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THIS IS BOOK ONE IN THE DISCOVERED SERIES - TAKEN! Elaine is just a normal teenager, she's hormonal, music is her life,sweet,funny,moody. She lives with her mum in London in a beautiful Victorian house. Her life is going fine. Good grades, no getting into trouble. Until fate turns against her, and deals her a deck of cards no one would wish on their worst enemy. Can Elaine escape? Who will she meet along the way? Or will the torture start again all too soon... Over 2,300 reads, and oh so many reviews, I love you guys! Thanks for the support!


9. New Names

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“I always wanted a big brother.” She whispered into my ear. My non-beating heart seemed to swell up to 3 times it size. She loved us back. She loved us as much as we loved her. She really WAS just being stubborn. That ‘I hate you’ façade was no more. This little girl had snuck into our lives and buried her little presence in out hearts. Sneaky thing.

I was a fool, then, to think our happy little fairy tale as one family could ever last.

Chapter 10: New Names,


We were still in the wet forest, although Edward seemed dry enough. Except for his tear drenched shirt. Yeah…That one wasn’t coming back. Edward was hugging me particularly tightly; it was a struggle to breathe.

“Edward!” I gasped. “I don’t think da- I mean Carlisle,” I hurried to correct myself. “Would be very happy is you cracked my ribs.” My voice had loosing its taunting edge by the end.

I very much wanted to call Carlisle ‘Father’ or ‘Dad’…So sue me. They guy had grown on me! So had they all. I was marveling over this fact, while I felt Edward loosen his hold around me, he had called me Little sister…Sister…I was a sister to him…My heart sped up with joy as those thoughts passed through my head.

“You can call me dad,” Came Carlisle’s voice, usual calm his voice had a hopeful edge to it. I whipped my head from Edward’s chest and stared behind me into the growingly denser trees. There was a spot of white to my right. And as the seconds ticked by I saw Carlisle picking his way out of the trees, at a human pace. I wondered why he was going so slowly.

“He doesn’t want to scare you.” Edward whispered to low for anyone to hear besides myself. I nodded as a sign for acknowledgement.

“Or father, or Daddy or whatever it is you young children call your father figures.” Carlisle continued as if he hadn’t seen mine and Edward’s little exchange. I was about to leap up from Edward and hug Carlisle but I hesitated. Was I dreaming? Did he really want me as his daughter? Me, who ran into him and nearly killed myself, me, who was moody and practically hated him for the longest of times, me, who cracked jokes about this sweet man, me who- I was cut off from my thoughts as Edward nudged me in my side.

“What the hell was that for?” I asked annoyed.

“Just go hug the man already.” He said with an eye roll.

“Okay, okay…I’m going... I’m going…I mean jeez…” I mumbled rubbing my side and stumbling over to Carlisle. I caught my foot on a root, and all but fell INTO his arms. Smooth Ellie, smooth, my mind chided me. His arms wrapped around my waist, the way fathers are supposed to hug their daughters, as he laid his head in my hair. Was it just my imagination again? Or did he just sniff me? I decided I’d think about it later.

“Ummm…Carlisle? I mean Dad…” It felt funny on my tongue to say the word Dad. I’d never used it before, I didn’t need to seeing as my mother told me my father had left us when I was born. “If you hug me any tighter I might not regain consciousness.” I pointed out. He chuckled his calm laugh as he held me at shoulders length.

“Your part of the family now.” He whispered with a kiss on my forehead. I blushed to my roots and back. I’d never been very good with all the mushy stuff. Normally when romantic films came on at home I’d switch it over, or if my mother was watching it I’d just stare down and try to tune them out or just leave the room. Romance and corny stuff had never been my strong points. But I guess in this family I’d have to learn to get used to them. Seeing as there where 4 married couples. The sun seemed to intensify its glare on Carlisle his hair a halo of gold. It was at that moment I realized he was very handsome. Great, so all the single mothers will ogle if we ever went out. I laughed, Carlisle looked at me curiously and I just pulled him into another hug. I heard Edward snickering behind me. I made a rude gesture with my middle finger behind my back. Someone cleared their throat.

