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THIS IS BOOK ONE IN THE DISCOVERED SERIES - TAKEN! Elaine is just a normal teenager, she's hormonal, music is her life,sweet,funny,moody. She lives with her mum in London in a beautiful Victorian house. Her life is going fine. Good grades, no getting into trouble. Until fate turns against her, and deals her a deck of cards no one would wish on their worst enemy. Can Elaine escape? Who will she meet along the way? Or will the torture start again all too soon... Over 2,300 reads, and oh so many reviews, I love you guys! Thanks for the support!


4. Unexpected Allies

Rating 3/5   Word Count 2149   Review this Chapter

I lay whimpering on the floor for an immeasurable amount of time. When would the pain cease? A couple of hours ago I thought I should add pressure to the wound, because that's what they did in the movies. My screams went on longer than when he actually burnt me.

Finally I found the courage to take a look at it. It hurt to move anything, so I had to strain my neck.

My skin was red and swollen. Covered in blisters. But no amount of blisters or redness could hide the letter V etched forever into my skin. Like a tattoo. Mum always told me never to get tattoos. My heart went out once at the thought of my mother. Mum. Where was she now? Did they have her? How long since I’ve seen her? I tried to count backwards in my head, but I had been unconscious for too long in periods. I didn't know how long those were. How have they been feeding me? Just as that thought occurred the door opened. Because I was lying on the floor, all I could see were two brown legs illuminated in the light. The person was wearing two really cute black pumps. Mental slap. I may or may not be about to die and all of can think are how cute this person's shoes were? I amazed myself sometimes.

Alec had been long gone. He left with the strangest expression I had ever seen. It was expression of longing mixed in with and expression like he had smelt something. And underneath all of that lurked hunger.

The person knelt down beside me.

"Shhh" It soothed. I realized then it was a woman. "It's okay, I know, I know it hurts"

I quickly noticed that I was still whimpering. I silenced that quickly.

"Why'd you care?” I spat back. My previous anger, which had to be stifled quickly with Alec, came back in a murderous flood.

"I care," Her voice hadn't lost its soothing edge. Even AFTER she had heard the acid in mine. I was beginning to wonder if they really WERE like the Brady Bunch. You know, smiles all around, happy faces, never getting the urge to punch someone's lights out. "Because this is wrong, it's torture. And whether your one of them or one of us, it shouldn't happen."

It was then that I remembered her legs. They didn't shimmer when she came into the room, and walked into the sunlight. I let my guard down.

"Your not one of them?" I asked in a disbelieving whisper. I wanted to believe it really badly, but I couldn't bring myself to. Not to get my hopes up and then just crushed, or ME getting crushed literally.

"No I’m not. But I may become one. But I’ll never do this" She gestured to my broken legs, and the V etched permanently into my right side. “To anyone" She finished.

I had been staring at her knees, not at her face. Not bothering to look up. But as I looked up, my heart fluttered. She was beautiful. But not exceptionally. She wasn't lying she really was human. I wanted to jump up right at that moment, and hug her to within an inch of her life. But 1, I had a burn on my side which more or less incapacitated me. 2, she said he was maybe going to be one of them. Who would want to become that? But I held my tongue and asked a different question.

"What are they?" I whispered.

As I asked the question I took in her face more. She had lovely brown skin with dark brown hair pulled back loosely into a bun. And warm inviting eyes.

"Vampires" She whispered. Before the words sunk in, my mind had already accepted this. The red eyes. Sparkling in the sunlight. All the "Changing me" business. All the clue's fit in, with a finality that made me gasp.

I was going to become one of them. A monster. A monster. I chanted in my head.Despite my inner turmoil, the woman didn't even notice my changing expressions, giving away what I was thinking.

It was then that I noticed the tray of food sitting next to her. Before I could do anything my stomach grumbled."Your hungry" She stated, handing me sandwich after sandwich. I didn't care what was in them, I only cared that it was the first food I had been given, for however long I had been here.

When I had finished eating and drinking, she took out a belt. At first, I thought she was going to hit me with it. Although why escaped me. Doesn’t matter why, Alec hurt you and he didn't have a reason, except love, a voice whispered in my head. I knew it was only part of my mind. But I feared going crazy. She merely told me to bite on it. As I was biting, thinking why on earth I was biting a belt, she pulled a basin full of ice and water from behind her back.

"I'm sorry" She apologised. "But if I want to get you out of here before they change you, you have to be able to stand at least, if not walk."

She said looking at my legs.Her words stunned me. So much so, that when she pressed the cold flannel, soaked with icy water, onto my burn, I didn't even register the sting.When she was done I whispered.

"You-you're going to help me get out of here?"

"Well of course" She mused "I couldn't stand by and let a member of my own species get tortured to the brink of death. And even if you weren't human, I would still try."

The door opened and I immediately started to scoot backwards. But not just because he was a vampire.The man looked like he could out weigh a Blue Whale. He was huge!

Misinterpreting my reason for scooting backwards, Gianna, she told me her name before, tried to sooth me. Again. The man shut the door behind himself.

"It's okay” She said softly "It's just Felix. He's going to help me get you out of here."

