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THIS IS BOOK ONE IN THE DISCOVERED SERIES - TAKEN! Elaine is just a normal teenager, she's hormonal, music is her life,sweet,funny,moody. She lives with her mum in London in a beautiful Victorian house. Her life is going fine. Good grades, no getting into trouble. Until fate turns against her, and deals her a deck of cards no one would wish on their worst enemy. Can Elaine escape? Who will she meet along the way? Or will the torture start again all too soon... Over 2,300 reads, and oh so many reviews, I love you guys! Thanks for the support!


8. Crying is for the weak

Rating 4.2/5   Word Count 2977   Review this Chapter

I woke up after the freestyle match and decided that I DID like some of them, and that maybe I could start to be at LEAST a bit civil towards them. Everyone except Edward that is. Oh sure, we free styled one time. Big Whoop. That didn’t void the fact that he had tried to kill me. That’s not something I forgave easily.

I got up pretty groggily, playing the piano always took it out of me, it took lots of mental stamina, and plus, your fingers kind of hurt after playing solidly for half an hour! It took me about half an hour to fully open my eyes, I was so tired. And my sleeping patterns weren’t the same. I was still slightly jetlagged, I mean, I was on a whole different CONTINENT! Yawning, I finally dragged my butt out of bed and walked down stairs, I had to stop several times for large yawns. Finally, after much stopping for yawns, I found myself in the living room. I looked out of the massive window to just see the sun beginning to peek over the mountains and through the trees.

I had always loved sun rises. I grinned broadly at my last memory of a sunrise, It was with Lucas…Dear lord…Lucas…Mum…Well, Lucas will probably have another girlfriend by now…But what about mum?...I shoved her to the back of my head, I could worry later, just that she was alive was enough for now. But I would never see her again…But she’d be safe, away from me, her hybrid daughter.

I smiled at the thought of me, a hybrid. For some odd reason it made me laugh, maybe it was just my eyes again, or did the sun intensify in its glare when I laughed…No, couldn’t have. I blinked and shuffled away into the kitchen.Esme was already in there making coffee. She was really starting to grow on me. Almost like a second mother.

“Oh! Morning! I made you some coffee dear.” She smiled brightly.

“Thanks Esme.” I said as I gave her my warmest smile. Then a thought occurred to me.


“Yes dear?” She asked with an encouraging smile. She was so easy to like, maybe even love.

“What’s the date?” I asked. Her face fell a bit. I wonder what she had been hoping I was going to ask...

“March…March 15th” She responded.

I dropped me coffee cup and spilled coffee all on my feet, just as the floor began to tilt strangely towards my face. Again, cold hands saved me from an obvious bloody nose.

“What’s the matter?” Came Edward startled voice. Great. For all the people/vampire’s to save me, it had to be the one I didn’t like very much. I didn’t realize but I was gasping for breath until my chest began to burn. I mean it’s not like there wasn’t enough air in the room.

“The…The date…” I mumbled in a whispered gasp. Yet somehow he heard me.

“Yes…March 15th..What’s wrong?” He asked in a puzzled voice. He swung me into his arms and carried me back through into the living room.

I tried to make sound come out of my mouth. After several attempts I finally got there.

“March….March 15th? I don’t understand…” I said almost incoherently.

Edward was looking at me with concern as he set me down on the white couch. Esme looked a bit scared. And the other Cullen’s had just come down to investigate what all the commotion was. The were just coming into the room, they took one look and my, huge, fear filled eyes, and immediately went on alert.

“Yes, it’s the 15th.” Carlisle stated, he looked a bit fearful. Well of course! I must sound crazy. But…

“When did I come here?” I chocked out, quickly.

“Let’s see, the night you came here was…Ah, yes the 5th I believe, yes the 5th.” Carlisle replied, still watching me closely.

“NO!” I screamed. I knocked Edward’s hand away as he tried to keep me lying down on the couch. “NO! That’s. Not. POSSIBLE!” Okay I DIFFENETLY sounded ill in the head, but it wasn’t possible…Was this some sick joke?

“What’s not possible?” Esme asked softly. She was trying to calm me down, but it REALLY wasn’t working.

“When I….The…The last memory I have….Is of waking up on the 20th.” I said my breathe hitching up a notch.

“Yes….So? “Rosalie asked. She actually looked concerned.

“When I woke up it was the 20th of JANUARY! It is now MARCH! Where-When-What? WHERE THE HELL DID THE LAST TWO MONTHS OF MY LIFE GO?” I finished on a hysterical scream.

Carlisle began to pace back and forth from across the white room. Esme pushed Edward aside to come sit nest to me on the couch and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. I had an idea, I didn’t know if it would work…But it was the best chance I had at finding out what was REALLY going on.

“Wherever those 2 months of my life went,” I began hesitantly; they’d catch me out like a sore thumb if I made it too obvious. “I bet it has something to do with that V burned into my side.” I watched their faces carefully. Whenever I brought the burn up, or I just accidently lifted my top up, and one of them had been standing there, their expressions would change. The only word I could possible put to it was an intense hate and loathing, along with knowing.

