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THIS IS BOOK ONE IN THE DISCOVERED SERIES - TAKEN! Elaine is just a normal teenager, she's hormonal, music is her life,sweet,funny,moody. She lives with her mum in London in a beautiful Victorian house. Her life is going fine. Good grades, no getting into trouble. Until fate turns against her, and deals her a deck of cards no one would wish on their worst enemy. Can Elaine escape? Who will she meet along the way? Or will the torture start again all too soon... Over 2,300 reads, and oh so many reviews, I love you guys! Thanks for the support!


8. "The Rhythm Of Lines"

Rating 5/5   Word Count 2001   Review this Chapter

A week passed, and I still hadn’t let anyone in. Or made any particularly special connection with anyone. Every chance Edward was given, he would try to make amends for trying to kill me. Yeah. Fat Chance. Jog on mate. No WAY was I accepting HIS apology! I mean he tried to KILL me! At every chance he had he tried and come over to me; or try to talk to me. I either walked away, or ignored him flat out. Or both. I had the most stubbornness of any girl I knew. And I was proud of that fact.

Carlisle continued to marvel over the fact I was Elaine Maddison. Science’s own little prodigy. It was on that same week, that the others began to question why I was called “The Miracle Child”. The Cullens had finally realized I ate food, and not blood. So the whole kitchen was fully stocked, to which I was very happy. All of them had taken their places, sitting at the big mahogany table in the dining room. The whole family just sat there, quietly watching me eat ice-cream for breakfast. I turned my back, holding up my ice-cream in the air as I ate it.

Someone cleared their throat, but I didn’t turn.

“So…” I recognized that one, it was Emmett’s voice, “Carlisle tells us you are some sort of miracle child. Why’s that?” He asked. You had to hand it to him, he had bravery. A stubborn teenage girl with a tough past. He was gambling a lot talking to me, that was for sure. This was the one story I had been dreading telling anyone. I didn’t answer straight away, and chairs began to scoot backwards. Finally realizing that if I didn’t answer now they would only ask later, I huffed a sigh and turned back around to see them all sitting in place. Sneaky things.

“I was 6, and had started to get sick quite a bit,” I paused. “I went to the doctors…they took a cat scan...” I felt the quick sting of tears and fought hard to hold them back.

“They took the scan, and found that I had a …had a cancerous tumor on my heart.” I heard them all gasp, but ignored it, concentrating only on not spilling a single tear.

“They…the doctors… I was given two weeks to live. They didn’t even bother with Chemo therapy, it was too late…um…By the end of the first week, I- I had slipped into a coma...And then...Well, then I just woke up…tumor gone…no more cancer.”

Hot tears splashed into my ice cream as I continued to look at it, and eat it. I looked up suddenly; all their faces had similar expressions of pain and sympathy.

“You know” I said crying freely, “It has got to be the hardest thing, to be 6 years old, and told, your not going to be able to ride your bike again…See the latest installment in Harry Potter…never say, smell the sweet smell of Jasmine and Freesia on a summer’s day... To be told that you have two weeks left to live, and that‘s it.” Edward stood up, his arms outstretched. What the hell? Did he want to HUG me?

“I don’t need your sympathy,” my voice was ice cold. Good, just what he needed to get the message across that I hated him. I felt my guard slip as I ran out of the room, cursing the whole time, at having cried in front of them. Never show weakness, that’s what my biology teacher Mr. Merton had said back home. Never show weakness in the face of danger.

As I turned to run up the stairs I noticed, for the first time, a beautiful black grand piano. Sleek, shiny, it reminded me of the one back home. I immediately ran to it and played my favorite song.

(Ford Mondeo Ad – Don’t bother watching the video, it’s a car commercial, but I just liked the song - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=yjH4g2lLxAY)

When I finished I began to play it over and over again, remembering the feel of the piano when I play.

“That’s a sad song” Someone whispered from behind me. I spun around to see the whole Cullen clan staring at me. What was I? A staring at thing on a mantle piece?! But I had let my guard slip, and I couldn’t be bothered to try and put it back up. I smiled for the first time since arriving at the Cullen’s.

“No it’s not. It’s one of the happiest songs I’ve ever heard” I replied. 8 pairs of golden eyes questioned my sanity. I scowled at them and tried to explain.
“When you have a song with words, you listen to the words, and sort of forget the melody. But with instrumentals, you have to go under to get out." I played it again while explaining some more.

"Listen to the key changes. At first there’s no hope. Then a sharp will come in, and you’ll get the first pangs of it. Then the entire key will change. An octave higher. This isn’t a sad song. This is a song of hope.” I finished as the song finished.7 pairs of eyes looked puzzled. Except for Edward’s, he looked amazed, utterly amazed. Um. Okay...
It seemed that Bella, the girl with the brunette hair, had spoken that first time. I patted the rest of the piano stool next to me. She came and sat beside me without hesitation. The other’s formed a loose ring around us and the piano.

“I’m going to play some Pirate’s Of The Caribbean songs, their easier to understand.” I played Davey Jones from sheer memory.

(http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Fur86y7dQJ4 – but imagine it in piano form!)

