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THIS IS BOOK ONE IN THE DISCOVERED SERIES - TAKEN! Elaine is just a normal teenager, she's hormonal, music is her life,sweet,funny,moody. She lives with her mum in London in a beautiful Victorian house. Her life is going fine. Good grades, no getting into trouble. Until fate turns against her, and deals her a deck of cards no one would wish on their worst enemy. Can Elaine escape? Who will she meet along the way? Or will the torture start again all too soon... Over 2,300 reads, and oh so many reviews, I love you guys! Thanks for the support!


7. Dancing Freak!

Rating 3.8/5   Word Count 1727   Review this Chapter

I flung arms up above my head, in a sense that I could maybe, try and protect myself. Yeah, fat chance that happening.

A sound like two massive boulders colliding rebounded through the room. I covered my ears tightly, exposing my face, without opening my eyes. The sound was going to burst my eardrums.

I began to wonder why I wasn't on the floor dying. Hesitantly, I opened my eyes to see, Emmett, restraining the bronze haired boy. The one who had lunge for me. All this time I had been holding back a lot of emotions, but seeing that boy made them burst forth. Before I could stop them. With volume, and anger that would shame even the angriest of men.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HIM?!" I screeched at all of their faces. I stunned even my own ears. The bronze haired boy stopped struggling." IS HE ON CRACK!?!?! YOU’RE ALL CRAZY! INSANE! WHAT AM I?!? YOUR NEXT SACRAFICE TO SATAN!?!?" I jumped of the bed, and bolted towards the door.

But 5 days of being in a bed-ridden coma, had left my limbs floppy. I tripped just before the door; cold, hard, arms caught me. I looked up to see the bronze haired boy. My hands started to shake. But oddly, his expression wasn't murderous, it was apologetic. What? Apologetic? Okay....

"Edward let her go! She's just a babe! She's young. How can you possibly think she has anything to do with The Volturi? Lift up her top, on the right side. Do it!" Someone ordered sharply.

Cold hands were at my waist. I looked down to see the boy with the bronze hair, tugging at my shirt. Which was ACDC? I didn't know I had a top like that...

"SLOW YOU HORSES YOU LITTLE PERV!" I shouted at him. He barely seemed to hear me and just kept tugging up my top, on specifically the right side. "MOVE YOU HANDS RIGHT NOW! OR I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL-" I stopped abruptly, staring down in disbelief at my side. Were he had tugged up my top, exposing my bra, was a strange V burn...it was still raw and red. Why hadn't I felt it? How much pain drugs did they GIVE me?

"Holy mother of...What the hell did you people do to me?" I asked in disbelief, I finally looked up everyone's stunned faces.

"We-we didn't...it wasn't us...You-you have to believe me." Alice whispered. Her voice came out oddly strangled, somehow.

"Sure" Ii scoffed, and uses the name Carlisle had provided me with," And Edward here didn’t just try and kill me." I turned my eyes to him, he was still holding me. I wish he'd put me down. "Put me down. Now." I told him, my voice like ice.I tried to kick him, but he walked too fast for me too get in more than 2 kicks. I bruised all of my toes. He set me down, gently, on the bed.

"What do you people want from me? What are you?" I asked.

Carlisle sighed. What was he sighing about? I didn't see him having almost been killed!

"Were vampires. And so are you. Well half of one anyway."

"Oh. Lovely. Great." My head was spinning. Vampires? Here? Didn't they just belong in Buffy the Vampire Slayer? But part of me had already expected that they weren't human and that they belonged to a section I would call "Other worldly". Along with all the dwarves, and Elf's. I remembered they’re other worldly looks, the pale skin, and the in-humanly white teeth. Yeah, they weren't human. Or alive, strictly speaking. I could accept them as what they were, but me? A HALF vampire? I pushed the thought to the back of my mind. No. It wasn't possible. I wouldn't let it be.

I looked up and stared at all of them in turn. They all had on knowing expression on.Okay, what was going on? Did Carlisle have then brainwashed? Or should I be concerned of what they were putting in the water?

Edward, who had been trying to catch my eye with an apologetic look in his, burst out laughing.

His 'family' all stared at him like this was a normal thing. A thought occurred to me that they all looked freakishly like the Brady Bunch. Edward started laughing all over again. What was so funny? I mean what the hell was up with him? One minute he wants to kill me. The next he wants to apologize. And now he's laughing like a lunatic?

WOAH! Talk about Multi Personality Disorder.

Edward fell to his knees laughing, and slapped his hand down on the floor. It went through.

