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THIS IS BOOK ONE IN THE DISCOVERED SERIES - TAKEN! Elaine is just a normal teenager, she's hormonal, music is her life,sweet,funny,moody. She lives with her mum in London in a beautiful Victorian house. Her life is going fine. Good grades, no getting into trouble. Until fate turns against her, and deals her a deck of cards no one would wish on their worst enemy. Can Elaine escape? Who will she meet along the way? Or will the torture start again all too soon... Over 2,300 reads, and oh so many reviews, I love you guys! Thanks for the support!


13. Plan's gone wrong

Rating 3/5   Word Count 5579   Review this Chapter

We were still in Media and Music and it was Emmett’s turn to introduce himself to the class. Oh dear sweet mother of Edward, don’t let him rip their heads off later, I thought pleadingly. Edward chuckled lowly from beside me.

“What? What? It could happen! You never really know with Emmett.” I said with a shrug.

“Yo, Emmett’s my name; if you’re funny you’re instantly in my good books. But if you’re a bitch,” He turned towards the leader of the popular group, I giggled. “Then watch you’re back.” He finished menacingly, even MY hair stood up at the back of neck. Edward stepped up to talk to the class, EW, don’t let him embarrass me.

“Edward’s the name, don’t wear it out.” What the hell? Edward’s the name, don’t wear it out? Well there go MY street cred. “Annoy me, and you’ll probably end up loosing.” Way to go with the whole anti-social thing, I practically hissed at him in my head, if one person says to me, ‘Oh My God, you know you’re brother? Yeah, the anti-social one? He’s so HOT’. I will kick you’re “special” place myself. I got the pleasure Of Edward flashing a smile to the class, in a very social way. Good slave monkey, gooooodd. Jasper stepped up to introduce himself when the door banged open a third time and a horde of people swarmed in. A boy with chocolate dark skin detached himself from the group and handed the teacher a tape. That’s it, a single tape. Great. Where’s the kabloom bit?

“Mr.M, the tape you wanted.” He said as he placed the tape in the teacher’s hand with a bow. He was about to go on when Scotty jumped and exclaimed:

“ELIJAH! DUDE!” And ran up to him, I thought they were going to hug, but what happened was so much better. They started DANCING! Or crimping to be more precise, like in White Chicks! With the dance battle! They were so fit! I just about died on the spot. Another boy joined in, he was lighter than Elijah but still oh, so hot! I was having trouble not drooling. Mr. M clapped his hands in a way to try and stop them, it worked but it didn’t make them quiet, didn’t make me quite either. I started clapping enthusiastically, the boys heads turned towards me, and did that whole looking me up and down thing again, now I was POSITIVE I heard Jasper growl, this time flanked by Emmett and Edward. Dear god, don’t let them kill the hotties…The girl’s who had also come in with Elijah and the boy with caramel coloured skin, walked over to Aithne and the other’s and did the whole hugging and squealing thing, us girl’s do.

“Who might this be?” Elijah asked stepping forward clasping my hand in his and bringing it to his lips. OH MY DEAR SWEET MOTHER OF JASPER.

“Her name is Ellie, and she’s our sister.” Edward said menacingly, putting enough emphasis on the word 'sister' to kill a weak hearted person. Elijah dropped my hand quickly and walked swiftly (or ran hoever you looked at it) back to Scotty.

“Elijah, right?” I asked, “And you?” I asked caramel skined boy.

“They call me T.J.” He said in a deep voice, that I’m sure wasn’t his real voice, and bravely came up to me and shook my hand. I beamed at his gutsiness. He had guts to go up against the three buffoons I called my brothers.

“Okay, Okay, Class settle down please, let us start our lesson. Because not many people took music we decided to blend the two subjects together this year, I’m VERY happy because this means we get a double period together!” He exclaimed.

“Oh what great joy.” The blonde one from the popular group muttered loudly.