One by one, weird expression leaked into their faces, all but identical. They all turned, synchronized, away from me. But even their vampire-enhanced, speed couldn’t stop me from catching the expression.

“What aren’t you all telling me? What does that 'V' mean?” I asked as I counted to 30 in my head. No one spoke, no one moved.I stood up shaking out of Esme’s motherly hold.

“Fine,” I said coldly, “Don’t tell me.” I turned on my heal and stormed towards the fire place, which was conveniently by the door, before someone stopped me.

“The V…We assume,” I recognised Carlisle’s voice as he sighed in defeat, I didn’t bother turning back round it face them. “Is for the Volturi.” He stated.

Images flashed behind my closed eyelids. My mind must have subconsciously repressed the too vivid memories, and could I really blame it? My mind I mean. I was happy when I didn’t remember. Now I was just numb. I remembered everything of my ordeal in Volterra. Scratch that hell.

I remembered... but I didn’t want to, I should have just kept my big mouth shut. My stomach began to twist and turn, and I felt that pizza I had last night coming right back up. A feeling of dread washed over me. But there was also something else, a little flicker of hope. I was still alive right? I had been staying with some pretty nice people. But…I just couldn’t seem to shake the memories off, and each time I remembered they came back with maddening force.


“Is for the Volturi.” As soon as these words left Carlisle’s mouth, images began to flash in Elaine’s mind. I caught flickers, and still images, but not enough to help me understand. I stared at her still figure, next to the fire place, as one lock of her mahogany hair turned pure white with fear.

What had the Volturi done to her? Came the unified question from each of my family’s thoughts. Alice’s shrill voice cut the stunned silence.

“EMMETT!” She screamed, “CATCH HER!”She screamed.

I diverted my attention to Alice’s mind. Elaine was swaying dangerously close to the fire place shears. Before any of us could react she fell. One of the uncovered shears pierced her fragile heart. In Alice’s vision the room was silent. No longer was there a heart beat.Emmett flew out from his seat and caught her fragile frame before Elaine could even finish swaying.

“What’s going on?” He demanded.

“Well, when she crashed into me, she was saying something about Jane letting her go, and not hurting her….” Carlisle trailed off as the realization hit us with force. She had been kidnapped. No, kidnapped wasn’t the right word. It was too common for this situation. Taken. She had been taken. And that 'V' burn and god knows what else was the result.

“Emmett, carry her upstairs. Everyone else, make yourselves scarce.” Esme ordered, she was fighting back tearless sobs, but her voice was as firm and as strong as any over normal day. Everyone did as they were told, but there was a new feeling to the air. Almost as if time had stopped and everything was moving in slow motion. Emmett cradled Elaine to his broad chest, as though she were the frailest thing on the earth. I followed him upstairs, Bella holding on to my hand.

“Edward,” Emmett began as he tucked Elaine into her bed, I hadn’t even registered the run up the stairs and into here. He smoothed back the hair form her face. I hadn’t seen this fierce protectiveness in his eyes since Bella had been human.”What is she thinking? What happened to her in Volterra?” He asked.

I had been getting a solid black wall whenever I tried to read her mind. I concentrated harder but all I got was the solid black wall. I could see light underneath it, a flickering light. But every time I tried to branch out with my mind, it was like it moved backwards, just enough so that I couldn’t reach it.

“I can’t, she’s subconsciously blocking her mind. This shouldn’t happen. The only time it’s supposed to happen is if she’s in a coma, or that she’s closed her mind off, because she doesn’t want to be hurt. I’m going with the latter.” I finished as I wrapped my arms around Bella’s waist.

“I guess we just have to wait for her to wake up.” Emmett stated, as he sat down beside her on the bed, holding one of her tiny little hands gently in his own ones. The comparison between the two hands was enormous. Unconsciously he drew soothing circles on the back of her hand as he stared at nothing.

His whole mind was devoted to the little snippets of her that we got. Elaine laughing. Her crying when she finally told us her story. Her beating me at freestyle, even I had to smile at that one. Her face as she cracked jokes when she first woke up. Emmett thankfully skipped the bit where I came in. Her dancing to ‘I need a Hero’ in Shrek 2. All of the memories untainted because she couldn’t remember.

But what we needed right now was for her to wake up. It didn’t matter if it took 3 days or 3 years. We would wait.And we did wait. For 3 days we waited for her to wake up. And then, she did.

All of the other’s were downstairs; I had come back up to check on her still form. For the 3 days that she was unconcious, we had all moved in a daze like sort of way. Not really feeling anything but a longing to find out what had happened to Elaine. A fierce loathing for the Volturi. And a sorrow unlike any other for what untold mysteries she had gone through.