“What’s that one?”I asked as the song drifted to a close.
“Death?” Rosalie asked hopefully. I could see where she would get death from, but she wasn’t quite right.
“No. It’s actually love. That sometimes, it’s like a hot fire glowing, never ceasing. Never dulling to a glow. I’ll play another one.” I belted out The Medallion Calls, from memory again. It was one of my favorite movies, I had to learn all of the song’s off by heart!

(http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=L6_dWwzcraA – The Medallion Calls.)

“Now what’s THAT one?” I asked as I was half way through.

“Dreaming of something, like a longing. …Escaping…Then going on a search to find what you must desire.” He paused, his eyes shut as he listened to the music. “There’s some trouble along the way, but it doesn’t matter…It’s a song of longing.” Carlisle said with a thoughtful expression on his face.

“Now you’re getting it!” I exclaimed. I looked up; I didn’t need to see the keys while I played, to see Bella staring at me like she had never seen me before.

“I know, I know. Bratty kid can play the piano...Who knew!” I was grinning so much I thought my face might split. For the first time since coming here I was happy. Truly happy. Who knew me? Stubbornness girl alive could be HAPPY. Here!

“And now for a little freestyle!” I said with a wink, “Someone give me an emotion!”

“Happiness!” Alice practically screeched.
I belted out happiness. My own little concoction in free style!

“This kid is amazing” Emmett said shaking his head from side to side.

“And don’t you ever forget it!” I scolded him playfully. What was up with me? Suddenly, Bella was plucked from the seat beside me, and in her place sat Edward. I stiffened immediately, and began to slide my hands off the keys, and my butt off the chair. Edward’s hand flew out and took my own. I stifled a scream.

“Won’t you stay and play with me?” He asked. It was an innocent enough question. There didn’t seem to be a hidden death threat anywhere. He chuckled lightly, and I remembered he could read my thoughts. I couldn’t exactly get up and storm away, what if they kicked me out? I was in freaking America! I didn’t even know where Forks WAS! Grudgingly, I sat back down, careful to leave a lot of space between Edward and I.

“What…what would you like me to play?” My voice was amazingly calm, thank god.

“Oh, just a little freestyle.” He said innocently, looking down at the keys. My concentration slipped, and with that, my carefully composed mask.

“You know the art of free-style?” I gasped. He chuckled.

“Of course I do. I practically invented it” He said proudly. I snorted.

“Yeah, probably, gramps!” I laughed, and Emmett soon joined in with his booming laugh.

“How about we make this a little interesting?” I continued,” I bet you £100 that I will WIN this battle of the freestyles.” I held out my hand. He shook it, his grip icy but surprisingly smooth.

“You’re on!” He said, over confidently. This was going to be easy. He started to play his own little concoction; I couldn’t even put a name to it. I interrupted him on my side, which was a key higher, the same song, but with just a little edge to it, I couldn‘t let him have all the fun. Then he interrupted me, putting it back into his own style, which was…hard to explain, it was sort of…not this century. Much more elegant and smooth than the jagged tones of our society today….

We continued like this for maybe 10 minutes, while the rest of the Cullen’s watched on in awe. Finally I decided to end it with a little jazzy edge. And for the big finale I slid my hands across the piano, I had to get close to him to do that. And once again smelt that sweet smell, like, the Cullen’s had the best perfume in the world and they wouldn’t share… Maybe it was just my ears playing up, or my eyes playing tricks on me, but I thought I heard a distinctive sniff and seen his head bow forward as mine leaned under his...Naw…Just my imagination…I hope. I thought I had won…I hoped he hadn’t let me win…
I looked up again, a triumphant grin plastered to my face, to see the Cullen’s standing around the piano staring at Edward and I in shock, their mouths hung open. I looked to Edward, he looked STUNNED. It was then that I knew he HADN’T let me win. If it was possible, my grin grew even more pronounced!

I patted his arm in a good naturedly way. “It’s okay, Edward. You know, you’ve had 128 years to practice. I’ve only had eight - ” I gasped feigning innocence “Oh! Did I just make a point?” I widened my eyes as I asked the others. They all promptly fell about laughing, even Carlisle and Esme.

“And now,” I said,” I believe you owe me £100 which, in the current exchange rate, is roughly…carry the 0…$200. Ohhhh…Someone just got scammed.” I said blowing the air out of my cheeks. I winked at him. Another round of laughter from the others, issued after that last comment.

“Dude, you just got conned! In your own HOUSE!” Emmett managed to choke out around laughter.

“But she’s so small.” Edward whispered getting out his wallet, almost numbly.

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to judge a book by its cover?” I retorted. The rest of the Cullen’s were all literally, bent over in pain, from laughing so hard. Edward put the money into my outstretched, waiting hand.

“Keep this up; by the end of the month I’ll be a millionaire!” I stood up laughing and ran upstairs, into the room they had given me. The golden room was Edward and Bella’s. I fell asleep almost immediately when my head hit the pillow, dreaming happy dreams for the first time since I had gotten here. My others weren’t bad…they were just troubled, like I was forgetting some important key facts in my life.

Little did I know, the amnesia would be wearing off all too soon.