Then they told me their plan. It was fail proof, except that Aro wanted to see me.

"Now?" I whispered.

"Now." Felix replied, his voice grave.

He picked me up carefully, as not to jostle my burnt side.Suddenly there was light, and it stung my eyes having only had weak light since I woke up. Then Felix started running. I didn't trust myself enough, so I closed my eyes.

The wind stopped abruptly and I opened my eyes. Felix set me down on my feet, then seeming to remember I cant walk and therefore cannot stand, held me to his side for support.I looked around the room.

It was spacious, grey, but very brightly lit. I looked up to see the same slits in the roof, to let the sunlight in, as the ones in my cell. Hadn't they ever heard of Velux windows?

I hadn't noticed the stream of people come into the room. Vampires and humans. The vampires wore casual clothes but the majority wore black cloaks, like the one's Alec and Jane had worn, when they kidnapped me.

3 thrones on my right took up my attention. 2 of them were occupied. These vampires looked different from the rest. I couldn't quite say if they were pretty, but there was one word for them. Old. Their skin was papery white and it looked almost translucent. Their eyes were milky, but the red was still there, nonetheless. One had white hair the other Black. They were sat studiously ignoring me. So no Aro there.

The door at my back opened, and Felix swiveled me around to see who had come through the door. This must be Aro, I guessed. The gentle chatter in the room died at once. When I blinked, it was then that I realized the girl beside Aro. She was holding his hand perfectly at ease. Did she not know who these people are? By the way she walked, yes; she knew EXACTLY who they were. What they were capable of. But she didn't care. Didn't she know that, by the Colour of their eyes, ate people?

She had long dark brown hair, with brown inquisitive eyes. No she didn't care. And like Gianna I think she wanted to be like them. You could see it in her eyes, like a longing.

I looked up from the girl, she was that tiny compared to Aro, to find him watching me curiously. Why was he watching me like that? What do I have that he hasn't? Then I realized I still had that bloody, in both senses, red dress on. It still had the rip at my burn, to which I was grateful. A cold breeze had filled the room, soothing my burn. I don’t know if it came from the vampires or the slits in the roof. I didn't care. As long as I didn't cry out in pain. I was okay.

"Welcome to Volterra, Elaine! My name is Aro! It's a pleasure to meet you!" He strode over toward me and Felix. And I remembered what Gianna had told me. Aro could read people's minds, but only through touch. He couldn't hear our plans, so Felix had given me a way to hide my thoughts. I imagined a portcullis rising up in front of my thought's blocking Aro's way.

He stopped in front of me and Felix as he shoved the hand, which wasn't holding the girl's, at me. I took it without a moment’s hesitation. He's skin wasn't about to crumble, as I thought it would have done at my touch. It was merely just brittle, not as smooth as the other vampires, but still granite hard. His brow furrowed as he concentrated harder, then he scowled. He looked back up though, with a false 'Brady Bunch worthy' smile. He let go of my hand, and held up the one holding the girl's.

"This" he indicated the tiny girl, who up-close was actually my height.” Is Tegan"

So what? Keeping humans as "Pets" was now a new vampire fad? But I knew if I didn't respond, someone would make me. Painfully, make me.

"Hi Tegan" I said.

"Hey" She muttered shyly, looking down at the floor by the end. She gripped Aro's hand more tightly. There was no helping her escape. She was here by her own free will. No one was forcing her.

"Right" Aro said, interrupting my thoughts. "Well, it looks like your not withering in pain anymore. So I think it's about time Alec changed you, you've been showing potential for about a year now. I want to see how powerful you'll be."

Felix's arm's tightened their hold as I almost fainted. I looked up into Aro's face. I had let my guard slip, and I was sure my face shone with fear. His face was concerned but his eyes held something. Something near delight, at having seen my reaction.

"Is something wrong?" He asked.

"No." Felix replied. Aro looked annoyed that he hadn't been able to hear my obviously shaken voice.

"Alec, you'll change her?"I hadn't noticed that Alec had walked up, and was now standing next to Aro. He nodded. Felix picked me, I didn't blame him, Alec may be over 500 years old but he had the body of a 14 he'd probably trip over his own feet, trying to carry me anywhere.

I looked up at Felix, as he ran, hoping upon hopes that he would see the question in my eyes.

Would you still help me get out? Even if I was a vampire?

He nodded his head.

I relaxed only slightly.Before I new what that we'd come to our destination, Felix dropped me on the bed with care, I looked up just in time to see his apologetic face as he left the room. Alec was suddenly beside me.

"I'm sorry" he whispered.

Then he lowered his head to my neck. EW. He was going to kiss me. AGAIN. I was fighting to hold back the unprintable things I wanted to say him, when I felt a sharp pain at my neck as he bit me. For a split second I didn't know what was going on.

Fire ran through my veins, at an alarming speed. I screamed out, but these were different screams. These had no Hope. I was dying. And I didn’t mind. At least the pain would stop. And for that I was grateful.

My senses started to fade. And my heartbeat slowed as I screamed. And I knew the end was near. I closed my eyes, and drifted asleep. When I awoke I would be me. I wouldn't allow myself to become a monster.