked them silently, I may have been half vampire, but obviously the half that made up their grace and basic hand eye co-ordination had evaded me. She quickly shoved the strap-up flats into my hands and instructed me to put them on. I fumbled with the straps, not knowing where or how to do them up. Sighing impatiently Alice bent down and did them up with vampire speed. Picking me up Alice flung me over her shoulder, in milliseconds she put me back down again and we were by the front door. Whoa…Head rush.

I opened my eyes and all of the Cullen’s were standing around me, an identical smiled painted on their faces…They reminded me of those scary clown faces…Like from The Dark Knight…I shuddered, I hated clowns.

I huffed angrily, as Rose practically pushed me out the door. It was still dark out. The rest of the family filled out and rushed to the garage/barn. I could almost feel their longing to get out and see other forms of humanity. They’d been cooped up in that house with me for a while now, leaving only to hunt. Only once had we thought it was okay to venture out, that the Volturi wouldn’t find out. Alice had booked tickets to somewhere to shop for school. When I asked why we had to go so far away to buy clothes she responded in a tone that implied I should know this already “So that none of the kids at school have your clothes of course!”

I shook my head pulling myself out of my thoughts; I seemed to be doing that a lot lately. I turned to see Carlisle locking the door.

“Dad…Why is it so dark? What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?” I asked, grinning at the thought of the old school game.

Chuckling his deep laugh, a white, mischievous grin tugged the corners of his mouth up. Wait what? Since when is Carlisle ever ‘mischievous’? Unless he’s really an evil doctor who likes pain, and who secretly has white flowing hair and lives with Pink and Brain those two rats from that show I used to watch when I was little and-

“Ellie…” Edward hissed menacingly clutching his head. “Don’t MAKE me say it.” I shrunk back up to Carlisle, “Did it again, didn’t I?” I muttered.

“Just get in the car” Was all he said, stalking off towards his Volvo, Bella’s hand in his.

“Well, any who…” Carlisle said shaking his head after his son. “It’s…Just turned 4am.” He said with a grin that spelled out: I AM SO BAD ASS YOU CANNOT BELIEVE IT. I took a minute to calm myself down.

“YOU WOKE ME UP AT 4 FREAKIN A-“I screamed until someone’s hands clamped down on my own. I followed the arm to the body to see blonde hair and a beautiful face.

“Wharyewdoinroz?” Came my muffled ‘what are you doing Rose?’ She just shook her head and pulled me along to Emmett’s massive Jeep Wrangler. She flung me in the back seat, quickly buckling me after releasing my mouth, which was currently set in pout mode. Rosalie grinned and just slipped into the driver’s seat. Boy she must’ve done something big to get to drive in Emmett’s Jeep. Oh wait, no…Don’t go there. Alice slid in next to her, a term the American’s call riding ‘shotgun’ although what the hell riding in the front seat has got to do with a shotgun I will never know. The next thing I knew Jasper was sliding in on the left, and Emmett was pushing me into the middle seat while he was on my right. I sighed, suddenly annoyed.

“How’d I get stuck with twiddle Dee and twiddle dumb?” I asked. Emmett Snickered and Jasper actually stuck his tongue out at me before turning to glare out the window. You know, sometimes I think that boy has problems...Emmett’s door flew open and there stood Esme, holding not 1, but THREE trays of food. I mean was there such a thing as being OVER spoiled?

“Here’s your breakfast dear!” She exclaimed proudly, as I eyed the food wearily.

“Oh…Esme, you shouldn’t have…” I said as politely as one could, while one was staring at the most food one had seen outside of a wedding, plenty of things run through one’s mind, like whether or not one should eat this, and whether or not it would be polite or rude to refuse it all, and why one was using the word one so much in one’s thoughts. I looked up to Emmett for help, he was fighting laughter and obviously losing, a chuckle escaped his lips as his arm plopped down over my shoulder’s, pinning my arm to the back of the seat. I heard Jasper laughing quietly behind my back so I connected my big toe with his shin; I was satisfied to hear the laughing stop abruptly. Esme, misreading my hesitant state, asked worriedly:

“It’s too little isn’t it?” She asked frowning. “I’ll go make you some mor-“

“NO!” I cut her off sharply; I had to work to keep my voice soft when I added hastily, “Its okay! It’s fine! It looks…Umm…Lovely, yes, lovely. Thanks…”

“Oh, okay! Enjoy dear!” She exclaimed proudly, handing the trays to Emmett and shutting the door softly behind her.

“Well let’s see what’s in store for today then.” I muttered dryly as Emmett gave one tray to Jasper and the other to Alice while he held the third.

“Well in Alice’s tray,” Emmett began as he put on a cheesy game show voice. ”Orange juice, 4 cups of hot chocolate and biscuits from that 60 variety pack!” He paused

“I hope you’re having fun.” I said scowling, taking advantage of his pause. He grinned.