“Amber, be quiet.” Mr.M said with a raised eyebrow as me Emmett Jasper and Edward took our seats in between the two groups. Great, so we were In the middle. “Right, I’m going to get stuck into this semester, you’re task is to make a trailer, to an instrumental piece.” Ideas flashed in my mind, GOOD ideas… “I want you in groups of 4 and start now. Take one of the laptops in the wheelbarrow that will be you’re laptop for the whole year; treat it like you’re baby. I want it back in pristine condition.” Edward went up to get ours, when he came back my jaw practically hit the ground.

“That’s the HP Tablet… How the hell did he get those?” I asked incredulously.

“The school’s small, so its funds are big.” Jasper said with a half grin. My eyes popped out as Edward handed me the Tablet. I hugged it to my stomach like it really WAS my baby; I loved laptops…so sue me!

“Back on topic then….Are you guy’s thinking what I’m thinking?”I asked excitedly.

“Bella?” Edward asked hopefully.

“Rose?” Emmett asked matching his tone, did I hear a GROAN? Ewwwww…

“Alice?” Jasper asked with a moan, did he just do a dog cry? Okay let’s not ask THAT question again In the future.

“No…Mission Impossible.” I said with a cocked eyebrow. That seemed to pull them out of their sick, weird and obviously heated fantasies. “But mission impossible theme tune…with a twist.” I said waggling my eyebrows, Edward’s face lightened immediately; obviously he wasn’t feeling so home sick with Bella anymore.

“You’re a genius….” He said lowly, I could see the gears in his head working faster than mine ever could. “You really are. But how do we-“

“We use you’re car. We can pull the seats back. And can you call in some favours in C.G.I.?” I asked already mapping out our movie.

“Okay, somebody better tell me what’s going on before I mess up Rose’s hair.” Jasper said menacingly, I had totally forgotten he was sitting right next to me. I quickly filled him in on our Trailer idea; while Edward did the same with Emmett.

“Alice will help with costumes.” Jasper said a gleam in his eyes.

“And Rose will do hair and make-up.” Emmett said he was almost bouncing up and down in his seat with excitement.

“When was the last time any of you were ever excited about school?” I asked playfully.

“Never.” The three of them chorused.We spent the rest of the double period mapping our ways to do it, and what our plotline would be. I had asked Mr. ‘Call-Me-Mr.M’ when it was due, and replying, he said tomorrow. I practically had an aneurism on the spot. Looks like I knew what I was doing tonight. From one of Emmett’s earlier jobs, we had cameras and we would use Port Angeles as our set. When the bell rang, Edward and the others all gave me a kiss on the cheek as we left the building. Obviously they weren’t in my next lessons, but I hoped one of my other sibling’s where. It occurred to me as I walked aimlessly towards the other buildings that I had no idea where Science 2- my next lesson- was. I spun around trying to see a familiar face in a crowd of un- knowns. Oh I got a familiar face alright, but not one I wanted to really see at that point.

“Ellie right?” Amber asked in her nasally voice, it sounded like a mosquito stuck in you’re ear, how unpleasant.

“Yeah, and you’re Amber right?” I asked meanly, as I scanned the crowd for Aithne’s hair.

“Umm...Yeah. I umm… about what I said, I didn’t really mean it…” She said awkwardly, obviously, saying sorry wasn’t one of her strong points. And more obviously, she wasn’t saying sorry to ME, but she was just saying it because of my brothers. How shallow is she? I finally caught sight of Aithne’s hair and sighed in relief, my mother had always taught me to forgive and forget, so I did just that.

“It’s okay Amber; really, I know that their gorgeous and sometimes it can be intimidating.” I said truthfully, and it could they were hot and I was well…Not. Side stepping her, I said “Look I gotta go, see you around.” and walked over to Aithne and her group. If I was to fit in anywhere it’d probably be here.

“Hey guys.” I said politely, as we walked towards a building I hoped was Science 2.

“Dude, I just realised she’s British.” Scotty said, immediately coming to my side. I smiled up at him, why am I ALWAYS the shortest? Well compared to Alice that is. But still.