“And you can call me Mum.”Came Esme’s voice, as she too made her way, at a humans pace, towards us. She had on that same hopeful expression she had worn in the kitchen earlier. So that’s what she had been thinking I would ask. I pulled slowly out of Carlisle’s hug, gently, and walked slowly over to Esme’s outstretched hands. She pulled me into a tight hug but was not as tight as the other’s probably having heard me tell Carlisle and Edward. I had already begun to think of her as a mother, I didn’t really need a push.

“And you can call me Bells or Bella, but not Isabella, well you can but only when your mad at me.” She exclaimed from behind me. Esme let me go and spun me around to see Bella stumbling through the brackens. She stopped abruptly; I wondered why, than I saw her subtly trying to untangle her dress from a twig. Dear lord, I’d heard the stories of her being klutzy when she was human, obviously she hasn’t lost ALL of that side of her. I walked over to her.

“Just Bella is fine.” I sad softly, hugging her close, and at the same time releasing her dress, from the blasted twig.

“Thank you.” She mouthed as she held me at arms length.

“Anytime.” I mouthed back.

“You can call me Emmett, Em-Dawg or The E-Man.” Emmett stated proudly, bending a poor tree out of shape as he barreled into our little space in the forest, at full vampire speed by the way. Carlisle and Esme shot him warning looks, but after a split second I registered what he had just said and burst out laughing.

I stumbled forward just as Edward took a laughing Bella’s hand. He stared down at her with loving eyes. Gag. Your such a sap Edward. I said in my head while, outwardly, I laughed.

“And a proud one at that.” He said chuckling, whether about my comment or Emmett I had no idea.I turned my attention back to Emmett, who was standing there like what he had just said was the most normal thing in the world. I heard Carlisle and Esme snickering behind me, along with Edward and Bella. Emmett’s expression changed.

“What?” He asked his face profoundly HURT.

“I can’t- Can’t believe you just referred to yourself as the ‘Em-Dawg’ or the ‘E-Man’ ” I managed to choke out around the fit of giggles erupting from my small chest. “I think-Think I’ll j-just stick with” I burst out laughing again. “Emmy” I finally finished.

“Emmy?” He asked, he looked shocked. “But I don’t like Emmy…”

“Well you’re stuck with it so DEAL.” I said laughing. He pouted and turned his face down to look at the floor. His toe nudging about bits of dirt. I resisted the urge to double over with laughter again.

“Awwww...” I said walking over to him. “You know I love you really, Em-Dawg! I was just messing around!” I said pulling his bent head up and hugging him. Damn vampire, as tough as steel but as emotional as SpongeBob. He hugged me back tightly then swung me up onto his shoulders although why he did this escaped my mental mind.

“You can call me Jazz!” Jasper stated pulling a twig out of his hair and his tall body made its way out of the thickness of the distant forest. I made a face.

“Um…Jazz?” I asked uneasily,” Couldn’t I just call you…I don’t know…Uncle Jasper?” It suited him, but it seemed like he didn’t think so.Edward started laughing loudly grabbing his knees, dragging a giggling Bella along with him. I felt Emmy’s laughter before I heard it. It was like being in a 10.1 off the rector scale earthquake.

“Uncle Jasper?” He asked incredulously. “But all the others get cool names! And ‘Uncle’ makes me seem old! It’s not fair!” Then he did something I’ve never actually seen outside of sitcoms.

He stamped his foot.

That’s right.





I stared at him my eyes widening, my lord being an empath must have killed all of his brain cells, well, I wasn’t too surprised. Living with Edward must do that to a person. I turned to Edward who narrowed his eyes at me; I stuck out my tongue as I hoped down from Emmett’s shoulders. I went to stand in front of Jasper. I really had to strain to see his face, he was so tall.

“The only reason I would call you ‘Uncle’ is because I respect you very much?” It came out more like a question. I looked at his face, he wasn’t biting. Damn…I had an ingenious Idea. Ii threw myself at his torso and hugged him tightly, it was the first time I had touched him. He felt as surprised as I was, and hesitated for a moment before wrapping his arms around me in a hug. I stepped back grinning.

