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THIS IS BOOK ONE IN THE DISCOVERED SERIES - TAKEN! Elaine is just a normal teenager, she's hormonal, music is her life,sweet,funny,moody. She lives with her mum in London in a beautiful Victorian house. Her life is going fine. Good grades, no getting into trouble. Until fate turns against her, and deals her a deck of cards no one would wish on their worst enemy. Can Elaine escape? Who will she meet along the way? Or will the torture start again all too soon... Over 2,300 reads, and oh so many reviews, I love you guys! Thanks for the support!


12. Stereotype Central

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“You are NOT going to school like that.” Edward said bluntly, standing in front of me in the all white living room. See this was what I hated about first days of school, everyone was always harping on about what you wore, I mean for Esme’s Sake! If I could, I’d TOTALLY just go naked! I’d make my life sooooooooo much easier. So the skirt Alice had given me had been knee length, so I decided to hitch it up, and so WHAT If it was a TAD shorter than 3 inches, isn’t that how we all wear them?

“Like what?” I asked a smirk playing across my face.

Edward’s eye brows shot up and then slanted down in a glare. “Ellie-”

“Look Bub, I say how I dress. Not you, got that?” I said in a bitingly cold voice, was it just me or did he take the whole word “protectiveness” to a whole new level? I side stepped him and walked into the kitchen to make some toast.

“Actually, I’m older than you, so I think I will say what you can and can’t wear.” Edward replied, matching my tone. I spun on around on him in the process of buttering the toast Esme had already made for me, God it was like I didn’t even have to lift a finger in this house.

Pointing the knife at his chest I hissed: “What? You wanna dictate what BRA I wear too? Well go on, down to Wal-Mart-“ I heard Rose hiss, outraged that I’d uttered the word ‘Wal-Mart’ in her presence, “Fine, Victoria’s Secret then. Yeah so prance on down to there and pick out my bra and undies? Well if so, I’m a 32C. Go on then, hop to it.” He seemed at a loss for words for the moment. Pulling out the bra and undies card was going to be my new weapon.

“Ellie, you’re not going to school like that!” Carlisle’s outraged voice from the door was clearly audible. He strode over and snatched the knife I was pointing at Edward’s chest, out of my hand and made me twirl so he could ‘inspect’ me.

“Go change.” He said flatly.

“What?” I asked dumbly.

“I said 'gochange'.” He enunciated. Carlisle’s voice was filled with that fatherly steely edge, the one that said Don’t-You-Dare-Argue-With-Me. Well guess what? I’m a dare devil papa.

“Umm, NO.” I shot back, which was when Edward grabbed my arm and ran me upstairs, not gently by the way, to my room.

“Change. Now.” He said watching me with raised eyebrows.

“Or WHAT?” I hissed. He narrowed his eyes at me but, “Just change,” was all that came out.

10 minutes later and I was downstairs in yellow skinny jeans, blue converse and a D.A.N.C.E. t-shirt, waiting for the rest of them to get their butts downstairs with Edward and I. It was 6:30 am I couldn’t understand why American school’s started so early. In my old school we started at 8:45 every morning, starting at 7 was ridiculous. Since I had been brutally stopped from eating my breakfast, I stormed past Edward, who was by the way glaring at me to make sure I was ‘suitable’ for school, and walked into the kitchen.

“Ellie-“He began, but I cut him off rudely.

“Shut up.” I said buttering a piece of toast, heavily by the way. I love me some butter! I shoved it in my mouth before I realised that butter made me go all soft inside…Dammit.

“No, no Ellie hear me out I-“Again I cut him off but this time to tell him he was forgiven AND to shut up.

“Yeah, yeah, big brother, yada yada, whatever… You’re forgiven now shut up and go tell the others to hurry up, I still don’t know what Emmett picked for my electives…So get a move on.” I said as I turned back around to have some more of the toast that Esme had made. Seriously, she cooks like a human, and this was just TOAST!

Carlisle came in carrying a bunch of papers, they looked important somehow, must be his hospital papers. He was about to say something when I cut him off, not wanting to hear anything while I at this heavenly toast.