“I guess you guys don’t have that much experience in foreigners ‘eh?” I said laughing, Aithne came to stand by Scott’s other side. My mind finally clicked, it was Scott she liked… I took a step away from him - if there was one thing I had learned from all of the sitcoms I watched back home, It was Don’t-Steal-Another-Woman’s-Male-Property - only to knock into someone else, I looked up to see a guy from my last music class; the one wearing eyeliner.

“Hey, Ellie right?” He said, his voice almost as velvety smooth as one of my brothers, putting a hand out to steady me.

“Yeah, it’s Bren- Bre- Umm sorry what’s you’re name again?” I asked blushing; I was bad with names sometimes.

“Brendon.” He said laughing. “What have you got next?” He asked, we had kind of disentangled our self’s from the main group and were walking just a little behind them.

“Umm, Science 2.” I said, “But I’m not sure where it is.”

“Oh no problem, I’m in you’re class, I’ll take you.” He said taking my arm and pulling me in the other direction to where I was heading.

“Oh umm, Thanks.” I said, hoping all of my gratitude leaked into my voice.

“So, how comes you moved here?” He asked as we neared the building.

“Umm…Change of scenery.” I brain stopped working for a second and I said it almost on auto pilot, as if from a distance. He looked down at me, giving his head an impatient flick to get his side fringe out of his eyes. He was about to ask a question, when someone bounded into the back of me. I lost my footing and would have fallen, in someone hadn’t of caught my arm and pulled me upright again. I turned around to see one of the popular boys holding onto my arm, and looking down at me.

“Uhhh Thanks?” I said sceptically, it was obviously him who had knocked me down in the first place.

“Sorry about that, me lady,” Me lady? Surely he didn’t think that’s how all people from London spoke, “Ellie right?” Dear sweet Carlisle! How many people had said that to me already in the past 2 hours?

“Yeah, and who might you be?” I asked pulling my hand out from his, and looking around to see Brendon still there, bless his soul.“Brad.” He said in a seductive voice, pulling my hand to his lips. But instead of kissing the stop of it like Elijah did, it went all wrong and he just ended up almost LICKING my hand… OHFORTHELOVEOFALLTHINGSEDWARDANDBELLA! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I yanked my hand away, with a rushed,

“I gotta go, bye.” And practically ran at my full speed into the building. Alice, Rose, and Bella, were all seated in the back row, I speed walked the path to Bella’s outstretched arms.“OhmyGodhetriedtokissmyhandbutitcameoutwrongandnowi’mscaredforlife! INPUBLIC.” I said into her shirt, my words running into one.

“Who did it?” I heard Rose’s outraged hiss, I knew her intolerance for men stepping over their boundary lines, so I could understand her anger, but I didn’t want her to KILL him, but I was pretty sure If I didn’t give her a name, she’s just settle for killing me instead.

“Brad.” I said as Bella set me down on the seat next to her, just then the teacher walked in and a mass of students followed, one of them being Brad. I recognised Aithne’s, Scotty’s and Brendon’s faces in the crowd and motioned for them to take the seats in front of us.

“Which one is he?” Came Alice’s high soprano voice, which was unusually icy.

“The cute one, with blonde hair.” I said miserably, as Aithne chucked me a note backwards.

What was that whole thing with Brad outside?

It read, I quickly wrote back,

Brad tried to do the kissing of my hand thing, like Elijah, cept his didn’t go so well, it was just like he brought my hand to his mouth licked it, then thought that was right.

I wrote as Scott sat down next to her and Brendon to the lab table next to there’s. The classroom had a simple plan, two students to a lab desk, there were 4 rows of lab desks, mine and Bella’s was second from the window and Alice and Rose’s was right up against it. The note filtered back into my view, as the teacher- Mr. Berty I think- droned on about something that I had probably already done because I was in an AP class back home. Obviously this was a lecture lesson, so we could spend the whole time writing notes.

He LICKED your HAND? That is disgusting! He totally wants you, you know, I guess that’s an plus side.