The clock read 2:34am its green numbers casting weird shadows on my too pale skin. I was reading a science fiction novel; I think it was called Twimin?...Or Twifind?...Or was it Twilight?... I wasn't even taking in the words. It was just something to look at. She gave a little gasp, sat bolt right up in bed, only to fall back down again. I stood up and padded over softly to her side. Her hair was sticking to her head with a thin sheen of sweat. I stroked it back out of her eyes. She started to whimper as her eyes fluttered open.

“Shhhh…Shhhh...It’s okay…Really…Everything Fine.” I whispered trying to soothe, it had the opposite affect, her heart rate sped up and she started to sweat all over again. She focused her blue and green eyes on my gold ones and they seemed to calm her down.

“Edward…Edward…I…I remember…” She trailed off; she was just regaining her breath from the fright I had given her. If I frightened her, even though she knew it was me…What did those memories do to her?...

“Show me. I want to help.” I plead with her, she could be so stubborn sometimes.

“You don’t want to know.” She stated simply, turning her head away to the side. I caught her tiny chin easily, in one of my hands.

“Show me.” I breathed.She sighed and suddenly, I was watching a horror film of torture. Complete un-diluted torture, solely directed at the innocent little girl sitting beside me.


I unlocked my mind; bring down the barrier separating my thoughts from his. Ii watched his expression change from concentration to horrified to pained as I told him what had happened to me, in the form of a movie. When I was down he looked down at me with what could only be described, as though he, Edward Cullen, was almost on the verge of tears.

He leaned down to hug me, but before I could stop myself, I couldn’t see his gold irises anymore. Just red, complete and utter red. I screamed and jumped out of the window. When I hit the hard compacted earth I didn’t bother to stop running, in a matter of milliseconds I was through the ferns of the trees. But being as clumsy as I am, I tipped over an upturned tree root. Who the hell put that there?

My chest hit the dirt first, but I couldn’t feel the pain, I didn’t try and get up, I didn’t try and move. I just lay there. It was a second before I felt the hot angry tears spilling from me eyes. I began to weep. I wept all those tears that I had been holding back since Volterra. But I couldn’t stop. Even though ‘Crying is for the weak’ kept running through my head.


That innocent, sweet, little girl. My poor, little sister. What had she gone through ALONE? Yes. I thought to myself. I DID think of her as a little sister. As the movie finally stopped, I looked down to see her watching me closely. Ii leaned down instinctively to hug her but she screamed, and for a second it seemed like she had vanished.

The window slammed shut behind me. I turned to started out into the night, only to find darkness. Damn. She was getting fast.

I decided that maybe she needed to be alone for a while. Needed her privacy. But as I turned back towards the door, it slammed open and Alice stood small and fragile in the doorway.

She didn’t speak, but just showed me Elaine lying on the forest floor. Sobbing. A bear came from no where, unexpected, it played with her for the shortest of times, before it devoured her. She didn’t even fight back.

Save her. Her mind whispered to me.

I unhooked the latch on the window and opened it wide enough for me to jump out of. I began to run towards Alice had seen her go in. When I reached the mouth of the forest her scent hit me like a bulldozer I found her crumpled body almost immediately, sobbing in the rain.

She didn’t hear me approach or maybe she did, and she just didn’t care, either way, I scooped her up in my arms and walked way a ways. The bear would not find us here. I cradled her, gently rocking her back and forth in my arms. I lost track of time, and didn’t know how long it was before she stopped crying and just focused on her breathing.

“I’m sorry Edward” She whispered, finally breaking the silence.

You’re sorry?” I asked, puzzled.

“Yeah, I was such an arse to you.” She sighed. I started to laugh.

“You don’t accept my apology I understand.” She said in a defeated tone, trying to stand up, but I held her fast, the rain, which had mysteriously been poring ever since she had jumped out of the window, had finally stopped.

“No! No, I do accept you apology, although it should be me trying to apologise.” I said hugging her closely, if I used anymore force I’d shatter her bones.

“If you- Then why did you laugh? And if it’s about the whole trying to kill me thing, don’t sweat it. I already forgave you the night we free styled. I was just being stubborn.” She said.

“I was laughing, little sister, because your English accent makes you sound adorable when you say arse.” She stiffened, and her thoughts turned hazy. She wasn’t trying to block them, she was just VERY confused.

“Did you- Did you just call me ‘little sister’?” She stammered.

Oh crap! I hadn’t meant to let it slip that I thought of her as family yet.

“Uh, yes, I did. And I’m sorry.” I apologised. She flung her arms around my neck and hugged me as tightly as she could, it didn’t even fluster me.

“I always wanted a big brother.” She whispered into my ear.My non-beating heart seemed to swell up to 3 times it size. She loved us back. She loved us as much as we loved her. She really WAS just being stubborn. That ‘I hate you’ façade was no more. This little girl had snuck into our lives and buried her little presence in out hearts. Sneaky thing.

I was a fool, then, to think our happy little fairy tale as one family could ever last.