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THIS IS BOOK ONE IN THE DISCOVERED SERIES - TAKEN! Elaine is just a normal teenager, she's hormonal, music is her life,sweet,funny,moody. She lives with her mum in London in a beautiful Victorian house. Her life is going fine. Good grades, no getting into trouble. Until fate turns against her, and deals her a deck of cards no one would wish on their worst enemy. Can Elaine escape? Who will she meet along the way? Or will the torture start again all too soon... Over 2,300 reads, and oh so many reviews, I love you guys! Thanks for the support!


2. Welcome To Hell

Rating 3.6/5   Word Count 1076   Review this Chapter

The first thing i was aware of was my steady heartbeat, it was like someone was playing a drum solo in my head, but a steady one. Huh. So i hadn't died. The second was of a dull but persistent ache everywhere in my body. I tried to remember what exactly had happened to me, but i just kept drawing up Violet eyes. Strange, who has violet eyes? Some memory tugged at the fringes of my mind. But as i went to grasp it, i immediately lost it. I huffed a sigh then winced. What happened to me? Did i get hit by a truck? I was aware that i was comfortable, like i was on a bed.

I tried to open my eyes but they would only flutter. Soft voices alerted me to the fact that i wasn't alone. I sounded like a boy and a girl to me. But they had the edge of wisdom in their casual tone's. The kind that only came wit being a senior citizen. I strained my ears to hear their conversation.

"...and i still don't understand why her specifically Alec"

Alec. Something, again, tugged at my memory, but i pushed it aside and concentrated on the conversation.

"Because" This Alec sounded like he had explained this all before far too many times. "She's been showing powers for the last year and a bit. I thought she'd be compatible as a mate."

Powers? Surely they weren't talking about me. My thought's were interrupted by a beautiful, sweet, tinkling sound, that pulsed through my ears. It was like a baby's first laugh. But oddly it didn't sound right here. It was out of place. Too happy to be in this place of- of-

Death. A voice whispered in my head. No. I thought firmly. I will not come out of this situatation dead. Although my limbs did feel like they were about to drop off. I fought the urge to scream out in pain as someone jostled my clearly broken leg. The bed sunk were someone obviously just sat down at my feet. After coughing a few times the first voice spoke again.

"Compatible? Jesus, you sound like she's your food!"

A low growl issued through the room at that last comment.

" I will not eat her. She'll be my..."The Alec person searched for the right word. "Pet" He settled for. Great. Ii was going to be his little pet. Lovely. "..For a while. And then when we've had our fun i'll change her."

"You mean i get to play with her too?" Was it just me or did she sound almost HAPPY at having being told she could "play" with me?

Alec laughed. "Of course Jane. I'd never let myself have ALL the fun."

Fun? Play With me? Pet? Change me? What was going ON? And more importantly, what did i do to deserve this?!

So their names were Jane and Alec. Memories flashed behind my eyelids, as what happened to me came crashing down. How i got here. Alec and Jane. Mother. Snow falling down in individual white flecks. I tore my eyes open, and instantly wanted to close them again, as my eyes focused on two red one's. The pupils just tiny black dots.

"Your awake," Alec breathed into my face. The scent, so sweet, not like any perfume i had ever heard of. I wanted to sit up and smell it all day. But 1, my arms were aching, thankfully bruised and not broken. And 2 every natural instinct screamed at me not to move so much as an eye. "Finnaly i was beginning to think i hit you too hard."

"When you hit me?..." My voice trailed off as i remembered to alley way. I had been running then something hit my on the chest. I remember having the sensation of being on a rollercoaster, but without the harness to keep me from dying.

"Oh yes, i'm sorry about that, but i couldn't just let you leave..." He had both arms on each side of my head. There was no possible way of escape. "We had planned for so long. Well lets not dwell in the past, we have the future together."

WOAH. Talk about possessiveness. There has GOT to be some way of getting out of here. I guess i could hop to the door...

I started to sit up. And got instant blood rush so bad the room started to spin.

"Future? With you?" I asked incredulously. Was he INSANE? I'd have the police down on him so hard. "No way Bozo." I swung my right, and also non broken, leg over the side of the bed, and sunk my bare feet into the red carpet. Where were my All-stars? They cost ALOT. He better buy me a new pair. I looked down at the bed sheets. Man this guy had an obsession with the colour Red.

He sat down on my right and laid a hand on my thigh. Oh no. He was NOT going there. Okay fine he looked about 14 but still. No way! I was NOT going to be held hostage! Some part of my mind gave me a mental kick at trying to make a joke out of this evidently serious situation.

"Yes. You'll be mine, in all due course" His eyes turned malicious. Turning his red irises into an even more menacing site. "But first, i think i shall have my fun"

"What are you-"My question was cut off, as he pressed a little harder on my thigh. Shattering the bone. Someone screamed. It was the single most heart wrenching thing i had ever heard. So much pain. So much sorrow. So much fear. All injected into one harrowing scream. It took me a moment to realize it was me screaming.

Amusement shone from every pore in his angelic face. From his disgustingly beautiful smile. To his distorted features, set in malicious amusement.

Cold hands picked me up. Not to gently either. They jostled my legs. Now both broken. Great. No hoping out of here now.

"Welcome to hell Caro" Alec whispered in my ear.

The familiar feeling of falling into a bottomless pit, filled my senses. I fought hard against the darkness encroaching me.

Well, trust me to pick the psycho kids to help out. I wont be waking up early ever again, i thought as i slipped off the edge and into unconsciousness.