A plus side? I thought you’re two groups, like, hated each other.

We kinda do…But like, we all used to be really good friends, then Amber turned into a bit of a slut and yeah. You know Amber’s my cousin right?

No JOKE! Omg, she is SO mean! You know she apologised to me before right? I was like; I know you’re just doing it for my brothers, but like, I‘m a nice person so I forgave her.

Yep born and raised together, well in separate houses. Her mom’s my mom’s sister. But anyways, you and Brendon, you and Scott, you and Brad and you and Elijah. Damn girl, you’ve only been here for 3 hours and the rest of us don’t have any men left!

I’m so sorry! I like, like them, but not in THAT way! I didn’t think they liked me that way either…And anyways you have Brendon!

Brendon? Why would I want Brendon? I like YOU-KNOW-WHO.

She passed the note back but at the same time pointing to Scotty. So I HAD been right.

Awwww…You like him! Yeah but he has a thing for you!He does not, and if he does, I’ll just make it clear that I don’t want him. Girl Code.

Girl Code. :)

She was about to pass it back, when Scott snatched it and scribbled something down.

What are you girls jabbering on about now?

Nothing to concern you’re little American blonde head.

Aithne snatched it from me, and scribbled an almost unreadable:

Nothing Scotty, just girl stuff. Scotty took it and read our conversation. Luckily we hadn’t used names, except for Brendon, Elijah and Brad but I’m sure there was a guy code somewhere were guys cant tell other guys that a girl doesn’t like them. His eyebrows shot up as he read more and more of our conversation. I could see the blush stain Aithne’s neck before it hit her face. The note landed on my desk after Scott had written something, I was a bit afraid to of opening it.

To Ellie and Aithne: In response to Aithne’s statement, about Ellie stealing all the guys, you can you two can steal me anytime.

I had no response to that, so I slid the note forward to Aithne who just about didn’t leap off her seat with joy. She was saved the embarrassment when the bell rang, and we were dismissed; thank the lord, without any homework. Next Class, English Literature. Aithne and Scotty took me to this one, with a hug for Brendon for us all. My hug seemed to last forever, maybe Aithne WAS right about him liking me.

We shuffled into the class room to find Edward sitting at a table by himself, their were six spots so I immediately took the one next to Edward while Aithne and Scotty took the seats on my right. The tables were set out in rectangles. Two tables pushed up against each other with one other table at the head. There were ate table groups in all, a pretty big class, by Forks’ standards. Emmett walked through the door, just before the teacher walked in. A face I had been dreading walked into the classroom. Brad’s. I groaned and Emmett shot me a questioning look.

“Nothing.” I said, trying to cover up my groan with a cough. Brad saw the empty set next to Emmett’s and made a bee line for it. Oh for the lord’s sake, NO.

“Ellie what’s the matter?” Emmett said, as he registered my expression of absolute defeat. Aithne slipped him a note as the teacher started to right on the board. He read the note, and his expression turned murderous. Brad finally waltzed up to our table, and with a wink to me sat down. Edward was scanning my mind, I could feel it, and he suddenly let out a low growl.

“Whoa, looks like the spring showers are here.” Aithne muttered, mistaking Edward’s growl for thunder.

“Right Class, seeing as you’ve just come back from spring break and we have some new students, let us all introduce our self’s. Starting from the back table. Brad, up, now.” The teacher, I hadn’t caught his name, said in a bored voice.

“My name’s Brad Newton-“

“NEWTON?” Emmett and Edward exclaimed loudly.

“Yeah, Newton. Anyways, boyfriend to Amber Aims for 2 years running.” I series of whoops and wolf whistles went off in the class. Wow, show’s how much they respect her. Brad sat back down, and leaned towards me. “About before, sorry, really I am. I was meant to kiss you’re hand like Elijah had, and I guess It didn’t go so well. I hope you’ll forgive me.” He said earnestly. I turned my dumbstruck expression towards Edward and Emmett, while Scotty stood up to introduce himself. What do I do? I asked using my eyes, hoping they’d see it in my blue and green irises. They both shrugged, as baffled as I was at Brad’s apologetic outburst. I decided to use my theory with Amber, forgive and forget.

