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THIS IS BOOK ONE IN THE DISCOVERED SERIES - TAKEN! Elaine is just a normal teenager, she's hormonal, music is her life,sweet,funny,moody. She lives with her mum in London in a beautiful Victorian house. Her life is going fine. Good grades, no getting into trouble. Until fate turns against her, and deals her a deck of cards no one would wish on their worst enemy. Can Elaine escape? Who will she meet along the way? Or will the torture start again all too soon... Over 2,300 reads, and oh so many reviews, I love you guys! Thanks for the support!


6. A Warm Welcome

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As I started to stir I heard buzzing sounds, coming from close by. The buzzing soon turned to syllables and the syllables to words.

"Amazing! Just..Amazing!" A male voice marveled. Where was i? I hadn't dared to open my eyes, but now i took a peek. Shapes focused into indivisual beings. But they were fuzzy, bcause of my eyelashes covering my squinting eyes. "Every bone! Every bone has healed completly! In just 5 days! This is..is..Unheard of!"

Oh. Right. He was talking about me. "Miracle Child" ws my nick-name, and gasps of wonder and awe always erupted from people who saw me recover. Wait. Back up. Did he say every bone? What happned? All I can remember was waking up early to meet Lucas at school...

"Yeah" Someone muttered dryly. "But those 5 days were spent in a coma."


I decided it was high time i found out what the heck was going on. I opened my eye wide as i pulled my self, stiffly, into a siting position. Instant bloodrush. Ow. A memory flashed behind my lids of a red bed. I shrugged it off, must have been a movie i saw. I pushed my back against the head rest, not really focusing on shapes and enitity's. When I did focus, I found 6 pairs of golden eyes straing at me. Contacts?

"She's awake!" Someone squealed. Cold hands started to hug me. My imidiate instinct was to stay still, but these too cold hands were giving me bruises, so I tried to wriggle free. I mean, yeah I love hugs, but I didn't even know her. It. She. Whatever gender/species/size she was! I looked up at the rest of them, their golden eyes were slightly unnerving, so instead of showing how down right afraid I was, I did what I normally do I, I went into sarcastic mode.

"Is she, like, high?" I asked a stunnigly beautiful blonde. Instant stab of jealousy.She looked about 18, she was model tall, and had the plaest skin I had ever seen. Was she albino?

A big boy, who looked the size of a polar bear, X2, started to snicker. He grinned at me, exposing two rows of perfectly white teeth, they glimmered in the moonlight. I took an involuntary scoot backwards on the bed, then cursed myself at showing fear. It was then that I really focused on my surrondings and it's inhabitants.

I was in a golden room. Literally. Golden carpet. Golden bed. Ggolden walls. Golden curtains. You get my picture, it was golden.

On one side of the room, it was completly a window. The landscape outside took my breath away. Rocky mountains far away, and a lovely dense green forest with a river just beside it closer up. The river was stunning. It reflected the moons light, turning it more silver than different shades of blue.

I turned my attention to the six extraordonary beautiful people watching me. 6 pangs of jealousy ripped through my chest. I hated being jealous, but who couldn't they all looked like freaking MODELS. And who was I? The ugle duckling? Great. A wave of self hate washed over me. But then oddly i felt really clam. And confident. I knew this wasn't me, so i tried to keep my mouth shut.

I located the girl who had squealed, as she was nearest to me. She was pixie short, with ink black hair cropped short into a sort of page boy style? Maybe, i dont know, i wasn't so good with hair styles. She smiled warmly. I didn't return it. I moved to stare at the boy, well he was more of a man, standing next to her, but only got torso in my line of vision. I had to really crane my neck to even begin to reach his face!

"WOAH!" I exclaimed. "Where's the beanstalk, Jack?"

Someone burst out into a fit of laughter, the sound was so...so...beautiful, like everything else in this place. I began to question if I was concious or not. I looked over to the large boy, Although he looked closer to a young adult. He had curly darkish hair, and cute dimples when he laughed.

I turned my head to see adults. Thank goodness, some responsible adults! That's whta i thought, until i looked more closely, they looked about 22. Great! Fat lot they can do to help ME! The man had blonde hair like the other girl, and again, he looked more like a runaway- stop with the inside puns, this is serious!- model than a adult. The lady standing next to him, had a sort of oval shape face, maybe heart shaped. With tuffs of Caramel coloured hair falling down from her head. She looked oddly like my mother, the last time I had seen her anyways.

The boy/man who had just finnished laghing, shook his head slowly.

"Oh. I am SO gunna love having you being around here!" He stated.

I did a double take when I heard his voice. He was American.

"Huh. Yeah. About that. Where is 'here'?" I made the quotation marks with my fingers in the air " And who the hell are all of you?"

The man with the blonde hair stepped forward.

"Well my name is Carlisle Cullen this is Esme" He pointed to the lady with the caramel coloured hair " My wife" So young to be married, i thought.

"Emmett and his wife Rosalie" Carlisle pointed at the boy/man and the blonde haired girl. Umm, okay. Was this some kind of brothel? They looked like 18. I mean, I know people got married at 18 but it's not THAT common! His accent was really cute though, but i thought I could hear an under current of on English accent, but when I listend again there was nothing.

"And this" He said pointing at The pixie girl and the giant, what an unlikly pair. "Are Jasper, and his wife, Alice" I had to fight to keep my mouth from hanging open. Okay. What was up with these people? Alice looked 16! Surely that's a crime! To get married so young! I mean I cant deny love, but couldn't they have waited?!?!

"Right now you are in Forks WA. And who might you be?" Carlisle asked me turning back to smile and me encouragingly. I shied away from his gleaming teeth, by pushing myself even farther against the head rest.I hit my head rather hardly on the back rest, then I knew i could back up no more.

"Jack, Jasper. Eh. Close enough" I muttered too low for anyone to possibly hear. Emmett burst out laughing again, and Jasper actually cracked a smile. Umm, okay what the hell just happened? Had they heard? What was the police number for America again? 999 or was it 911?...

"Me? Oh I'm.." I thought about giving a fake name, but then realized they would probably recognise me anyway." My name is Elaine, Elaine Maddison."

Carlisle face seemed to loose soem of it's colour. Which was like, impossoble due to the fact that he was the palest person I knew! And I knew alot of people!

"The Miracle Child" He whispered. I promptly rolled my eyes.

Something downstairs crashed, all the cullens heads whipped round just as the door to the bedroom ripped open. Ever heard of knocking? A bronze haired boy stood in the doorway. His expression was one of the most MURDEROUS expressions i had ever seen. My eyes opened wide in fear.

"WHO IS SHE??" He roared, pointing a pale, slim finger at my face."WHY DOES SHE SMELL LIKE THE VOLTURI?! I GO AWAY FOR 1 WEEK, AND YOU LET ANYONE IN WITH THE PRETENCE OF A PRETTY FACE!" Well, at leaset he said I had a pretty face.

And with that, he lunged at my throat.