“I am,” He said in his normal voice, then got back into character. “And in tray number two, Jazz’s tray we have a toast mountain!” I grimaced as Jazz held the tray out under my nose; it literally WAS a toast mountain. I swear with all this food you would think it was The Feeding of the 5,000 parable. “And in my tray we have...Bacon, Ham and Cheese grilled sandwiches. And various other bits of food.” He gave a little gag while he took a bow, I was contemplating how much it’d hurt him if I rammed my knee into his nose…Not much, came the answer. Again with the talking-to-myself-thing!

“Why don’t you go live under a rock?” I hissed.

“You’re my favourite sibling too.” He replied, his grin unfazed. Rose pulled out of our driveway, and in a matter of seconds we were onto the highway. I swear, they drive as if they won’t live forever or something. Alice still hadn’t revealed our destination to anyone, not even Edward, which put him into his Mr. Grumpy Pants mood. I mean, seriously, I don’t think it was just his body that was stuck as a 17 year old sometimes.

Emmett was staring down at my obviously frustrated face, I knew they wouldn’t let me throw it all out of the windows, and I knew there was no WAY any of them would eat any of it, selfish vamps, so there was only one option. And that one option was one I didn’t like very much.

I had to eat it. Everything. Every last morsel. I was going to be obese by the time we got to wherever we were going.

“I bet you can’t eat all that food in 1 hour.” Emmett exclaimed smugly, grinning as though he’d already won. I set my jaw in anger, I could never back down from a bet, and he knew it. Damn boy and his vampire smartness.

“Throw in some shoes and you’re on.” I said grudgingly, thinking of the stomach ache that was likely to ensue after I consumed that horde of food.

“Deal.” He said with a chuckle and a smug smile, setting the tray into my only free hand and holding out his own. I watched his hand for a full 30 seconds before I realised I was supposed to shake it. Seeing as my right arm was wedged between Emmett and the seat, and my other arm was occupied with the tray he just put there, I did the next best thing. And that was cocking my head to the side as if I was working out a math problem, and trapped his fingers between my teeth and shook them up and down. He stared down at me with a mixture of affection and befuddlement in his eyes.

“You are one weird little munch-kin you know that, right?” He asked after I had freed his fingers. I grinned and nodded, as he just shook his head slowly.“Alright, let the bet be-“He was cut of suddenly by Jasper’s deep alto voice.

“10 bucks on Emmett.” He said, as I gasped. Surely he knew not to bet against me! He just stuck his tongue out at me in response.

“But I thought you loved me best Uncle Jasper.” I teased him with a pout and my best puppy dog eyes.

“Scratch that, 20 bucks.” He said defiantly, not five seconds later did the car run over a speed bump and lurch upwards causing Jasper, who had not been strapped in, to fly upwards and hit his head. I burst into a fit of giggles, while he scowled and rubbed his head with his free arm.

“Ahhhhh…the concept of KARMA must have slipped you’re mind. Make fun of the weak and you just get hu-“Just as I was coming to the end of my gloat my butt started to vibrate. It took me a second to realise it wasn’t MY butt vibrating it was the PHONE in my butt, well not in my butt but you understand. Dropping the tray into Emmett’s lap I dug into my back pocket to pull out the technology filled phone-thing. I had just learned how to answer texts on the plastic monstrosity so I clicked the little green button and read it out loud.

“10 bucks on you Ellie, dear!” I scrolled down impatiently. “Huh it’s from Carlisle…But how had he known?” I wondered allowed in bewilderment, 4 pairs of eyes questioned my sanity as I frowned. Within seconds my phone vibrated again and once more I read the text aloud.

“You forgot we’re vampires, honey. Sorry about the amount of food! Oh yes and 10 dollars on you!” The text read, it was from Esme, as I registered what she had said.“Oh…OHHHHH! Vampire’s…Right….I knew that. I was just…Just TESTING you see?...That’s right….Testing you….” I said in a rush, Emmett’s phone vibrated and he dumped mine/his tray on Jasper.

“No you weren’t testing us Ellie. Oh, yeah, and 10 DOLLARS on Emmett.” He read allowed, in his perfectly smooth voice. Damn that Edward. Ughh…I hate you, I thought harshly, knowing he would hear. His car was in front of us leading us to wherever we where going while Carlisle’s and Esme taking up the rear- excuse the joke- in his Mercedes. I started sniggering at my little rear joke, ha ha - rear, my brain laughed with me…Seriously, maybe I AM going crazy…Alice turned in her seat, without spilling a drop of liquid may I add, to stare at me curiously.

“Don’t worry, never mind.” I said laughing, waving my hand in a dismissing manor at her. “Okay, can I start to win now?” I muttered impatiently as my phone began to vibrate again.

“10 BUCKS ON YOU ELLIE! LUV BELLS!” It read, “Anyone else?” I asked, as Rose began to thrum her fingers on the steering wheel.