“Oh, yeah, no, it’s okay.” I said quietly, “Really, it’s fine.” I added when he started to protest.

“You there. Yes you, the one talking in my lesson, UP and introduce yourself.” The teacher said, and not in a kind way, I quite liked English literature, I didn’t want to get on my teacher’s bad side before class even began.

“Umm, Ellie Ma-Cullen.” I said subconsciously tugging at the sleeve of my hoodie. “From London.” I continued, taking a nervous glance around the room to see that people were ACTUALLY listening. “And very embarrassed so I’m just going to sit down now.” I pushed my hair down in front of my face to hide my flaming cheeks. The rest of the lesson went on like this, introduction claps, red faces of embarrassment, and hoots of laughter. I just couldn’t wait to go HOME. But there was one more act of embarrassment I had to endure before the last two lessons, and then home.


As soon as the bell rang, I was up and out of that seat faster than you could say something southern related, bounding across the ground’s towards the nearest toilet. There was NO way I was going into that cafeteria this lunch time. You’ve all seen the sitcoms, if you act or look wrong in the lunch room, you get mauled. Simple as that. Forever labelled as the one you don’t go near. Okay so maybe I was exaggerating, but I wasn’t going in there. Not unless Zeus himself came down and lightning bolted my arse into there. I had reached the shower and toilet blocks and had my hand on the door knob when someone yanked my hand away and pushed me in the other direction. The direction of the cafeteria.

“Well, I’m not Zeus, and I don’t have any lightning bolts, but apparently I do look Geek-Godlike.” Man, I’d know that ‘I’m-so-hot-and-full-of-myself’ voice anywhere, hands grabbed my shoulders and began to stear me towards the cafeteria doors.

“Edward, let me go! Don’t make me, PLEASEEE! I’ll let you win every bet from now until forever! Just for the love of Carlisle’s dog Monty, don’t make me go in there.” I hissed as he dragged me to the entrance of the cafeteria. Maybe if I sat with Aithne and all her friends it might not make it so bad…Who was I kidding, I'd still be as bad if I sat with Geeker Mc. Geek Pants.

Rose met us at the door and with an outburst that my hair was not fit for the dinning hall spent a full 10 minutes doing absolutely nothing to it. When she was finally done ‘fixing’ my hair we walked in. My first impression was that there was a lot of students at Forks high, much more than you would have thought could fit in the classrooms, maybe they had more larger building’s than I saw… My second impression was that there were a lot of tables. All had about 11 places and were all circular. My third impression, and probably the one I should have noticed first, was that when we had walked in the room had gone completely silent. Edward, Rosalie and I made our way to the concession line, picking up random things here and there. To be brutally honest the food didn’t look very appetizing, and I didn’t really have the stomach to hold it down. Holding my newly paid for food, I scanned the room for somewhere to sit, that was until a head of Black and Orange swarmed into my line of vision.

“Yo, Ellie you wanna come sit with us? Or you gunna sit with your bro’s?” She asked holding a plate with Pizza on it in one hand and a bottle of orange juice in the other. Just then the door banged open and my other sibling’s waltzed in, joining the food line, with less than enthusiastic expressions on their faces. I was pretend to ponder for a moment when I said in a rush:

“Naw actually -“I was cut off rudely from saying the end part of my rushed sentence: ‘that’d be great!’

“She can’t.” Jasper said bluntly finishing my sentence with what was TOTALLY untrue, having paid for his food and over heard our short little talk. Aithne looked taken aback by his hostility.

“Oh, well…” And seeming to not quite know what to say turned around and joined Brendon and the others in the food line. Faster than the humans could see, he nudged me into the direction of a spare table at the back of the room, not particularly next to any of the other tables. He shoved me down into a seat then sat down right next to me; Emmett plonked himself down on my other side. What was this? Protect-the-English-girl day?