“Yeah. Yeah. Father, protective. Not look like a slut. Yeah I get it. You’re forgiven. Goodbye.” I said around a piece of toast in my cheek, and then went back to munching on my toast. Is it possible for half vampire’s to get fat? Carlisle teetered on the spot for a short while staring at me with a slightly confused look in his eyes, then darted over and kissed my cheek, leaving with an awfully cheery “Have a good first day Ellie, I’ll see you at home!” Okay…Let me rephrase, is it possible for FULL vampire’s to get high?

15 slices of toast later, I had finished 3 plates and was just about to start to start on the fourth when they all herded into the kitchen watching me eat. God I hated it when they did that!

“Ugh, don’t you guys have some animals to watch?” I asked as I picked up a piece of toast from the fourth plate, luckily Esme had already buttered these ones...Hmmm…Butter…

“Helloooooo? Earth to Ellie?” My eyes focused in on Emmett’s face which was right up against mine.

“Sorry…I was thinking about…About…YMCA?” I said nervously.

“Actually, she was day dreaming about butter.” Edward muttered coming through the doorway with Bella’s hand in his own. Man, them two were like, joined at the hip.

“Yeah so I like butter! So what? Can we go NOW?” I asked grabbing 5 pieces of toast and practically ramming into all of them on my way to the front door. “Not a good way to make me happy Edward. Not a good way.” I muttered. I had already been told the ground rules, well rule. Act Human. Since I was still partially one, I didn’t really need to practice, except for the running bit. That I still needed to control.

“Someone’s in a hurry.” Rose remarked, strutting through the doorway like a runway model. Damn she was so pretty, but you couldn’t HATE her for it! I tell ya, someone must have dealt me one of the worst hands of fate anyone could ever get. Maybe I got the joker card…

“Look, I just don’t want to be late, and to be honest you’re all starting to piss me off, and if I don’t meet some new people right now, I might just mess up Rose’s hair.” I said walking towards the garage/barn.

“I piss you off?” Emmett Said in a puppy-dog voice, as he jutted his lower lip out in a pout that would melt anyone’s heart.

“I’m not in the mood Emmett.” I said as I walked towards his jeep.

“Fine then, you can’t ride with me.” He said turning his back on me, and opening the drivers seat door.

“What? WHAT? Fine! I’ll WALK to school!” I all but screamed turning on my heal and stalking towards the forest. Only to turn back again in 5 seconds.

“Umm…Where IS the school?” I asked in a clipped tone. They all turned around to glare at me, then in unison they burst out laughing. What’d I tell ya? Living with Edward DOES make you crazy.

“Ellie,” Emmett said between giggles- yes giggles-“Get in the car.”

Oh I got in alright, I got in and slammed the door on my way, I almost pulled it off, except that the over sized T-shirt was caught in the door. I decided not to point that one out.

Jasper pushed my over to the seat by the window as he slid in and Alice next to him, as Rose jumped into the seat next to Emmett’s, he gunned the engine and off we went. Whooo-hooo, NOT.

Despite the Jeep’s size, its engine’s noise was just a soft purr. Like elevator music. Nice, pleasant, but in an annoying way.

“Cheer up Ellie…” Jasper said, I turned my back on him, if I opened my mouth now I’d be swearing like an admiral. His ice cold hand caught my jaw, and turned my head back round to him, none the too gently, might I add. “School isn’t so bad…I promise. And one of us will be in almost ALL of you’re lessons.” I closed my eyes so I didn’t have to see his eyes. Their topaz eyes were the BEST way to melt a heart. I swear. Something was on my eye it felt like an ice-cube, then I realised it was TUGGING at my closed lids.

“Piss off and leave my eyes alone, my make-up took a bit this morning.” I hissed. It had! I had matched my first set of make-up to my first outfit and then stupid Edward had to go and have a hissy fit and I had to change, therefore changing my make-up too. Being a girl was something the chavs at home might have called “a long ting.”

“No.” Jasper said stubbornly.

“Yes.” I said matching his stubborn tone.

“I’ll give you a pop tart….” He practically sang, my eyes flew open. Upon my arrival in America, I had consumed about a ton of pop-tarts in one week. Not having them back in London, it was like heaven on sugar. Yummy Sugar…. Jasper let go of my jaw and waved around a pop-tart. I snatched it up and stuffed it in my mouth, being the pig that I am, immediately brightening in my mood.