“10 bucks on….Emmett.” She said grudgingly,” I’m sorry Ellie, but even I don’t think you can win this one.”

“That’s Okay Rose! In time you’ll learn to bet on me!” I said with surprising cheeriness for someone who was just about to eat her way to a size 106.

“Alright, can I- No wait, Alice! You’re turn!” I said knowing that she would bet on me.

“Err…Ellie…I can’t…My sight, If I do, lets just say half of them would change their bets faster than you can say ‘Yeehaw’.” She muttered quietly. Hmm…Looks like I wasn’t the only one who’s speech had been altered with Jasper’s southern similes.

“Oh…Well help me pick out shoes?” I asked, trying to make up for her not being able to take part in the betting. Her face shone even before the majority of the words were out of my mouth.

“You know me well.” She said grinning as she handed me my first tray.

“Okay. All bets as of this moment are non-refundable.” I began in my most business like voice taking the tray from Alice. “And henceforth all bets are DOUBLED. You all know the rules. Emmett…When does my hour start?” I asked my hand hovering over the hot chocolate, OJ and biscuits.He grinned devilishly

“Five minutes ago.” He said cheekily, as I let out a groan and downed one of the cups of hot chocolate at once.



I had just finished the last of the biscuits and the last sip of hot chocolate. I left the OJ for later; I’d need it for that toast mountain.

“There’s still a little drop in that hot coco container.” Jasper said, I could hear the smirk in is voice.

“Oh really?” I asked, and made as if to pick the thermal cup up but instead dropped it onto his groin area, causing a massive wet patch to ensue and do I have to mention that that flask was HEAVY? He dumped the trays on Emmett as his hands flew to his crotch.

I gasped, and stared at him with rounded eyes “Really Jasper! I mean…I know that having “private” moments with himself is part of a boy’s weekly regime…But really! Couldn’t you just have put a coat over you’re area while you’re hands were doing their work?” I asked innocently. The car skidded to a halt as Rose howled with laughter, I’m pretty sure, if possible tears would have been streaming down her face from the laughter.

Alice was trying to look sternly at me but a giggle escaped her. Emmett actually stumbled out of the car and landed in a heap on the tarmac leaving behind the tray he was holding. Good thing we were on a side street, if we had been on a main road I wouldn’t doubt that Emmett would have probably been road kill. No, let me rephrase that, I pity the person to ever knock their car into him, because THEY would be road kill.

Esme and Carlisle pulled up behind us and I could see through their tinted windows that they had heard and where in hysterics. Edward and Bella had turned back and were stumbling around outside of their car laughing with each other.



We were back on the road, driving at impossible speeds to wherever we were heading. After humiliating him, Jasper had switched cars and was now sitting with Carlisle and Esme, who I hoped had no sympathy for him. I was half way through my toast mountain when I realised I only had 25 minutes left. I hoped I didn’t have to eat the crust…I hated the crust…

Emmett’s pocket started to vibrate and Lollipop by Lil Wayne started to blare out of it. Rose, Alice and I stared at him wide eyed.

“What? I happen to like this kind of music!” He said defensively.

“Oh, Hell no.” I heard Rose mutter.

“YES YOU HAVE TO EAT THE CRUST ELLIE. SEE YOU WHEN YOU LOOSE!” Emmett read allowed, as he gave me the old hairy eyeballed look.

“What? What? I don’t like the crust…” I said frowning. Then I repeated it a little louder so he would definitely hear,

“Thanks for blowing it for me Edward. No wonder you have no friends, and everyone thinks you are a crazy man.”



Emmett stared at me in shock as I stuffed the last of the sandwiches down.

“B-But that’s….Physically IMPOSSIBLE…”

“Aahh…But I’ve always defied physics you see.” I said sympathetically drinking that last of the OJ with 10 seconds to spare. “I kinda guess this means… I win.”

“No…Noo….NO! This CANNOT happen this isn’t fair! I beat EVERYONE! Esme even said I was a big boy because I wear big boy pants! If I’m a big boy I should have WON!” Emmett screeched thrashing about. I couldn’t believe it; the man was having a tantrum…Dear Carlisle almighty, what had I gotten myself into? Surely Sadistic Alec was better than an just-under-100 yr-old toddler.

“Please tell me someone is recording this.” Alice said, her hand over her mouth.

“Do you guys have You’ve Been Framed over here? Or maybe just on YouTube...?” I asked holding up the digital Camera, I had stolen from Jasper’s room, with the recording button flashing red. “Ahhhhh Sweet revenge…Oh and people, I expect my money soon. And no, not through PayPal Jasper, you cheep skate.” I said grinning while shaking my head. The whole bet was almost enough to make me forget about what was coming. Something so terrible it could be fitted into one word that could make the hairs on the back’s of the toughest soldier’s neck’s rise.


With Rose.


Oh okay, so maybe not one word but you catch my drift.