“What the HELL was that all about?” I asked angrily sticking my fork into the supposedly Shepherds Pie, well It didn’t LOOK like shepherd’s pie.

“You’re not sitting with those hormonal teenage boys missy! It’s enough that you sit with them in you’re lessons…I wonder if we can get those changed…” Jasper left his threatening sentence hanging limply.

“What? That is TOTALLY unfair! Most people just seem to genuinely like me...UGHHH! Let me out. Now.” I said glaring at both of them; as I stuffed a mouth full of shepherd’s pie in my mouth, only to spit it back out again.

“What the freakity frick is this?” I asked outraged. Jasper tried to protest at my choice of in his opinion ‘bad’ words but I cut him off. “Frick is not a word, I win.”

“Well obviously they all like me best.” Rose said raising her eyebrows up at her husband. Sometimes I felt so sorry for Emmett; then again, Rose could teach me a few things about using you’re feministic vibes to get men to do what you want.“Of course Honey.” He said slipping his hand under the table to do god knows what with parts of Rose’s anatomy even I didn’t even know existed. I stuck my head down and put in my headphones from the I-Pod that Gianna had given me, luckily I had put on a bucket load of songs since I last used it, so I was set for a while; well until lunch finished.Pushing my un-eaten food towards the centre of the table I took in the large cafeteria. Aithne was sitting at a table not far from ours and judging by how no one hesitated in their steps there, it was their usual table. It just so happened to be next to Amber’s table. I watched as their groups tactfully sat in a way that gave way to a three foot gap between the closest of the chairs. I thought back to my London school, it was never like this; sure we had our cliques but not each clique HATED each other…

Aithne hadn’t really explained it to me…I wonder what REALLY happened, it can’t have been just a simple falling out…I mean, people move on…And plot of Forks High School thickens considerably. Just when I thought this place could get no more complicated it throws drama at me with gay abandon. I must have gotten lost in my thoughts because one minute I was imagining the teachers throwing drama books at me and the next moment Jasper was shaking my arm. I slipped my headphones out of my ears and looked up at him questioningly, all previous hate for him evaporated.

“Lunch is over pop tart.” He said, wait a damn cotton picking minute- a cotton picking minute? Dear Lord Almighty, what has Jasper done to me?- did he just call me pop tart?

“Jasper, are you implying that I’m fat?” I asked incredulously, standing up, only to realise the cafeteria was almost empty. Time flies when you find a good album to listen to is what I always say.

He rolled his eyes, “Of course not, but as you can see,” He said pointing around the nearly empty cafeteria, “This place is empty, and the bell is about to go, so I gotta take you to you’re next class.”

“God, you say it as though it’s a chore.” I huffed standing up and walking towards the doors, I knew he would follow no need to wait for him and his extraordinarily long legs.

“You are a chore” He replied casually, holding onto the upper part of my arm guiding me towards a block I assumed was the gym, oh…So their gym and cafeteria weren’t the same. Thank Carlisle, I hadn’t exactly left all of my food on the plate…Most of it was on the floor. Contrary to what most may think Esme always tells me to not play with my food.

“I’m offended, really, I am Jasper. I would have thought so much more of you.” I said in mock annoyance.

“If you’re alive at the end of this, or more believably come out of this with no bruises, I’ll be nice to you for two whole days.” He said stopping abruptly, and pointing towards the large building in front of us. It was identical-in all but size- to all the other building on the small little campus, poor little campus thing, never even had a chance to grow. Following the stream of kids inside, I noted balls; and lots of them. I laughed out loud, balls. Okay that sounded wrong in my head, what I meant was gym balls. It looked like everyone was getting ready for a game of dodge ball. Oh joy…I get to have big balls thrown at me for an hour, and then I have calculus. The joys of being a teenage girl. Not.