Alice and Rosalie were watching me with identical expressions of confusion. Jasper muttered something low but I still caught it, “Note to self, if Ellie is ever in a bad mood give her a pop tart.” I shoved his side as hard as I could, he didn’t budge just grinned back at me playfully.

“I was wondering when you were going to figure it out.” I said with an eye roll, “What’s this school called?” I asked curiously, they hadn’t told me much about this whole school thing, only the ground rules. Well, rule - No, no…We’ve already done this bit…Anyways....

“Forks High School.” Alice said shaking her head slowly.

“Wow, you American’s have a name for everything don’t ya?” I asked sarcastically.

“How long till we get there? Jasper’s legs are long, therefore mine are being squished.” I said matter-of-factly. Jasper tried to smack my head but I ducked at the last minute.

“Hey, hey, watch the hair mate, it took a long time.” I said outraged.

“Quit you’re moaning prim Donna, were here.” Emmett said pulling into a space and pointing to some buildings that looked like houses.

“Where’s the school? All I can see are a bunch of houses…” I said craning my neck to see what was behind them.

Rose started to laugh, “No seriously, I can see the Welcome ‘To Forks High School’ sign, but where’s the school?” I asked bewildered, I still hadn’t gotten it.

Emmett was fully chuckling now, “Ellie, those ‘houses’” he began, “ARE the school.”

“You’re not being serious.” I said flatly. Turning to each of them in turn, Jasper and Alice were laughing as well, I was too stunned to even care that they were laughing at ME. “So you are being SERIOUS? Fuck, this school is small!”

“Ellie! Language!” Jasper scolded.

“Umm okay, Esme.” I muttered realising we were still in the car, I opened the door and slipped down the side, have I mentioned the Jeep was HUGE. I stood there letting the wind toy with my hair. It wasn’t a particularly nice day, cloudy and over cast but thankfully not raining. The school was a set of about 6 or 5 buildings. With one big building which I assumed was the gym or the cafeteria. There was a track just behind the buildings, I couldn’t run so obviously THAT was a no-go area. A cold hand steered me towards a particularly homey looking building that I assumed to be the office or a teacher’s building. I shrugged away from the hand and hissed: “I don’t need you’re guidance, Edward.”

“How’d you know it was me?” He asked in a kind of stunned voice, I kept walking not even bothering to reply, if he wasn’t careful all of the happiness from my pop-tart would literally melt away. His hand caught my shoulder and spun me around, into one of his lovely, oddly comforting and warm (not in the literal sense) hugs.

“Look, I’m sorry okay?” He said into my hair, I wondered what the humans would think…Brother and sister hugging just a BIT too close…You know how rumours fly… “I just- you’re only 16-”

“But I’m pretending to be 18.” I muttered into his shirt, helpfully.

“And you’re not supposed to grow up this fast…” He finished lamely, pushing me away and holding me at arms length.

“I hate to break it to you, but I aint you’re kid.” I said, luckily, my poptartded-happiness was still there, hmmm pop tarts….No, no, back on topic…”Look it’s okay, you’re only doing what you’re supposed to be doing, now can we please sign in so I can finish this day, go home and curl up in the foetal position and cry?” He put his arm around my shoulders as we started walking back towards the office building.

“Would you stop worrying already? My sides are going to split.” Emmett laughed from behind us.

“I’m seriously nervous, so shut up about it.” I said in a small voice, I hated showing weakness, I must have been pretty messed up to cry in front of them in that forest…Edward stiffened up beside me and started to hum our freestyle song-from so long ago-, as we walked into the building. I disentangled myself from him as a rush of hot air hit my face. So what? The teachers get to live all divinely while we –the students- got to freeze our butts off? Nice, NOT.

“Thanks Edward.” I muttered quietly, tactfully not looking at him.

“Anytime.” He breathed back.

“Childr-STUDENTS WELCOME! WELCOME, WELCOME TO FORKS HIGH SCHOOL!” An overly enthusiastic male teacher boomed. He was sitting behind a wooden desk, with a dozen filing cabinets behind him, and a computer screen flashing against his slightly lopsided, very large glasses.

“Why are you shouting?” I said loudly back to him, pushing Rosalie out of the way to see him better. He was a balding man, but not chubby or fat. He looked around to be in his late 30’s or early 40’s had brown hair, and very oddly green eyes. His skin wasn’t quite so brown but he looked almost tanned, obviously not from around here then.

