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Death, that hath sucked the honey of thy breath, hath had no power yet upon thy beauty.

The breaking point in Edward's life as he rushes to Italy to end his own life, having only found out that his beloved Bella had jumped from a cliff to end her life....

DISCLAIMER: All characters, real or fake belong to Stephenie Meyer. This story was a result of my own untamed imagination. Please don't sue me.

2. I never stoppd loving you...

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“That’s Marcus.” Alec said with a grim smile. “He lost his mate in a battle.” I nod knowingly and wait for the rest of them to file in. I watch them through black irises. I hadn’t fed for longer than I was accustomed to. But it didn’t matter. Not now, anyway.

They are walking at a human’s pace. I close my eyes and block out their ‘voices’. I can hardly concentrate today. I think of my plan once again, replaying over and over again what I’m going to do. If I had a heartbeat, my heart would probably be thumping very roughly against my ribcage.

It has been months since I last saw Bella’s face. Many times, I fought against my will to not go back and beg for forgiveness. She’s better off without me, was what I told myself over and over again. She’s only in danger as long as she’s around you. I remember the second I realized that she was dead.

Aro was seated in his plush, velvet chair. He stared at me with crimson eyes. I read what he was thinking. My grim mood turned darker. If possible, my skin seemed to grow colder.

“So you’re not going to let me die?” I asked, casually.

“No, Edward. It’s a waste of perfectly good talent.” Aro answered breezily. His cheery demeanor only added on to my disappointment and anger. “We would very much so like you to join us. You would be an excellent addition to our… family.”

“No thank you.” I answered coolly. I muttered my thanks and strode out of that room. I would not shake Aro’s hand. Not now, when my mind was conjuring up plan B. I knew there was only one rule that all vampires had to follow, and that was to keep our existence a secret.

What would I do? Throw a car against a wall, hunt unsuspecting humans. I could not think of anything simple enough to suit a simple creature like myself. Then, it hit me. I would just plainly, flatly, walk out into the sun.

* * *

I stripped off my light shirt and dumped it at my feet. I glanced at the clock. There were only a few minutes before the sun would be directly overhead the clock tower. Then, in only a few moments, all my worries, my frustrations, my life would be over. I relished the fact.

Then, as if God was watching me, the clock tower ahead began its heavy, melodic chime. I wanted so bad for it to be over, but stepped out slowly. Then I caught the scent of something, or rather, someone, I thought I’d never smell again. I knew I was dead at that moment; my mind having snapped.

“Edward!” The voice was familiar, and fast approaching. I pretended not to hear this; as I heard schizophrenic people should. That one centimeter more I took came to an abrupt stop when someone, with the scent of mouth-watering freesias, mashed into my arms. I caught the figure in my arms and opened my eyes. And staring back at me, was my beautiful Bella.

In her eyes, I swore I could see that Bella truly had stopped loving me. My cruel words had done their job. But even in that moment, with my one and only in my arms, my love and adoration for Bella deepened.

Then, something disturbing my euphoria occurred. I heard the minds of two of the Volturi. My arms tightened around Bella. I suddenly imagined myself in the place of Marcus. It would be a rainy, January day in Forks. I would be sitting next to my brothers and sisters at the same cafeteria table.

A brown-haired girl, who would look just like Bella, would turn to her friend and ask a question. “Which one is the boy with the reddish brown hair?” She would ask. Her friend would turn up her nose, and answer.

“That’s Edward. He lost his mate in a battle.” Then it hit me. If Bella was here in Volterra, which would mean that she had never died. And that would also mean that in this moment, Bella was in danger of losing her life because of me; again.