I walked in and realised that my earlier thoughts of everyone liking me, was just a little bit vain and totally off the ball, as Amber and her whole group turned in unison to glare at me, along with a hand full of girls around the room. The guys mostly smiled, and or turned their heads to hide their blushes when I smiled back. Looks like not everyone likes you sometimes, ah well you win some you loose some, I thought, resigned. I sighed closing my eyes monetarily, and felt a ball connect with my arm with a thud. Opening my eyes I saw Amber smiling sweetly at me and waving. Did I mention this was going to be a long lesson? I’m actually going mental, again with the mental chiding, I scolded myself.


“Have you brought him?” The boy- who was dressed in cloak as black as when Twilight befalls the earth each night- asked the man standing in front of him. He was looked around the age of fifteen, but he knew, as did most, he could pass for sixteen. With dark her and even darker eyes, he sure was a ‘looker’. But beyond those perfect lips, and those beautifully mysterious eyes, lay a pay of razor sharps ready to tear you limb from will at command. And right at this moment, he was ready to tear the one he wanted to shreds, for he had cost him dearly. He had cost him a companion, a friend…A…Pet.

“He’s right outside, sir.” The stuttering fool said to his superior. He was a newborn, fresh off the ballet, the smaller of the two knew he’d be of no use to him later, so he would just get Demetri to dispose of him, in less…Conventional ways than most. The shorter of the two looked at the other male with impatience before exclaiming:

“Well bring him in then, you impertinent fool!” Causing the larger of the two to blush, and walk outside letting the door swing shut behind him. Not a moment later, the door swung open and a man walked in. Although, man was putting it lightly; with chiselled features and ruby red eyes, he was the hook in a fishing game, and with curly brown hair, it was just the fish bait on top.

“Master, let me just explain-” The man with curly dark brown hair began, but was cut off sharply by the boy- or maybe man is a better word- in the pitch black cloak.

“There is nothing to explain.” He said calmly. He was surprised at how coolly he was coming off, he didn’t feel calm, and cool, but his voice betrayed none of the anger and seething resentment he felt towards his former fellow ally.

“But I- Then why did you- Just tell me she’s alright...” The brown haired man’s voice betrayed much more than the man consumed by the overly large cloak.

“Oh, she’s alright…Just…Having a little difficulty staying upright.” The man in the cloak replied inspecting his already perfect nails for dust.

“I…” But the man with the brown hair was lost for words, he racked his brains for what exactly they could be doing to his partner, his mate, his love. They only did what they did because what was happening to the poor creature was wrong! Surely the others could see that? Right? Obviously, his thoughts stood corrected, if him even being in that room was any consideration.

“Just tell me where she is, and maybe the blow won’t be so bad!” The boy in the cloak cried out in anger. His emotions finally showing themselves for what they really were- a world wind in chaotic thoughts and psychotic actions.

“Alec-Master.” He hurried to correct himself, “I cannot tell you, it is not right-how you treated her. Plucked her out of society and-“

“Those were not my orders. Those were Aro’s. Are you going against what our leader has said, Felix?” The said named boy, Alec retorted in a voice like splinters of ice.

“But, listen I can-“The one named Felix tried again, to reason with the livid boy,-man, it’ didn’t matter to him at that moment-to convince him to let her go.

“You took mine away from me, so I will take you’re away from you.” And with that, Alec strode past the man he despised, yet couldn’t help but thank for livening up the months without his…Pet.

“You never even loved her! She was never yours!” Felix shouted after him, before he whispered: “You.Never.Even.Loved.Her.” A sudden rage causing his whispered words to come out in a broken hiss.

Alec turned back with a sinister smile contorting his angelic features, “Oh, I know I never loved her. You and Gianna just took away my play toy is all. And now, you will stand before the jury and the elders and The Prier of Truth. You know who she is, am I correct?” He asked raising an eyebrow and not waiting for a pause.

“So you are right, I never loved her. She was just someone I could torture when I was feeling rather bored. But I could have loved her. But you and that piece of filth you call Gianna stopped that. And now, The Prier is going to stop. Her. Heart.”