“SORRY- sorry, I had my head phones in. I’m Mr. Messenger, I’m head of the Arts department, but I also teach our Media and Music classes. And who might you all be?” He asked politely. This teacher confused me; he almost seemed like one of the kids. I hoped I had him for one of my lessons. But I had forgotten to ask Emmett what he put down for my electives…

“Were the Cullen’s and the Hale’s.” Emmett said in his deep voice, subconsciously flexing his muscles.

“Show off” I muttered too low for the human to hear, he cracked a quick grin, too fast for any human to have a hope of seeing. The teacher- Mr. Messenger- wrote us all slips and gave us school maps, then ushered us out of the door with our timetables and a mental note to get every teacher to sign our slips.

“Why the hell do we need a map? The school’s smaller than our house.” I said laughing.

“It’s just how I remember it…” Bella said softly. Edward had his arm wrapped around her waist, while she had a far away expression on her face. “Remember Mike Newton?” She asked chuckling. The rest of the Cullen’s laughed too. And oddly enough, I didn’t feel excluded…just…resigned. Rose, Alice and Bella went off into one of the building’s marked for science, I was about to follow when someone took hold of the upper half of my arm and spun me into the direction of a smaller looking building marked ‘Music and Media.’

“Did you not even READ you’re time table?” Emmett asked as his eyebrows rose.

“We were supposed to keep it? I threw it in the bin….” I said seriously.

“Why? Now you don’t know what you have! I spent ages on you’re timetable and I-” I cut his hissy fit short.

“Emmett, it’s in my bag. Calm down.” I said patting his head, knowing he hated it. I don’t know why, must but something Rose did…EW, I’m NOT going there.

“Teach you to trick me…” He muttered, we had reached the door and that’s when I realised Edward and Jasper were here too. For Esme’s sake! Why me?! I shoved my way past Emmett into the classroom, not thinking he would get revenge, only, I should have never under estimated him so much. He stuck his foot and I tripped over it, face first might I add. And no, it wasn’t carpet. What a great way to start the school year Ellie, with a BANG. Hands were helping me up from the vinyl floor. Some part of my brain registered that these hands were warm. Not cold.

“WOAH, you okay?” Someone asked me, in an American accent.

Well duh, you’re in America dim-wit.” Edward said lowly. But I wasn’t even paying attention to his remark; I was staring at the girl in front of me. Or more precisely, her HAIR. It was black as sin with orange streaks in it. She has GOT to show me to her hair dresser. It was hanging down and reached just to just above her shoulders. But what shocked me the most was that she had the strangest eyes. They were amber. With slits down the middle of them. Hmm they must be contacts but still… She had on pink neon skinny jeans orange neon converses and a bright neon green top.

“Umm…Thanks.” I said as she dusted me down. What on odd little girl. Well, I shouldn’t really call her little, she was older than me.

“Jones, Aithne Jones.” She stated sticking her hand out. I shook it gingerly.

“Umm Mad- Cullen, Ellie Cullen.” I said matching her impersonation of James Bond. “And these freaks are my brothers.” I said pointing to the three of them, who had been rooted at the spot due to Aithne’s hair, or her clothes, or her eyes, or more likely; all three.

“FUCK, YOU’RE BROTHERS ARE HOT! I WANT ONE!” She practically screamed, jumping on the spot. What a weird child…

“Umm…I hate to break it to you, but Jasper – that’s the blonde one- he’s a freak who is also clinically depressed, who also plays World of War Craft constantly. Emmet;-that’s the dark haired one- Is a body building maniac, bad boyfriend material, and Edward; - that’s’ the bronze haired one- Is gay.” Their jaws turned slack, while I stared innocently up at them. “Plus their all taken.”

Aithne’s face dropped slightly, but then brightened again. Man, she bounces back fast.

“Dude, never mind. I like someone else anyways, but still…It’s a shame Edward’s gay, oh well, he can go into the model business I guess!” She said laughing. She intrigued, but slightly freaked me out…Like that Charmingal…Anyways back to Aithne, when I looked closely her skin was an un-blemished as mine, yet she still had make-up on, I wondered for a split-second if she was a vampire, but that hand still holding mine was warm.