“Oh. My. Freaking. God. You really are vampires. Guess that means I’m one too. Oh GREAT! There goes my lawyer career.”

The room started to spin, as black spots appeared in front of my eyes, just as they all stared to laugh at my comment. Then it went completely dark.

I woke up and it was still dark outside the window. DAMN! I hadn’t been unconscious for long enough. When I buried my head into the pillow sleep wouldn’t come. I sighed and, after stretching to make sure I wouldn’t’ fall on my face again, jumped of the bed, and made my way to the door. I tiptoed out of the golden room, totally forgetting the fact that this was a house of vampires. And from my Buffy the Vampire days, also forgetting they would have heard me wake up. I tripped up twice on the stairs. Stupid feet.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs I turned right, and walked into an all white living room. WOAH, how big was that TV? It was bigger than both my arms span! Maybe vampires liked big TV...It did look inviting…But it needed ice cream. Well, I needed ice cream so I could watch it!

I noticed a door, of the left; I hoped it was the kitchen. It was. I stared at it in awe, and surprise. It looked exactly like my kitchen back in London. I could almost imagine my mother in here baking a cake, it that darn apron. I walked over to one of the biggest fridges I had ever seen. No correction. THE biggest fridge I had ever seen. I opened the door. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. It was completely empty. Then I remembered vampire’s diets. I closed the door quickly.

I walked back into the living room, without my ice cream, scowling the whole time. Surely they know I eat, surely they know every teenage girl needs ice cream, and if she doesn’t get it, she gets pissed! I threw myself down on the couch; it was so comfortable all white a fluffy, as I turned on the TV. Well it looked like this was the only ‘home’ I had for now. I might as well make use of the facilities. Ii turned the volume down. I didn’t know if they slept or not. I hadn’t seen any coffins on the way down...maybe they were in the basement? ...

It was my lucky night. My favorite Cartoon movie; Shrek 2 was on. Just at the best bit; the fairy god mother had just begun to sing “I need a hero”. I looked over my shoulders to see if anyone had followed me. There seemed to be no one there.

I leaped up into the air, and started doing the craziest dancing I knew how. I threw in some crazy squats. A bit of 70’s dancing. Mad spinning. The sprinkler. It was as I was spinning around doing the sprinkler, for the third time, I noticed a pale figure standing in the shadows. I tripped over my own feet, but hastily righted myself, and pretended to be stretching.

“Ha-ha. Just-Just stretching out those muscles…yeah…muscles…” I stammered.

The figure switched on the light, which I had turned off the create the “cinema” effect. Ii blinked a couple of times, my eyes adjusting to the light, and saw Emmett standing in the doorway. I sighed inwardly. BUSTED. I was so totally busted.

“How long have you been standing there?” I asked.

“Oh not that long” He shrugged,” Since “I need a hero” started…”

I sighed, audibly now. He looked like he was fighting a smile. No, a grin. He was fighting a large grin.

“Just laugh.” I stated as I sat back down on the couch, and watched as his concentration slipped at the obvious annoyance on my face. A round of laughter tore itself free of his body. I scowled making him laugh even harder.

Other pale figures appeared around him, they all wore the same identical puzzled expression. But there was a new girl. Incredibly beautiful. She had the same golden eyes as the rest of them. And I almost smiled when I saw her brunette hair. A fellow Brunette. Thank god. But the poor thing looked utterly lost.

Edward’s face looked puzzled for a brief moment, then his brow furrowed in concentration. He doubled over with laughter.

“Ummm, is he okay? ...I mean…I meant that in the nicest way possible.” I added.

“Dear, Edward can read minds…” The one Esme, told me gently.

My jaw dropped.

Edward could my mind. Even the Brady Bunch comment! But that meant…He had seen me dancing in Emmett’s thoughts…Well…Trying to dance anyway.

A low murmur ran threw their little circle. One by one their expressions went from puzzled to holding back laughter. I felt like punching the living daylights out of them. But since technically, they weren’t living I’d have to settle for the punching bit. But then I remembered Edward catching me upstairs. His cold arms. And the bruises I still had on my toes from kicking him. I held my arms to my side.

I scowled at all of them and stormed out of the room, I didn’t even get to the second step before I heard their beautiful laughter. I sprinted up the stairs two at a time; I almost fell, but blessed the heavens when I kept my balance. Once I was in the golden room, I promptly flung myself onto the bed, breathing in the heavenly scent. But I was exhausted, the emotional stress, and embarrassment, was all too much. I promptly fell into a deep slumber.