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THIS IS BOOK ONE IN THE DISCOVERED SERIES - TAKEN! Elaine is just a normal teenager, she's hormonal, music is her life,sweet,funny,moody. She lives with her mum in London in a beautiful Victorian house. Her life is going fine. Good grades, no getting into trouble. Until fate turns against her, and deals her a deck of cards no one would wish on their worst enemy. Can Elaine escape? Who will she meet along the way? Or will the torture start again all too soon... Over 2,300 reads, and oh so many reviews, I love you guys! Thanks for the support!


3. Branding

Rating 3.8/5   Word Count 1462   Review this Chapter

I awoke with sense that I was standing up. What> I was unconscious standing up? I thought only horses could do that. I ripped my eyes open and was awarded by the ripping sensation of skin on my eyelids. I gasped as warm liquid beaded down the side of my face.

Ignoring the pain I took in my general surroundings. The room was dark, except for a few slants of weak light. The bricks that made up the interior were the darkest shade of black I had ever seen. The walls formed a circular shape. Or maybe it looked that way because I was dreaming? I began to speculate if I was just loosing consciousness again. But my mind was too quick.

As I tried to move my arm, I felt restricted. My arms were above my head and I was dangling my feet a couple of centimeters from the floor. When I moved my hand a rattling noise came from my above. I realized again, that I was standing upright. Something hands to be holding me there. I put two and two together much too slowly than for my liking. But I got there in the end.I was shackled to the wall.

As I took in my surrounding's in again. I realized WHERE I actually was. I was in a cell.

There was a black aged door to my left. It cracked in places were it needed a new lick of black paint. Scratchy material rubbed against my torso. I looked down. I stopped breathing. I only knew this because the room was suddenly quiet except for my heartbeat. Slow and Steady. But it was fading now. Ever so quietly. I forced the breath out of my lungs, and looked down again at Low, and I mean low, cut red dress. I gaped at it. Were where my skinny jeans and Muse T-shirt? The realization hit me harder than it should.

They weren't playing around. The really WERE going to "play" with me. I tried to move my legs. They wouldn't respond this shook me. Why couldn't I feel my own leg!? I didn't want to look but I looked anyway. And let out a gust of air.

They were bandaged. How strange. You go to the trouble of breaking my legs and then you bandage them so they can heal. Again, this realization should have come sooner. They wanted to cause as much pain as possible. Heal me. Then cause the pain again. My breath came in little rasps as I tried to gain hold on myself. I wasn't having much luck when I heard the Door push open. Light flooded around a figure. This person was short. With dark hair. But not quite as full lips as Jane's.


As he stepped in I jerked my head up so fast I head the muscle's scream in protest at the sudden movement, and my bones pop, and click.

"Ha ha, so happy to see me?" Alec laughed as he stepped forward into one of the weak bits of sun that filtered down from the so very high ceiling. I did, for a second time since seeing him, a double take. His skin glittered like a thousand diamonds had been planted there. Each diamond winked at me independently. My hands yearned to touch his arm. I didn't want to but it was so..So...So mesmerizing.It took all of my strength to restrain my limbs from either kicking him, with my bandaged legs. Or just touching his arm. I would have to yank my hand out of the tight grip the manacles formed around my wrist. It would hurt. But look at that face. So angelic. How could someone so malevolent be so beautiful?

I couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped my lips. I had no more strength left. I would give up soon. Alec, taking this gasp of air for what? A sigh of relief? How delusional WAS this kid? He strode towards me. He looked like he wanted to say something. But I found my voice faster than he did.

And asked the first question that burbled to my lips. Grudgingly, Unwillingly I opened my mouth. And shut it again as the voice in my head whispered Stupid. Maybe if you just kept quiet he won’t come near you. But I knew this was inevitable. He would hear anything. Oh. He would hear.

"Why are you torturing me?" Was, surprisingly, the only thing I could muster. It sounded like a logical question. One with a direct answer. But his eyes flashed darker with anger.

"This is your fault. If you just loved me the way I loved you. None of this would have happened." His voice was smooth, the slight Italian accent only just visible. There was no waver of uncertainty in his voice as he spoke. But there was no trace of truth either.

But what choice did I have but to believe him? Right now he was my life source. But stubborn as I am I still pressed him.

"How can you love me when you've done this to me?" I whispered, pleading with it. Stupid. The voice whispered. Yes, I continued my train of thought pushing the doubt to the back of me head, I called him It. I wasn't stupid. He wasn't Human.

"Because if this is what it takes for you to love me back. Heck I’d get Jane right now if I thought it would help. But she's not needed. Now right now"His last two words chilled me to the core of my bones. Right Now? What could this Jane do? Why prolong the inevitable? I wanted to scream at him. Just let me DIE.

"Please" In spite of the raging battles inside of me, m voice was oddly calm. I was begging. A small part of my tried to protest but the larger part silenced it.” Please. You don’t have to do this. Just give me time." lying through my teeth was not good. I couldn't lie. So I tucked my head down instead hiding my eyes.

When I looked up with I finished speaking. I searched his face for any trace of a waver.

None came.

Suddenly the atmosphere in the room changed, from one filled with absolute fear from me that I thought it would crush us both. To this un-requited love that he felt. It one over my fear too easily. I was giving up, I though. When an idea occurred to me. Could I lie about love? Men and women were always shy and ducked their heads when they were in love. I could do that. Could I fake it? Could I fake it good enough to get me out of this cell alive?


Every cell in my body ached the word.Alec took two deliberate strides towards me. He paused and reached his impossible smooth hands to cup my face. I didn't even feel the cold. If this is what it takes to live? I whispered in my head.

He pressed his lips lightly to mine. I was surprised by the gesture. I let my composure slip. All part of living. I told myself. He pressed his lips more strength to mine. I had seen from experience in school, what to do now. He released my hands from the shackled. I wondered if I’d ever feel them again. He cradled me against his body. I let my composure slip again. This time I didn't make it so conspicuous. He didn't notice. I kissed him back, and when he noticed this he carried on for a few impossibly long moments. Then he abruptly cut off, and lowered me to the ground more gently I would have thought possible with him.

"I’m so sorry, but I have to do this." He whispered by the door. And even before I had processed his one, he back in the door way. Something golden glinted of the end of whatever black thing he was holding. It almost looked like a Fire prong in the shape of a V.

He kept murmuring "I'm so sorry" over and over. About what? I though. The kiss? Well he should be. I never wanted to see him again. But if I was to survive I’d have to plaster on a smile worthy of The Brady Bunch.

His hands tear the cloth at my right side, as he kneels down beside me. He put the hot metal in the shape of a V, to my skin. He was BRANDING me?! Like farm owners branded CATTLE!?

The realization however hit a moment after the pain started. Sobs and other heat wrenching screams drag themselves from my body.

But this time, unconsciousness did not come to take me away.