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Lonely Shadow

banner by me banner by me, eternitys_charm A soldier's daughter is left to fend for herself in the middle of a war. But when she gets turned into a vampire, her fight for survival gets tougher, until she meets a family that gives her hope.


1. Death

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The coldness was too much to bear, many in the streets had already died because of it. I waited for the cold to seep up to me and take me away from the misery, but it never did, and I sometimes regretted thinking that. I couldn't leave my little sister to fend for herself just because I had no more hope left in me. I couldn't stop trying to survive for the sake of her and I.

But sometimes it was too hard to stay positive. People were dying around us, starving, and freezing to death. Our mother had passed away when we were children and our father was taken away by the Nazi army a month ago. My sister and I managed to escape out the back door when they did, just like our father told us to do, and ever since then we had been fighting the freezing nights.

Every night I wondered if we would make it, every night I wondered if my father had survived, and every night I wondered if the cold would ever pass.

All this was happening in Russia because of the surprise invasion of Germany.

Russia was not a safe place any longer, with all the German soldiers killing everyone that opposed Hitler, and since my father was a Russian soldier, he was the first target.

"Papa," my sister croaked in my arms, her voice echoed down the alley. She opened her eyes and when she realized it was me, began to cry.

I felt so defenseless, I couldn't do anything to help her, to console her. All she longed for was a home and our father, but on the looks of things, we would get neither, except maybe death.

Death. I repeated in my head.

I held my little sister close in my arms, trying to reduce the cold in her body, but nothing seemed to work. She was losing body heat incredibly fast. I didn’t want to lose her, I couldn't lose her, because without her I wouldn't want to exist. I couldn’t lose my little sister, she had to survive, we both had to.

Marie shivered, her breath coming in hard rasps now, and her pulse was beginning to fade in my arms. I shook her, "Marie. No. Open you eyes Marie, look it’s papa." I whispered trying to fight away the tears and agony in my voice and keeping it as cheerful as I could.

"Papa," she whispered angelically.

I shook her again, "Marie, don’t close your eyes, here look, get in the warmth." I said pushing ourselves closer into the tiny fire I had made.

She reached out her hand close the fire, I stroked her hair thinking that I couldn’t let her die.

"You see, it’s warm. Now huddle closer to me, Marie." I said but she was unresponsive, she only looked at the flames.

"Warm." She whispered.

Tears were falling frantically from my eyes now, "Marie. Yes, warm. Please, Marie, don't close your eyes." I placed her body close to mine and tried to create some sort of friction with my arms on her back.

My eight year old sister could not leave me. I knew she was strong, she had to be strong. But the small fire didn’t seem enough, and we were starving. The last meal we had was yesterday morning only because we had luckily found a small loaf of bread in the street.

"Marie." I whispered trying to keep my voice from breaking. I couldn't let her hear me sad.

"Papa." She inhaled. "Mama." She coughed and the sound made my heart wrench. "Helen." She whispered my name.

I held her strongly in my arms, trying to maintain her body from freezing, but it was too late. Her last words were ‘I love you’.

Marie coughed once more and fell still in my arms. I gasped and let out all the tears that I had tried to subside for the last month. I didn’t have to be strong anymore, I had lost everything that I could fight for, I had lost all hope now. All I could do was wait for the cold or the soldiers to kill me.

I kissed my little sister’s cheek, it felt so cold next to my own. I brushed her hair with my fingertips and kissed her cheek one last time before laying her in the blankets I had found early in the morning.

I curled up into a ball in front of the fire, waiting for the cold to sneak up on me and kill me, too.

But before I could get anymore cold I heard voice down the long alley. My first instinct was to hide, but I didn’t want to leave my sister’s body out in the open. I grabbed a hold on her blankets and pulled her along the alley way to the side of a car.

I heard the figure laugh and I realized he wasn't alone. I tried not to breath heavily but the cold was too strong I inhaled stronger than I wanted it to.

"Some one's here." One of the men whispered to my horror.