“Hey come meet the rest of us! Oh and you’re bro’s too!” She let go of my hand to go introduce herself to my brothers, they all looked slightly alarmed but calmed down at her warm touch, who knew warmness would work…hmmm seeing as I was still partially warm, maybe that could work for tomorrow and the prospect of me wearing a dress…When they were done with their intro’s Aithne pulled us over to a group of very pretty people, even by human standards.

“Well this is Scott.” She said pointing to a blonde boy, who was more man than boy, was it just me or when she said his name did her voice go all mushy?

“Yo.” He said in a bored voice, not even bothering to look up from his I-Pod. Well what a great way to make friends.

“Can I call you Scotty, or Scotto?” I asked hopefully. That brought some life into his face. He seemed to focus on ME, instead of his I-Pod, and looked me up and down. I thought I heard Jasper growl beside me but that may have just been the heating.

“No. Just Scott.” He said, with a smile on his face.

“Okay Scotty. Scottooooo.” I said, my voice left no room for arguments and he knew it. Mental Note, I can now get most guys to do what I want. HUZZAH.

“Okay…Moving on with the intro’s….This is Roisin.” She said pointing to a girl with black hair, not as black as Aithne’s but close to. It had brown streaks in it as well, but somehow I felt this wasn’t entirely meant to happen.

“Raisin?” I asked, trying to pronounce her name, how Aithne did.

“No, it’s Row to the Sheen.” She said laughing, in a voice that didn’t match her all black outfit at all, it was almost as bubbly and as high pitched as Alice’s.

“Oh…Okay…Roisin.” I said pleased that I had gotten it right.

“This is Cody,” She pointed to a curly haired, glasses wearing guy. “Brendon,” She pointed to another guy with dark hair but this time it was straight…Was it just me or was he wearing eyeliner? Whether he was or he wasn’t that was hot. “Derek,” She said pointing to a red-headed guy who was literally a giant he looked over 6ft tall, and was standing propped against the corner. “And this is Madison, Caddie, Ralie and Dallas.” She finished up, pointing to a few girls who barely even acknowledged me; they were too busy drooling over my brothers. The classroom door banged open and the teacher from the office…Mr. Messenger I think, walked in carrying a lugging in a wheelbarrow of laptops.

“Good morning class. And welcome back to Media and Music!” He said, the whole class erupted in shouts of delight, and woops. That was until the door banged in another time and some of the most stereotypical girls I had ever seen walked in, also with some of the most stereotypical guys I had ever seen. Cheerleaders and Jocks. Did this school even HAVE a cheerleading squad?

“Uh, like, sorry Mr. M, like we were just watching like our boyfriends like, play tennis, like.” Oh so I was wrong about he cheerleaders. But oh so right about the stereotypes.

“And like, I was just filling up my head with air like at the same time…Like.” I heard Aithne mutter perfectly audible as she took her seat.

“Look Aithne,” The obvious leader said, “Just because you’re jealous, doesn’t mean you have to be rude.” The blonde girl- yeah she was blonde, what was this stereotype central?- went to sit down with her group at the opposite end from where Aithne sat at with their group.

“Ummm…You four.” Mr. Messenger said pointing to my brothers and I. “Come introduce yourself.” To get to the front of the class we had to go past the “popular crowd” and it was fortunate because I heard a snippet from their conversation.

“Yeah and, like, did you, like, she those Cullen girl’s, like? They, like, think their, like, all that, like.” The blonde was saying.

“I know right.” A dark haired girl with frizzy hair was saying. I got to the front of the class and turned on my head, Emmett looked like he wanted to snap that girl’s neck, believe me, I did too.

“Um, hello, I’m Ellie, CULLEN.” I said loudly staring straight at the girl’s, “And my sisters and I ARE all that. Oh and if you didn’t know I’m from London. That’s in Great Britain... Near France.” I added slowly to the blonde girl and the dark haired girl, taking the mic out of their obvious retard-ness.

“You three owe me.” I said quietly as I stepped back to let Emmett speak. I looked over to the girl’s, taking in their startled faces. They looked like a pair of deer’s caught in the headlights. The guys in their groups were actually laughing. HAH. I got them good. I looked over to Aithne’s group and they had on identical expressions of gratitude.

Forks High School looked messed up.

And it was up to me to save it. DUN DA DA DAAAAAAAAA. Super Ellie! Okay. So I’m not a superhero, but surely being British might help… Yeah might help me get beaten up that is.