“Damn boy…Why are you so TALL?” I asked poking him in the ribs; I felt the skin start to throb, whoops…Alice danced out of the trees next to Jasper, and spun me around to see her.

“And you can call me Aly! Or Ali! Or are they pronounced the same? Because they’re spelt differently so I wasn’t sure if-” I cut her off, by hugging her, her exuberance was a notch higher making her almost unintelligible. She giggled underneath me, I may have been small, but Alice was a midget compared to me!

Someone cleared their throat I pulled out of Alice’s hold, and turned around to see Rose standing sheepishly next to Emmett.

“You can call me Rose if you want…” She trailed off uncertainly. I hadn’t known her for long…But she didn’t strike me as a person who was EVER uncertain. I smiled an encouraging smile and stepped towards her slowly. I hugged her tightly, and to my surprise she hugged me back. Since I had been there she hadn’t been mean, but hey, she hadn’t exactly been Mrs. Brady from the Brady Bunch.

I let her go to look around at my family. I guess I’d finally found a place where I belonged, cheesy as it sounded. Come to think of it…This whole ‘new names’ business was cheesy, but kind of cute in a cartoon kind of way. I smiled, the sun beat down on us hotly, the Cullen’s started to sparkle, like a thousand diamonds embedded in their skin, and I started to think that maybe I was dreaming. I touched Rose’s arm and the diamond’s shimmered.

“That is so pretty…” I whispered she smiled. I looked at my arm.

“How come I don’t sparkle…?” I asked annoyed, I pouted. I wanted to sparkle too...Emmett started to laugh at my expression.

“Maybe because you’re only half of what we are…” Carlisle said, I could almost see the gears in his head working. Nice, I was going to become a little science experiment. I rolled my eyes, and grinned. Ah well, had to happen some day. The sun became unbearable, but wasn’t it just raining…?

“Okay,” I stated, as everyone shimmered to the point were it almost hurt my eyes. Someone slipped Sunglasses over my eyes. I turned to see Jasper striding back to Alice.

“Thanks…Jazz.” I said. He answering grin, was literally blinding, I had to close my eyes, even WITH the protection of sunglasses.

“Anyways, Okay.” I started again.” What’s up with the weather? I mean, I’ve never been to America before, but surely your weather’s not THIS screwed up.” I said frowning. Edward was about to say something when a squealing Alice exclaimed:

“IT’S YOU!” She all but screeched.

“Yeah…It’s me…I HAVE been standing here for about 10 minutes…” I said not quite grasping what she was saying.

“No! No! No!” She said impatiently, she danced over to me and slapped me across the face.

“What the HELL? What did you do that for?” I asked. Not only was I mad, I think she had dislodged a bone in my jaw, it hurt to talk but I needed to scream. “ALICE CULLEN IMMA BEAT YOU UPSIDE THE HEAD! WHERE THE HELL IS EMMETT’S TITANIUM BASEBALL BAT?!?!” I screamed.

I had seen Emmett doing baseball swings around the house, back when I had hated them, trying to get my attention. It didn’t work, but now I needed the heavy looking bat. The sky over head turned black, (Although it was only like 2pm, and had been sunny 10 seconds before) clouds rolled and thunder tolled. I snorted, that rhymed. Alice looked alarmed.

“Ellie! Ellie! Calm down! What I meant was that the weather’s YOU!” Alice tried to explain quickly, eyeing my balled up fists.

“Oh…” I said, as my jaw was starting to throb. “Well, why didn’t you just say that?” Alice slapped her forehead with her had. “I guess it makes sense…” I said touching my now constantly throbbing jaw, “I always had been a tree hugger.” I tried to smile then winced, as everyone started laughing again.

I think I could get used to it. Having brothers and sisters, I meant. Maybe this is where my journey was going to end. Maybe I’d stay with them for eternity…

If any of us knew how shortly eternity was going to come, we’d all have started to pray then and there.